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06/13/2002 Archived Entry: "PS2...?"

My first day as a high school graduate. Woo...?

Today I went to school to visit peoples during their break. It's the last day for all the lower classmen. So yah, I visited and people seemed to be glad to see me.

After that, I went and harassed Cinti. We went to the Great Mall again (fourth day in a row), where I spent a good $300 of my graduation money on a PS2, memory card, and Virtua Fighter 4. Yes, I got a PS2. You may all know how much I hate PS2s, but I had to get one sometime. Unfortunately, it's the only platform with Xenosaga. =( So yah... eventually I would have to get it, so I got it today. Well... at least I also got VF4! Woo! I love the VF games. They're so cool. Although, I've never really been a serious player and they're all ludicriously deep. I need to practice a whole lot before I'm any good.

Then we went over to Sansan's house to help her make candy leis for her friends at another school, since they graduated today. That was fun.

On the way home, I dropped by Sano's house and borrowed FFX. I kinda want to play it. Why not?

So yah... I've just been playing with the new PS2. I still have yet to name it. I like naming my consoles, ok? I'm considering a few names.... Hopefully I'll decide on one tomorrow.

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pretty new layout david! just in time for summer ^^

Posted by riku @ 06/15/2002 09:59 AM PST

OOo! U gotta PS2. ^^ Doesn't it seem hypricritical though??? U dis PS, but u still buy it anyway. ^^ I'm poor, I gotta work over the summer maybe.

Posted by Hananikko @ 06/14/2002 06:23 PM PST

Oh wow, your new layout is just lovely! *_*
And much congratulations to you on being school free. I hope it doesn't take as long to sink in with you as it did me (I felt really weird for about two weeks ^^;).

Posted by Vilya @ 06/14/2002 06:16 PM PST

Wai wai Tsubasa-chama! I love your new layout! It's so warm and springy =D! I hope you enjoy being a graduate, I have yet to experience it.. *dun DUN* o_O... well, I should get going... name your PS2 'Chiquita' o_o...

Posted by Gomaki @ 06/14/2002 05:15 PM PST

Navi.... Navi... NAVI... Na-vi

Posted by Cinti @ 06/14/2002 10:51 AM PST

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