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06/10/2002 Archived Entry: "Senior Picnic"

T'was the senior picnic today. Woo! Now that was pretty fun. We went by bus to some place called Saratoga Springs, which has a bunch of stuff to do. Well... some stuff like swimming, volleyball, basketball, playgrounds... you know... that kind of stuff. Now that doesn't sound so great does, it? Well, my friends and I found ways to make it fun.

For one thing, on the bus ride up to the place, Cinti and I sang 99 bottles of beer on the wall in its entirety. I never thought that I would ever actually do that, but I guess I was wrong. ^_^ That was more fun than it really should have been. ^_^ We annoyed Sano. ^_^

At the place, there was this cool inflatable thingy where you can climb up and slide down on a--I think--burlap bag. That was fun. My friends and I went up and down that thing too many times. ^_^ It was some good exercise too. I liked all that climbing, even though it wasn't all that hard for me.

I gotta say that probably the best thing about the day was that I went out on a nature walk with Cinti and my friend Ben. We walked along the creek and went pretty far down. Further than anyone else got. It was so fun and refreshing to walk around in the wilderness. My shoes and pants got kinda wet and soggy. That was icky, but I endured it. Eventually, when we decided to head back, we marked our furthest point with a couple of sticks and a circle of rocks. Yes, we were going for a Blair Witch effect. ^_^ Maybe we can freak out a couple of people. ^_^ Cinti and I really wanted to put up a pirate flag, but we didn't have one. =( We're so making one for the Sexy Crew. It's not right that we don't have a pirate flag!

On that nature walk, I learned something very important: sticks are cool! Yes, sticks. Not the kinds of sticks that I was talking about yesterday. I mean real sticks. You know... tree branches. Yes, they make such cool walking sticks. They're really a hiking aid. So yes, now you know that sticks are cool. And knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe! ^_^

After we got back to school, we went over to the Great Mall. I got a Dreamcast VMS and Sano got a PS2 memory card. After that, we headed over to Sano's and played some Smash Bros. Woo! A great ending for a great day. ^_^

Yah, I know what you mean. It's tough being single, isn't it? Personally, I feel the same way a lot. Only... you know... I want a girl, not a guy. ^_^; For me, doesn't look like my situation will be any better anytime soon. *sigh*

Poor Saga.... *pat pat* You need some more muscle there. Why don't you try dumbells? You can start out pretty light and work your way up. It's not good that you can only do so little. Oh yah, and I did read your profile link. ^_^

Good luck driving! I know how intimidating it can be when you've never done it before. I still remember when my dad first told me to drive home. You see, we practiced in a parking lot a lot, but I never drove there. My dad always took me there and from there, we would switch seats and I would drive. When he told me that I was to drive home, I was terrified. I made so many mistakes on that drive home considering how short it was. ^_^;

Oh, I'd just like to say thanks again for the nice layout dedication. That's awfully nice of you. Like I always say, Saga, you're cool. ^_^

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99 bottles of bear on the wall 99 bottles of bear...
woo that slide was mega fun XD and that walk kick butt because we had sticks XD and then we marked our spot ^__^
i r feel proud
we be feelin' proud

Posted by Cinti @ 06/12/2002 08:32 AM PST

YO David...hey i actually did go to your blog for a change. It looks soo cool!! I like the "just wingin' it" hehe *admire admire* I try to find comic party tomorrow and bring my bro knows where our anime binder is >.< Lets have fun at the movies tomorrow OK? yayers

Posted by Sexy SLM @ 06/11/2002 07:39 PM PST

Ooh, I think I went to Sarataga Springs once, loooong ago. Sounds like ya'll had lots o' fun. yeah, everytime you walk around in nature you need a stick! 'Cuz sticks are so cool! Yeah! ^_^ Nature's cool. Tranquil and serene.

Posted by shana-chan @ 06/11/2002 04:54 PM PST

Saratoga Springs? o_O;; Sounds... springy... xD;;...
I will be going to Blackberry Farm tomorrow =3 It sounds kind of weird... These names for places...
I've never been to the Great Mall before... My parents keep procrastinating to let me go.. ;_;

Posted by Mizuki @ 06/11/2002 03:45 PM PST

ooh, picnics are always fun, as boring as they sound. Especially when you get a chance to do a nature walk! I love them. As long as like no bees or anything else that bites ends up chasing me... *sweatdrop* lol @ the Blair Witch project idea. ^__^ Sounds great! Though I'd probably be one of those people who looks at it and then freaks. hehe Carrying walking stick-sticks are also helpful. Especially when you're walking up a hill of some sort. ^^; Down here in L.A. you don't find too many nature spots... My school, well, the one I went to is probably one of the most nature-y spots in our area lol. We have a bunch of trees that are over 100 years old and stand really tall, viewable from a distance. Sometimes I'd point in the direction of tall trees in the distance to my friends from other schools when we're a good distance from the school and go "There's my school!" [that was pretty pointless there...]

Yeah, hopefully like over time I'll be able to carry/life more with me trying to slowly increase the amount I can carry. @__@;; Then I wouldn't have to rely on others always helping me.

And the driving thing... ^^;; I'm still freaked. But I still have a quite few weeks before I actually start sitting behind the wheel. Thanks for the good luck wish though. And yes, I'm very intimidated by the thought. At least, it's a small compact car. O_o sorta easier... at least that's what I've heard.

You're welcomed. ^^ I know Tsu-kun likes Makoto a lot, and I couldn't resist myself when I made the layout. It was like a perfect summer thing! And thank you for the compliment. ^^ Tsu-kun's really cool too! I wish I could hang out with you. You're like an older bro but with all the better aspects than mine (who's at UCSD right now ^^). Considering you two are the same-ish height, wait, you might be a tad taller,... I still look up to both of you (both physically and in the intellectual sense)!

Posted by Saga @ 06/11/2002 01:31 PM PST

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