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05/29/2002 Archived Entry: "Sports Awards Day"

Oi is it hot today! Geez... I was baking all day. I don't know what the temperature was, but it definately was a bit hotter than I'm used to. Right now it's night time and I need to run an electric fan at me or else I'll get too hot. Bah!

As far as my day went, it was alright. Today, we had a special schedule. We had an assembly to award sports awards to the special athletes this year. Now really now, I respect these people for doing well in these sports and everything, but I could care less to see them get awards. I suppose that might sound mean or careless, but I wouldn't like to subject a bunch of people I don't even know to something that boring if I were receiving an award. Not like I'm going to get an award. I never played any sports during high school. Never felt an incentive to do it. I have like no school spirit. I don't care if we win or lose at sporting events. Now if there was fencing and archery offered at my school, things would be different. I would actually try out for those. Especially fencing. I'm usually pretty good with weapons. ^_^ Honestly! I have weapons training with a boken, staff, and short sword. I'm especially good with the short sword, but I think I can handle a foil....

Because of the special schedule, each class was cut short by a few minutes so we could have an hour of lunch. Woo! An hour lunch! I wasn't really planning to do anything, but it just so happened that Allan brought his Gamecube and Smash Bros. Double woo! ^_^ We borrowed my physic teacher's (who just so happens to be his too) room and played some nice one on one matches. Dang, he's pretty good. I need to play more. Nanona, Antonio, and Sano popped in and they played some too. Fun fun.

During physic, we had that contest I told you about yesterday. Today, we had some real blocks to work with... well... they weren't exactly blocks... they were cardboard "boxes" missing an entire side. ^_^; That made things really annoying, as the blocks had a tendency to just fall into each other. Well... we lost the contest because we made the incorrect assumption that all that blocks had to be facing the same way. So yah... we lost pretty bad. Oh well... all contests considered, my group's still tops in the class. One loss doesn't mean anything when we have the highest overall win rate. ^_^

During six period, I went to Nikaku again with Veronica. Well... to tell you the truth, I really didn't have anything better to do. I didn't have any money, because how I bought that book yesterday, so I took her to buy something. She bought the first translated Love Hina tankouban. Wow... let me just say that TokyoPop's doing a great job with their manga. I respect them. They licensed way too many series that I thought that they couldn't handle them all. I was wrong. They have a pretty nice release schedule. They already released stuff like Love Hina and Chobits. I didn't expect them to do it so soon. They also release stuff printed right to left, as it should be printed and without writing edited out of the backgrounds. Nice. I didn't read the translations, but I suppose they'll probably be alright. Although I compliment them, I'm probably never going to buy any TokyoPop translated manga. Nope. I'd rather buy the bilingual manga, thank you very much. Cheaper and nice translations.

Hey folks! Check this out! It's 3D Pong! Yah! PONG!!! ^_^ It's actually really fun. I only started playing today, but I'm getting better. I love playing with my trackball. ^_^ I get to make such nice, quick, and accurate movements. GO TRACKBALLS!!! ^_^ Oh, while your at it, check out all the other stuff that Albino Blacksheep offers.

Hey, new layout. Though can't say that I take particular joy in seeing Gackt wearing what appears to be nothing, it's simple and looks nice. ^_^

"Free money?" Now that's my kinda phrase. ^_^ Hm... what are the qualifications for registering as unemployed and how much do you get?

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let's see....
yes it was hot...
aww.. u guys play SSBM w/o me.. hope u had fun...
if only we could make up our own weapons club of some sort...
borken staff's rule!

Posted by Cinti @ 05/30/2002 12:26 PM PST

Bleh tis was hot today=O Tokyo Pop is okay=P better than Mixx I don't like Mixx=( the messed up CCS

Posted by Teenah @ 05/30/2002 10:00 AM PST

Hihihi... it was really cold here today... I was shivering like anything... and I had a hole in my shoe and I stepped in a puddle... that was sucky. O-o I knew I should've got new shoes when my mother asked me.... *snaps fingers*

I've never won awards for sporting achievements at my school either... I've always been on the sidelines leading the cheers. ^_~ or taking the photos... heh I still have heaps of school spirit though... Love it... probably because I'm a senior now and it means so much to me.

I'm getting a gamecube for my 18th! Muahahaha! So I can be a kid again!

Posted by Steph @ 05/30/2002 07:58 AM PST

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