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06/11/2002 Archived Entry: "Sano's Graduation Party"

Graduation practice today. They gathered us seniors and went over what we're going to do for our graduation ceremony. Now I wouldn't mind, but they really, really deviated from the schedule and they forced us to stay out in the hot sun for way too long. Bah!

At least afterwards, I went to the Great Mall again and bought a WaveBird. Yay! I can play my Gamecube from across the room now! ^_^ I love how the wirelessness of it all is RF and not IR. It's brilliant I tell you! I like my WaveBird. ^_^

After that, I went over to Sano's house for a graduation party. Now that was a good time. Not only did we get some nice hamburgers and hot dogs to eat, but we also played Smash Bros. and some party games such as Mafia and that one improv game where you have to insert pre-written lines, written on a little sheet of paper, into the skit. Yay! Fun fun. I had a good time.

One of the more interesting things about the party was a little conversation I had that started with Antonio. We were talking about how the world is just too overpopulated. Yes, you know it's true. We were brainstorming ways that we could cut down the world's population by killing off mass numbers of people. ^_^ Well... it'd be for the betterment of mankind! Anyway, I suggested that we drop a neutron bomb on China and India, which would be a quick, simple way to kill billions of people. Nice. James suggested that we buy some land, make our own country, and designate it as land for people to just come to to fight hand-to-hand. The country would not take any liability for any of the fighting. It is not promoting it. Although, it won't discourage it. The country would draw tons of stupid, arrogant people and kill them all. James predicts that that will take out about maybe a quarter of the world's population. I don't doubt it.

Agh! I just started to play ST2 again and everything was going well until I made a mistake on a LIPS choice! Gwar! It was even before the first eyecatch! Gwar again! I'll need to start over from the beginning again. Do you know how many times I have restarted this game? Agh! Either it's a mistake, not enough space on my VMS, or some kind of interruption, but I have tried to go through this game again I don't know how many times. I am sick and tired of the first episode! The second episode isn't much better either. I just want to get to the third episode. From there it shouldn't be too bad. But no.... That doesn't seem like it'll ever happen.

Go to the Great Mall sometime! I can meet you there or something. ^_^ It's only 15 minutes from my house....

"Small compact car?" Out of curiousity, what kind might it be? ^_^

"Older bro?" Am I really like that? So you're like my little sister? That strange. I've never had a little sister. I only have one older sister. I wouldn't know what having a little sister would be like....

Oh yes, I think it would be awful nice to hang out with you too. ^_^

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15 minutes from your home? Would you like to trade living spaces with me? =3

Posted by Mizuki @ 06/12/2002 07:30 PM PST

True. It's REALLY overpopulated, but Sowwy violence is outta my league. ^^But buying land isn't what I had in mind ^^;;;Killing PEOPLE!! Dats a no no!!! >=O

Posted by HanaNikko @ 06/12/2002 01:06 PM PST

take me for the sake of COGin'!!!
yes... mofia was fun.. but it's not funny when peole pick on the quite person.. that's why i killed my self and that round ended great ^o^
ok time to update my blog because i HAVE to

Posted by Cinti @ 06/12/2002 08:39 AM PST

mmm having a little sister. i've never had a little sister either...w hich is good! i wouldn't want one! i AM the little sister :DDDD

Posted by dandan @ 06/12/2002 07:59 AM PST

yesyes, the world is realllyy overpopulated, man if you went to Taiwan or Japan or HongKong like I did.. it was a whole sea of ppl O___o.. i wanna buy land too=O

no killing...XP

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/11/2002 11:21 PM PST

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