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06/08/2002 Archived Entry: "Swimming!"

First day as a free man. ^_^

Today was a load of fun. It started off rather mundanely as my mom made me go get my hair cut. Considering how I thought that my hair was getting rather long anyway, I agreed. So I went to my usual hair place and got my hair trimmed a noticable amount. I kinda like it like this. Although I kinda liked being able to see my bangs, this isn't bad. Besides, it's summer and my head won't retain uncanny amounts of heat like it would have the way it was before.

After that, I went out with my friends to go swimming! ^_^ Woo! I really look forward to swimming. I like how it gives your entire body a workout. I need to keep in shape you know. Anyway, it was great fun. Although the pool was a tad too shallow (deepest end was only 8 feet), I guess it was enjoyable. I really wanted to dive though! =( I'm not really a good diver, but it's really fun to just jump off diving boards. ^_^

At least there was an intertube to play with. Nanona, Cinti, and I had some fun with it. Initially, we were fighting for the thing. It's fun rough housing in the water. ^_^ Eventually, it turned out that we all got in the tube. Yes, we all fit into the thing. Now that was fun. We were swimming around and we even challenged someone to race us across the pool. ^_^ Granted, we said that he could only doggie paddle. We won though! Haha! We're cool. ^_^

I've been meaning to play some more Sakura Taisen 2. It's summer now and I want to go through the rest of the series if I can. I haven't been able to start today, but I'm starting early tomorrow. I just need to finish it once more with Kohran and then I'll be satisfied enough to move onto ST3. I'm so looking forward to playing that. I have a feeling that I'll really like Glycine. She just seems kinda like Orihime, i.e. she seems to extremely dislike Oogami. ^_^ Yes, I developed a thing for Orihime, even when she hated my guts. Call me strange. I'll be finishing the game first with Erica because I always like finishing the game first with the main girl. After that, I'll move onto as many other girls as I want and finish the game with them. After I finish ST3, hopefully I'll be able to go through ST4 multiple times. It's not like it's a long game. I should be able to do it.

You may be saying that now, but I know that you'll be sad when you're leaving high school. I know I don't really feel much right now, but I know it'll be sinking in sometime. So yah, cherish your high school years. I know they'll be some of my fondest memories throughout life.

You're gonna graduate from junior high, eh? Well that's a big step indeed. Prepare for some good times. Sure, the work's gonna be a tad harder, but you'll make some of the best friends you'll ever have, do numerous memorable things, and just live a much fuller life. At least that's what it was like for me. Sure, there were some bad times, but the good times far outnumbered the bad times.

Yes, you go and join the anime club. ^_^ That's the spirit. High school anime clubs need more dedicated fans like you.

Thanks for the "congrats" and hugs. They're much appreciated. ^_^

I'm sure I'll be all sad and crying sometime. It just takes some time for some things to get to me.

I'll try to have fun as a "former high schooler." ^_^

An interesting new face around these here parts. ^_^ Hey, thanks for the "congrats" too. You're site's not bad itself.

You don't have to try so hard to not be sad. If you ever want to be sad, be sad. It's healthy to experience all types of emotions. If you ever want to talk to me, invite me over or something. You know I'll be around.

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Glad ya had fun =DD

Posted by T @ 06/09/2002 06:11 PM PST

grr... if i didn't give up so ezly.. i would have kept the tube... grrr >=)
is that a threat u might ask...
but.. it really means
i had a great time XD
we should do things more offten.. like sparing

Posted by Cinti @ 06/09/2002 12:32 AM PST

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