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06/01/2002 Archived Entry: "I Want to be Selfish, Darnit!"

*Sigh of relief* Alright! I finished my last challenging final! ^_^ Yesterday I took the last part of my stat final. Woo! I'm happy about that. ^_^ Well... to tell you the truth, it wasn't that hard, but it was my next most challenging final after physic. My teacher gave us "hints" each day, but they were basically everything we had to do. ^_^; I wished that all the tests were like that. I'd so ace every test that way. ^_^ So yah... with that out of the way, now all I have in terms of finals is my english, government and comp app. For comp app, I have to do a Powerpoint presentation, which I've pretty much completed, so I'm set there. For english, I have to do a presentation on a play and do some acting, which shouldn't be a big problem. My only real final now is my government final, but that really shouldn't be all that hard either. It'll be all multiple choice or fill-in with word bank. Woo! I don't really have to study for anything for the rest of the year! ^_^ Well... granted, the rest of the year's only a week. Next week is my last week of school. Week after's my graduation.

Yesterday my teacher let us out of physic early again. I took that opportunity to go out to the nearby McDonalds and buy a nice batch of five cheeseburgers with the five dollars I had on me. I brought them back to school because we were having anime club sessioning and screenings again (just for your information, yesterday was the Cowboy Bebop movie). I chose to stay in the video game room, considering how I kinda already have the CB movie. Anyway, I sat down and tried to eat peacefully, watching everyone play either Smash Bros. or Soul Calibur, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way. Considering how I had a whole five cheeseburgers on me, people were asking me for one or at least a part of one. I guess I'm a bit too nice for my own good, but I usually give people some food if they ask for it. However, yesterday, for once, I just wanted to be selfish. I wanted my cheeseburgers, darnit! I just never get that much McDonalds to myself because I always end up giving up some of it to people. Most of the time I don't mind, but I just wanted my five cheeseburgers to myself. While most people respected this and pretended to hate me, there was this one guy I know who just wouldn't get off my case. He begged for at least half of one, even after I told him I wanted them all and when I tried to eat peacefully, he would occasionally glace over at me and try to give me a helpless expression. Geez! The nerve of some people! I just wanted my cheeseburgers once! Is that just too much to ask!?

All things considered though, yesterday's sessioning went well. I got to play some nice Smash Bros. Woo! We need more skilled Smash Bros. players at my school. We rotated through people and had only the winner stay in. I stayed in for too long. ^_^; There was this one game where two people tried to team up against me, but I still defeated them without losing any stock and with less than 100% (granted there were healing items). ^_^; I need some real competition, dangit!

At night, I decided to celebrate the weekend by playing some more Chrono Trigger. I didn't find any time to play during the week, so I had some catching up to do. ^_^ I played for a nice couple of hours and got the Epoch, which is where I left off. I was going to make an entry after that, but I felt kinda tired and went to sleep.

Nice to see you're back on the online world. ^_^ I was beginning to miss you and your *ahem* insightful comments. ^_^ Nice to have you back.

Nah, you're not weird. I'm the weird one. It seems like everyone loves the FF series and the PS2. Sometimes I feel like the only one who doesn't. You're one of many. I'm one of few. That's why I felt the need to voice my opinions.

I don't care what you say, Zelda rules! =P

Yah, a Nintendo fan! You're cool. As long as you're not a Sony fan. ^_^ Personally, I'm a Sega fan myself, but I can really see where you're coming from. Good for you. Good luck on convincing your parents on getting a Gamecube for you. Remember to get anything but the black one. The black one is too boring. ^_^

Well... I don't know. I know that some titles were translated under the Mixx label, so maybe they're still printing them unaltered? That'd be my best guess....

Yah, I agree that Hikki deserves more respect for what she does. She is a great artist, but personally, I just prefer Ayumi's music. Personal taste.

I agree that physical appearance doesn't really matter when you're talking about music artists, but I think it's icing on the cake if I find out that someone who sings the music I like looks nice too. ^_^

The whole marriage thing.... I heard of it and I've heard discussion on it. From what I can piece together, that's completely false. If it was at all true, it'd be all over asian newspapers in no time, but it doesn't seem like that happened.

Another Nintendo fan. I give you a thumbs up. ^_^ If I wasn't a Sega fan, I'd so be a Nintendo fan.

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Glad to hear that finals are over. What a relief! And you're graduating soon... wow... the schooling system in Australia is so different... my last day of school in October, then I come back for exams in November.... and then school finishes... and I get 3 months off before university.

I've never played Dreamcast before... is it any good? My neighbour had its predecessor Sega Saturn and I remember how it had cool games like Virtua cop.. XD The only reason I use Pikachu is because his thunder attacks are the best. My little bro likes using Link though... hehe... but I've always been a Zelda fan (Ocarina of time) it was my favourite game on '64 for the longest time... ^_^

Posted by Steph @ 06/01/2002 10:03 PM PST

Actually, there's nothing wrong in being selfish, as long as it for the right reason right?? ^^;;. Er there's nothing wrong with giving peeps food, but you can't let that happen all the time. If your hungry eat!!!! >=D::glances at cheesburgers:::< <;

Posted by Hananikko @ 06/01/2002 04:18 PM PST

Oe, you're allowed to like leave school and go back during school hours? Even the seniors at my school aren't ^^; Well, they were but weird people kept on entering the school (all girls private school) so they changed rules. Students can order pizza or other places that deliver though.

I don't eat beef, so definitely I wouldn't have bugged you for those cheeseburgers. I kinda know how that feels, with people on your back. We all have those moments where we just want to keep whatever we have to ourselves and be selfish ^_^ (It's not a bad thing at all!)

Yup, Nintendo fan I am. But also Sega! I got the Dreamcast as a present like one and half years ago. Playing Grandia II on it is fun, as well as other racing games. I like racing games too! Though I still have to say that MarioKart is my favourite one of all times. Go Toad!

Posted by Saga @ 06/01/2002 11:07 AM PST

Haha, good for you! ^_^
Gods, I can't tell you how many times I've bought/fixed myself something to eat, and then gotten wheedled out of most of it.
It's nice to just, every once in a while, have your food to yourself. ^_^

Posted by Vilya @ 06/01/2002 10:33 AM PST

Ah okei^^'' that might explain a lot of things^^;

aww davey-Chu so nice=D and yup, it doewsn't hurt to be selfish once a while, Davey-Chu needs to eat and enjoy food=D food food food.

I'm like that too, giving out and sharing food with everyone when I really wanted to have it all for myself once a while. At least you acturally do someting about it=D I starve ;_;

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/01/2002 10:29 AM PST

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