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05/30/2002 Archived Entry: "Various Rants"

I don't feel like talking about my day. Not that it was bad or anything, but I think it was rather mundane. So I think I'll do a couple of rants. ^_^

Inspired by this post by Rose, I think I'll rant about FFXI. ^_^ My standpoint on this subject: FF should stay offline. I'm sure many, many people agree with me on this one. As far as I'm concerned, the FF series began and became popular as a single-player RPG experience. Because of this, I believe that it should always remain one. Kinda in the same vain as Phantasy Star Online, I don't believe this series should have ever went online. I'm generally not a big fan of the FF games (VI being the only one I believe to be great), but I like single-player RPGs a heck of a lot more than massive multiplayer online RPGs. Personal preference. I guess that is a major reason why I have the opinion I do. I'm just glad that XII will be single-player. I probably won't really like it much, but at least I'll like it more if it's single-player.

Which reminds me... I should do a little rant about Squaresoft...
Squaresoft.... What can really be said about them? Many worship anything they publish as if it was a religious idol. People get all giddy at the announcement of new Square games. What do I think? I think they're a mediocre company. I know I'll get lots of flames for saying this, but listen to what I have to say first. To tell you the truth, there are less than a handfull of Square games that I believe are great games: FFVI, Xenogears, and Chrono Trigger. VI had great characters and wonderful character development. Xenogears just plain ruled. There's no question about it. My favorite RPG of all time. Great story, characters, and gameplay. What else could you ask for? Chrono Trigger? Quite fun and quite likable characters. Haven't played through it all, but I know that I'll really, really like it. Now what about all the other "great" Square games? VII? Tactics? Chrono Cross? In my opinion, they were all rather mundane. VII didn't really leave an impression on me. I never had any incentive to play Tactics very far. Chrono Cross had a crappy story and next to no character development. I really don't see why so many people love Square. I think they're alright, but now that the Xenogears team has left and formed Monolith, I don't forsee very many great games in the future. I really don't.

Which brings me to the subject of the Playstation 2. Now I know that many people adore the thing. "There are so many good games!" Sure there are.... I believe I mentioned it before, but I hate the PS2 with a burning red passion. Let me just clarify that this only applies to the hardware and not software. The PS2 is a horrid piece of hardware, no doubt about it. It's ridiculiously hard to program for, with it's dual floating-point units and all. Not to mention, there are no in hardware effects built in. That's just wrong. Developers have to program all effects in software, stealing valuable CPU resources. Finally, there is only 4 megs of video RAM. The single biggest offense here. Developers need more than 4 megs of video RAM. How does Sony expect developers to work with only 4 megs? They're idiots! Capitalistic idiots! There's also the issue of software. In my opinion, there are far too few good pieces of software available for the PS2. I'll be getting one sometime because I want to play Xenosaga, but when I get it, I don't know what game to get. I'll probably just get Virtual Fighter 4 because there are no better games to get. As far as I'm concerned, VF4 is the most desirable game available now for the PS2.

Enough with my video game banter, now onto some music banter:
Ayumi Hamasaki. By far, my favorite music artist. I don't care what some people say, she is a wonderful artist. I know she can't really sing, but I respect her. She writes her own lyrics. I have respect for any artist that composes and/or writes their own music. Besides, I really enjoy listening to her voice. I like her singing, ok? Also, she never fails to churn out songs that I love. These days, I'm just listening to Ayumi whenever I'm on the computer. I'm especially infatuated with the song "Naturally" right now. It's songs like that that make me remember why I began liking Ayumi so long ago (I've been a fan since the beginning of her singing career). Besides, (I'll be superficial) she's really pretty. ^_^

School spirit? I really don't understand. Why should I have so much pride in the school I go to? I like the school and all, but why do I have to be all defensive and excited?

