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06/08/2002 Archived Entry: "Last Day o' School"

No more high school. It's all over for me. It's been a long four years, but it's all over now. Wow....

Yesterday was my last day of school. I kinda wanted to make an entry yesterday, but the sister was kinda hogging the computer. =( Anyway, my last day was, more or less, like any other day, only with a lot of yearbook signing. Oh yah! Yesterday we finally got our yearbooks. Yes, on the seniors' last day! Gwar! That was pretty crappy. I know they couldn't do anything considering how it was a problem with the printer, but still.... I wanted my yearbook earlier so that I could get tons o' signatures sooner. At least they made up for it by giving us a little autograph page insert thing at the beginning of the week. On the bright side, the yearbook isn't all that bad this year. *gasp* Yes, believe it or not. It has a nice leather or at least leather-like cover and a reasonable amount of mistakes. Not bad.

We raced our boat for physic yesterday! ^_^ You know, that cardboard and duct tape boat? Yah, that one. It was great! The juniors made a boat, but it was too buoyant! ^_^ It would constantly tip over. ^_^ Oh yah! We seniors had to show them how it's done. Our boat was great. We kinda needed to use two paddles to move without spinning around, but we did it. We even had cup holders in the boat, so halfway coming back, our rower stopped and took a nice swig of Nestea! HAHAHAHAHA! ^_^ Afterwards, we tried having both the senior and junior rowers in our boat, each rowing either side. It worked! They rowed back and forth in the pool in amazing time. Oh yeah... we made a good boat. *proud*

After school, we had a party in anime club. It was an end of the year party. We had video games as usual, but we also provided food and had more people there. It was quite fun. Highlights include eating yummy food ^_^, dueling with lightsabers in the hallways, and playing Tetris Attack. Yep, I'll be leaving anime club. I've been a member of the club for four years. In other words, my entire high school career. I've played a major role in running the club three of those years. Everyone in the club knows me. I know most people in the club. Wow... it's kinda weird leaving them. I wish them luck. Especially my friend Ryoko. Good luck running the club.

What do I think about leaving school? Believe it or not, I'm not really feeling anything. I know I should feel sad or something, but I can't seem to bring myself to be sad and depressed. Various peoples are telling me that I should be sad, maybe on the verge of crying, but I'm not.... I guess things just haven't sunk in yet.

However, Ryoko's entry got to me. I shed a tear or two. I'm sorry.... I can't really do anything about it.... Don't worry... I'll visit. I have a car, don'tcha know.

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::sighs:: Its gets pretty hard for me to watch my buds graduate, but I can't say anything, cuz I'm supposed to be proud of em. Ack, one more damn year and I'm free. I admit however, I don't like being sad.

Posted by Hananikko @ 06/08/2002 07:45 PM PST

Ooooh, your site is so nice!

Posted by Panuru @ 06/08/2002 06:38 PM PST

congrats on surviving ur high school career thingy=D * hug hug*

wow, you take this really well=O, if I was a senior right now, I'd prolly be sad and crying right about now.. Have fun being a former high schooler=D

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/08/2002 06:00 PM PST

I'm out next week =3
Sa-hahahaha!!! I'm the 2nd commentor =]
It's strange how the end of the year and last doesn't effect much.. I'm leaving middle school and on to high school x_o;; *is scared*
I'm joining the Anime Club A-SAP when I get to high school =9

Posted by Mizuki @ 06/08/2002 04:58 PM PST

wahhh... i wish i could graduate. >_< junior year's just sucked, and i have a feeling the next 9 days are gonna be even more hellish. projects... finals... counselor appointments for college... other crap. *wants to be a senior* xD

Posted by riku @ 06/08/2002 12:21 PM PST

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