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06/15/2002 Archived Entry: ""Cosmos""

Hey folks. ^_^

Dang... I've been up to quite a bit lately.... I've been going out each and every day. That's not like me. I'm usually the one that doesn't go out. Neh....

It just so happens that yesterday I went out again. This time with the rest of the Sexy Crew. We went out to a park to spend time doing nothing. Woo! That was fun. We just sat around, listened to music and did some playing with lightsabers. ^_^

I also dropped by the Great Mall again. Yes... I know that makes five days in a row. ^_^; This time I got a DVD remote for the PS2 and the last four DVDs of Battle Athletes. Wow... that series is good. Well... I suppose the last four episodes were rather...
out there... but otherwise, it was a darn good series.

Oh yah... I still need to name the PS2.... *takes time to look at stuff online* Alright! I'll name the thing "Cosmos." I think that has a nice ring to it. ^_^

My dad really annoyed me yesterday. It just so happens that I'll be going to graduation parties and he feels the need to warn me about things such as booze and drugs. You know... stuff like spiking punch and lacing food with some kind of drug. *sigh* As if I'll be that stupid. I know that might happen, but I know that. I don't need anyone telling me anything, as I'm not exactly stupid. It wouldn't really have been all that annoying had he just made a slight comment, but he went on about it for maybe fifteen minutes. Gwar!

Well thanks everyone for the nice comments about the layout. However, I really not fond of this layout, so expect a nice change sometime soon enough. When I say "soon enough," that means that it'll happen sooner than usual.

"Chiquita?" Um... sorry... I kinda like the name "Cosmos" better....

I suppose it already sank in for me. Considering how I've been going out every day for the last couple of days, it better have sank in. ^_^

Yes, I suppose it does sound hypocritical, but I don't care. As long as I can play Xenosaga, I'll be a happy camper. Even if I have to buy a PS2. =(

New layout! Hey, it's really pretty. ^_^

One week of school left, eh? Well... good luck at it. You've been through most of it already, just a little bit more to go.

*Gasp* You love Aoi Nanase art too!? That's great! I love her art. It's so~ pretty! Especially her Nako pieces. Although, Nako's already pretty anyway.... ^_^

I know you won't see this, considering how you're away on summer vacation and all, but have fun. ^_^

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Sexy Crew neeed more days like that

Posted by Cinti @ 06/16/2002 02:38 PM PST

*shrugs* Chiquita was a funny name o_o.. since you're not using it I'll name my PS2 Chiquita! XDDD, argh, I hate it when my parents give me the party lecture~ It's not like you'll REALLY get date raped... right? right??

Posted by Gomaki @ 06/15/2002 04:34 PM PST

heh... thanks for the comments and the encouragement! *^^* i'm kinda hoping finals won't be that bad this semester but instinct tells me it'll only get worse. -.-;; depressing... ^^;;

waii!! you like aoi nanase! too kewL. i love the way she draws eyes. it's kinda funny... i admire clamp for just drawing in general, i admire nanase for the eyes, and tanemura arina for clothes. if only i could draw half as well. xD

Posted by riku @ 06/15/2002 02:20 PM PST

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