You're getting a Gamecube? Woo! GCs are great! ^_^ Make sure you get Smash Bros. Only game you'll ever need. Go Zelda! ^_^

Um... I hope you know that Mixx is TokyoPop. Mixx kinda turned into TokyoPop. ^_^;

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cinti -- HAHAHAHA i remember very well the days of you liking ayu XD

Posted by dandan @ 06/02/2002 11:40 PM PST

Hi Tsu! I enjoyed listening to what you said, and I agree with you on the PS2 thing. I didn't buy it because it was limited in the hardware department, and plus my cousin was borrowing one from his friend that kept on freezing, so I just thought I'd borrow the PS2 from friends.

Posted by Than @ 06/01/2002 02:30 AM PST

Meh, I'm a fan of FF games. =X And I have a PS2. ^^;;; I guess I'm just weird like that. *sweatdrop*
:D I adore Ayumi, she has fantabulous music. And I think her voice is nice too. I also admire her style. I haven't really seen other artists with that style. She's surely unique. =)

Posted by Padmé @ 06/01/2002 12:16 AM PST

eh heh nice rants *thumbs up*
u said a lot.. to lazy to re-read.. umm..
WOO FF VI.. umm... i still like ayu no matter how bad a singer she is...
XD i forgot the rest WOO!!!

Posted by Cinti @ 05/31/2002 12:59 PM PST

I don't know... I love my school... o_O I suppose not everyone feels the same way I do.

Nah man, Pikachu is where its at. ^_^ I have the n64 version and it was my favourite game for sooooo long. I already got a PS2... so convincing them to get me a gamecube will be a challenge... I've always been a sworn nintendo fan, I guess its the type of games nintendo has that I like better than ps2 games...

Posted by Steph @ 05/31/2002 07:06 AM PST

EH O_O * Crash* then then Y do i see two different things at the stores and stuff O_O * bonks self*

PS2...eh.. i never used one, nor had one^^'' so eh. can't say much=P

Posted by T-Chan @ 05/30/2002 10:44 PM PST


wow, that certain "some people" looks really... familiar for some reason =X....!

but hmmm yes i respect your opinion about ayu. don't worry about that (^_~) i used to be a HUGE ayu fan back in the day of seasons, vogue, etc. i loved her oldies and i still do, but after listening to the live version of evolution i just couldn't ignore the fact that she can't sing at all. also, i just... don't like her new music. the latest ayu song that i LIKED was teddy bear (and we all know how far back that was!). most of her stuff nowadays, in my opinion (and just MY opinion) either sound like her old stuff that's already been done, or just plain sound bad. (naturally seems ok, i've only heard it a couple times tho)

she writes her own lyrics, and they're actually rather deep and alot more introspective (have u noticed they're pretty much ALL sad?). that's cool and better than most of those factory-manufactured kpop artists i listen to, but in the area of self-composition and lyrics writing... hikaru utada takes the cake.

hmm have you seen pictures of ayu before she became a singer? very different. i mean, its great that she's a fashion icon and stuff (though i didn't like the leopard thing at all), but still, an artist is about the music and i don't respect a singer for winning the BEST NAILS AWARD in japan 3 years in a row. ;p

say, is ayu really getting married? =o!

Posted by dandan @ 05/30/2002 10:25 PM PST

Wow, I gotta do one of those banterings one day. Just maybe not a few at once like you. But if anything, I do have to agree with you, particularly with the Squaresoft stuff. There are the good games, but it's not every game is good. Chrono Trigger beats Chrono Cross *almost* anyday... unless people are really superficial and care only about the newest games -_-;

Now about the PS2 hardware stuff, that I had no clue at all. O_o; I don't have any type of PS system myself, so...yeah. I've only played them. I guess I always liked Nintendo stuff. ^_^;; I got mad when my SNES broke down a few years ago. *ahem* anyways...

more thoughts.

Like Tsu-kun, I respect Ayumi Hamasaki for the same reasons. I like her songs too, because I think they hold good meaning. Maybe it comes from the fact that she writes the lyrics. ^^ But anyways, I find it also pretty cool how she's that ...daring? to have such different looks. Er, now I'm not too sure what I'm talking about. Oee... I like too many of her songs to list just one.

Posted by Saga @ 05/30/2002 09:21 PM PST

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