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06/16/2002 Archived Entry: "Version 8"

Just Wingin' It - version 8: True Noir

Agh! I couldn't stand verison 7. Thank you everyone who gave me any kind of praise for it, but I'm sorry, it was awful to me. So in the end, it was up for less than a week. ^_^; Anyway, here you behold JWI version 8. Wow. Now this is a layout. I surprised myself. This turned out a whole lot better than I thought it would. Interestingly, while everyone else has their nice, happy summer layouts up, I put up my darkest layout to date. ^_^; Eh... well... I thought that I would make something a bit darker and moodier because I never did that before. I think I did a good job. ^_^ Anyway, this layout features Chloe. Chloe's so cool! ^_^ I love the whole cloak-covering-the-mouth-and-going-whoosh-when-she-moves thing. ^_^ By far the coolest character in Noir.

Oh yah... Danny, no text filters this time. ^_^

As for the happenings in my life, yesterday I went to a graduation party at my friend's. It was pretty fun. We played some party games, DDR, and there was food! ^_^ Tons and tons of food! ^_^ That alone guaranteed that the party would be great. ^_^ So yes, I had a good time. Although it may not have looked like I did. For much of the party, I could be found lying around. If you'd have seen me, you may have thought that I was either sleepy, tired, or sad. Nope, I was neither of those. I just like lying around. Yep, that's me.

Today I spent most of my day working on this layout. I was playing FFX earlier, but when I finally got a crankin' on this thing, I just couldn't stop. Oh yah, now that I mention FFX, let me just say that it's a lot better than I thought it would be. I thought VII, VIII, and IX were pretty mediocre, but X's probably slightly more than that. ^_^ I don't like how you're told exactly where the heck you need to be all the time and how there are save points everywhere, but I do like how it's really cinematic, it's actually somewhat challenging, and the characters are actually rather likable. Especially how the characters are likable. That's what makes an RPG for me: character development. Well... I don't think it'll surpass VI, but it's probably better than the last three FF offerings in my opinion.

Korean BBQ! ^_^ Yummy! I want some! Meat! ^_^

I hope you feel better. You seem so sad.... Now that's not good.... Get more chipper. *pat pat*

Parappa 2!!! You have it!? I want it! =(

You're comment on incest... personally, I don't have any problems with incest. It's all about love, right? If two people love each other, why should there be anything preventing them from being together? Even if it's something like age or previous relationships.

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Aw thanks so much Tsubasa-san *hugs* *blubbers up* ;_;~ I try keeping other people away from caring so much about it, or worrying about me too much ^^:, I love the layout, it's more... easier to read? It's great, I adore it =3! I'll see you~!

Posted by Gomaki @ 06/17/2002 07:22 PM PST

*lol* you're a real meat person, huh? ^_~ i'll save you some kbbq next time. hahaha... i overstuffed myself that night. i think i probably looked drunk to some people. xD

oOo... heyhey... i'm liking the new layout! to tell you the truth, i prefer this one over the last one. ^_~ it's less cutesy and easier to read. :D nice nice... your layouts are getting better! (well... better than mine at least... >.>)

Posted by riku @ 06/17/2002 06:29 PM PST

There's more to relationships than just love. I love my brother but that doesn't mean I wanna go around fucking him. Xx;; But sure you may love each other and want to have children, but there was a REASON people banned incest from social acceptancy. Sex causes children, right? And with genes so similar to each other, the kid's way too likely to have birth defects, and anyone who's willing to let a child be risked to that just to be with someone is a mean SoB.


Posted by Saka @ 06/17/2002 03:46 PM PST

whoa this is niceee=DD Red.. reeedddd

I back from Camp Wooo, Hope ta see ya tomorrow, you get to swim, soak up some rays, eat cheese cake and pocky.

This is nicee=D

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/17/2002 03:07 PM PST

I have layout block =p Shame on you! Why don't you give me some of your layout-frenzy-mind? xD;
Red and black.. LOVELY colors, may I add. These colors are colors of... heck =] I love it!
Lmao. Lay around and do nothin'.. *heart* Sleep is good for you ^_^
HEY!~!~ You thought FF7 was mediocre? O_O;;; In what way!? ><

Posted by Mizuki @ 06/17/2002 11:28 AM PST

so this is what u were working on XD
me like it XD
i think me like this one best of the whole lot.. but that's just me...
we'll i'll c you 2marrow.. err today... and.. then i'll c u 2marrow again.. and well what do u know.. i'll see u the next day after that XD

Posted by Cinti @ 06/17/2002 12:08 AM PST

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