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06/02/2002 Archived Entry: "Episode II"

I finally saw Star Wars! ^_^ I was beginning to think that I was the only person who hadn't seen it. Well... at least Cinti and Nanona didn't either, so I went with them. It wasn't a bad movie. Nope, not bad at all. What I heard was right, Anakin doesn't really show emotion. ^_^; I don't really care though because I think that kind of personality kinda fit his character. Oh well... at least I got to see Yoda fight! Woo! ^_^ I love that scene. I'm considering going to watch it again just for that scene. It's so great! ^_^ Aside from that, seeing Mace Windu fight was pretty cool too. That purple saber adds just an extra hint of style to the already cool light saber. Gotta love that. ^_^ Overall, not a bad movie at all. More interesting than Episode I.

Afterwards, we went around the Great Mall a while (we saw the movie there). Nanona wanted a cheap gamepad for his computer, so he bought a cheap Sidewinder, at my recommendation. After that, we went out to a liquor store and Nanona bought some Vanilla Coke. It's a new flavor and it doesn't taste bad at all. Cinti and I bought Kool Aid mix! ^_^ He got strawberry, while I got black cherry. ^_^ Yeah, Kool Aid is cool. ^_^

At home, I was in for a nice surprise: BBQ again! ^_^ Yep, I got to eat more MEAT! ^_^ I like my meat.... Yep, I got treated to a nice slab of cow, i.e. a steak. Yummy! ^_^

Dreamcast any good? Of course it's good. It's great! ^_^ I love my Dreamcast. If I could have only one system, I would definately pick my DC. Why? There are just so many great games on it. It has the entire Sakura Taisen series for it. ^_^ How could you possibly beat that? It's my favorite game series. Aside from that, there's tons of great fighters such as Soul Calibur, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and KOF 98. I also quite enjoy playing life sims, so there's also Kanon, Air, Pia Carrot 2, Sentimental Graffitti 2, among others. Yep, I love my Dreamcast. ^_^

I just like using Zelda in Smash Bros. She's a really great character in either her Zelda or Sheik form. I generally play in just Zelda form, but I can handle Sheik just fine. I like how almost all her attacks are magic enhanced and knock your opponent really far. ^_^

Well, we're not actually not allowed to leave campus either. Closed campus and all. It's just that many seniors don't have a sixth period, so they are allowed to leave early. There's also a program at my school where you can take class a period early (before normal school hours) and you'll be allowed to leave after fifth. So yah, it's not unusual to see peoples leaving campus after fifth.

You don't eat beef!? I feel sorry for you.... *pat pat* ^_^ Nah, it's just that beef is something I quite enjoy eating. I can't imagine going without it. I like eating bovine, darnit! ^_^

Yep, Mario Kart is quite a game. I personally like Yoshi or Luigi. Dang... haven't played it in a while....

Thanks for the "good luck." It's much appreciated. ^_^

Woo! You added the Chinese dragon to your gallery! Everyone, look at it. It's great. ^_^

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dude. there were 10 million ^_^s in your blog... i guess you must've been REALLY happy cuz you usually don't do that hehe


the love story was really bad *sigh* but hey, YOOODA XD

Posted by dandan @ 06/02/2002 11:38 PM PST


Posted by Cinti @ 06/02/2002 08:04 PM PST

Glad ya had fun^_^ I need to see Star Wars too ;_;

I want BBQ =O~

Dreamcast! I have one too XD * hugs my Dreamcast*

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/02/2002 11:27 AM PST

Whoo!! Yoda is freaky @_@;;. Go widdle green dude!!!! BBQ again?? gweeee!!!!- -;

Posted by hananikko @ 06/02/2002 10:05 AM PST

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