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05/28/2002 Archived Entry: "Stat Final OK!"

Geez... I really have a tendency to psyche myself up about tests. You know how I was really, really panicy yesterday? Well, I've taken the first part to my stat final, and it really wasn't all that bad. All I had was six fairly easy multiple choice questions and two free response questions. Overall, not that bad at all. So... that's what my test is going to be like throughout the week? It looks highly probable indeed.... So... I really overestimated this test. How many times have I done that before? Several, actually. This usually happens on finals, as I'm expecting my teachers to be really mean, but it turns out that they aren't as sadistic as I think they'll be. Good for me. Conversely, occasionally I really underestimate tests. That's when I'm really feeling confident. Things like the SAT, my driver's test, and any kind of placement test are things that I underestimate. Are they are problem for me? Actually, they aren't. I'm good at assessing tests like that. ^_^

Today in Anime Club, we had elections for officers for next year's administration. Many of my younger friends are running for positions next year, so I cheered them on. All except for Sataya. He doesn't deserve my support. =P Nah, actually, he was the only one running for vice president, so he was guaranteed the position. Thus, I went around telling people not to vote for him. ^_^ It wouldn't make a difference anyway, so I had some fun. ^_^ Same thing for the positions of publicist and activities director. Hananikko, won the position of publicist by default, while my other friend Veronica won activities director by default. Congradulations guys! ^_^; As for positions that actually required some kind of runoff, my friends Antonio and Shelly ran for president. Good luck to you both! There were also run offs for treasurer and secretary. I already know the results because I'm in good with the officers. I'm pretty much an officer, but I hold no official position. So yah, Ms. Vice President shared the results with me, so now I have several people, mostly Antonio and Shelly, trying to get some kind of information out of me. Heh heh. ^_^;

In physic, we were going to watch a movie today. What was it...? "History of the World" or something like that. However, my teacher forgot the video. ^_^; None of us had any movies either, so we had a physic contest. Joy. Today we were given twenty rectangular blocks and were told to build only one side of a bridge and make it go out as far as we can. Actually, this was done on computers with amazing physic programs, but it's supposed to be just like real life. One of my lab partners really wanted to figure it out himself, so I let him at it. I don't care. As long as I get the points, I'm fine with anything. ^_^ He worked on it all period as I socialized. ^_^ Not quite as nice as a movie, but definately better than any real work.

For lack of anything better to do, I headed out to Nikaku again. This time, Veronica accompanied me because I felt lonely going all by myself. So yes, yet another trip. This is what happens when you have a drivers license, spare time, and an anime store about fifteen minutes from your house folks. ^_^ I got the Sega offical Sakura Taisen 2 book. It has character designs, sketches, rendered mecha images, frames from the cutscenes, and interviews with the staff. Nice. It's a really spiffy book. I need to get the Sakura Taisen 3 one sometime....

Sure, you can call me David. I'm fine with that. ^_^

Yes, "The Ultimate Art Collection of 'Kanon'" is a wonderful book, isn't it? ^_^ I love it. But you spent $50 on it? Geez... I only spent a little over $30. I guess that's one of the perks of having Nikaku in my neighborhood, eh? ^_^

Bishoujo games? Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't really played any outside of the Sakura Taisen series. I've been meaning to play tons of them: Kanon, Air, Pia Carrot 1 & 2, Tokimemo 1 & 2, Sentimental Graffitti 1 & 2, To Heart, Comic Party, Canvas, maybe Memories Off... I'm sure there's more I would just love to play, but I don't have any and none of my friends are into life sims either (and thus don't have any). I really should buy some because I want to play some of those really bad. ;_;

I looked into Chrono Break and apparently, Square only licensed the name. It doesn't mean that they're doing anything with it. They haven't announced a game yet, nor have they even announced that they own the trademark on the name "Chrono Break." I'm sure they're going to announce it someday, but I think they'll do it when they have some gameplay footage or something.
Take a look here

Yay! *waits for CD to hear Saga sing* ^_^

You know how I've been appearing in your dreams? Well, you made an appearance in one of my dreams last night. I don't remember much about it, but I was going to school, but it wasn't PHHS. Rather, it was Homestead. Now that's is weird in itself, as I haven't actually seen the school before. ^_^; I wonder how my imaginary school stacks up to the real thing.... Well, anyway, I was trying to rush to class, but I didn't know where it was. You tried to tell me where it was, but you gave me some pretty confusing directions. And that's all that I can remember. I think Dandan made an appearance too, but I don't remember what she did. So yah... interesting, isn't it?

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woo... testness e-z like and stuff ^_^
that's good.. u were studying really hard too =X
well anyway.. i'm off to read more one piece XD ja ja

Posted by Cinti @ 05/29/2002 12:36 PM PST

whoa trippy XD I was in ppls dreams..espically Davey-chu's! woo XD

Homestead.. eh.. if you saw an image or a humangous libabry, white and green roof tops and a big lawn full of dead grass.. then ur pretty accurate=P

Ah eep so the tests aren't that bad when ur a senior? ah.. eep o.o

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/28/2002 11:41 PM PST

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