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06/13/2002 Archived Entry: "Graduation + Version 7"

Hey, new layout! Just Winginí It is now in version 7. This layout features Misaka Shiori from Kanon. Woo! Shioriís cool. ^_^ With this layout I tried to make something different from my previous stuff and I suppose I succeeded, but for some reason Iím not completely satisfied. Oh well, I wanted a summer layout and here it is. At least I got to try out a few things.

Yesterday was my graduation. Woo.

Before the ceremony, I had some fun with my friends. Cinti, Antonio, Nanona, and I went to the Great Mall. Yes, I know that Iíve been going there pretty often lately. Oh well. Today we were planning to watch a movie, but in the end, we decided that weíd rather just walk around and window shop. ^_^ We especially had fun in EB (where Cinti and Antonio were playing a very good game of that wrestling game for Gamecube) and the Burlington Coat Factory. Burlingtons was so fun! We tried on black trench coats and white suits. Woo! We looked slick. ^_^ We so need to buy them things sometime.

I had my graduation later in the day at 6:00. Although, being a graduate, I had to get there by 5:00. AlrightÖ now I wouldnít mind, but it was pretty warm then. Maybe not frying hot, but still warm enough to fry us gown-donning seniors. Aaa~. As for the whole ceremony, there were way too many things that either went wrong or were just plain stupid. The event was poorly organized. I got the impression that the people up on stage didnít even know what they were supposed to do at times. Also, people were just plain noisy at times. They had no respect at all for everyone else there who was graduating. Gwar! They suck. Iím constantly reminded of how stupid and thoughtless people are. People are morons.

At least we got through the ceremony and junk. From then on, I met up with all my friends and we took a nice round of photos. Although because I was wearing my graduation cap the whole ceremony, I had horrible hat hair. GwarÖ.

Afterwards, I went with the family to go eat at a nice Vietnamese restaurant. MmmmÖ. I love Vietnamese food. ^_^

So how do I feel as a graduate? I donít know. Iím still not feeling much. I know that I should be all sad or something, but nope, nothing. Sure, I wonít be seeing tons of people ever again, but itís not like I was really close to them or anything. Most of the people I really care about are still going to be around. They either arenít going away or theyíre younger than me, so they havenít graduated yet. Woo. So yahÖ Iím not really sad. I know I should be, but I canít be.

At least for graduation I got some nice money. ^_^ I got $520 and $24 off two Great America tickets. Not bad. Now time to consider how Iíll spend itÖ.

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Congrats again! Wow, you got a lot of money! I've never gotten even nearly as much as 5 hundred and something...! And that's why I have to save up the 7 dollars I get every week as allowance money!

Posted by Shana-chan @ 06/13/2002 05:19 PM PST

whoa new layout! YAY BLUENESS! Blueness good, yes yes bluueeee

Congrats on graduating^^v ack.. ppl are meanies.. -_-

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/13/2002 04:22 PM PST

Hey, sic layout doods. ^_O I know peeps were so fucking rude, when some of the peeps were talking in front. ^^;;;

Posted by HanaNikko @ 06/13/2002 12:59 PM PST

yes grad cerimonies sucked =b
i finaly worte my long blog post that was 3 days late... and i final wrote what we did on the bus...

Posted by Cinti @ 06/13/2002 10:12 AM PST

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