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06/18/2002 Archived Entry: "Tichan's Pool Party"

Woo! Went to Tichan's today for a pool party. Yes, yet another pool party. ^_^; Well... at least it was fun.

We met at Cinti's house and when we were going to head out, we didn't have a ride. We were originally going to get a ride from his mom, but it seemed that she was sleeping. Alright... we were hard pressed for someway to get there. I really didn't want to drive. It's a long distance and I don't have freeway experience. I'm just not comfortable doing that. Eventually though, things looked rather bleak, so I resigned and agreed to drive. Unfortunately, while we were about to go, my mom drove by! Now that was scary. My parents don't want me just driving around. They aren't comfortable with me doing that even though I'm eighteen and with a license and all. I guess I understand and all. I still do stuff behind their backs though and that was exactly what I was going to do today. ^_^; So yah... she drove by and stopped. I was freaked out. I told her that the parental figure was asleep, so Cinti went in and tried to wake the mom. That he did and things were peachy. Unfortunately, my mom knew that I was about to drive them. That was not good. I was afraid. I knew I'd hear something about it later.

On the way there, we brought a nice boat that Cinti and Sano made for their physic class. One made out of cardboard and duct tape. You may remember how I helped make one in my class. Well, unfortuantely I didn't get to keep it. =( Anyway, that was fun. We were driving down the freeway with it straped to the top of the car. Because we were afraid of it flying off at speeds of 60+ mph, we opened the moon roof and held it. ^_^; We got plenty of strange stares. There was this one cement truck driver who got such a big kick out if it. Oh well... it was rather funny.

Once there, I got to see Jo and Ken. It was nice seeing you guys. ^_^ In the case of Jo, it was my first time meeting her. Anyway, we went for a dip in the pool. Atchaa~ that pool was cold! As I always do, I jumped right in. The best way to enter a pool in my opinion. Just jump in and wait for sensory adaptation to kick in. We played for a while. Ken didn't have his trunks, so he took the boat. ^_^ It stayed afloat beautifully. So yah... we swam and had fun.

After that, we ate and then I took at look around in her nice closet of eBay worthy merchandise. Wow! There's so much stuff in there! I was like a little kid in a candy store. So much anime merchadise! ^_^ I stole some stuff and promised that I'd pay her back. I got a nice Canvas shitajiki and promo poster, Sentimental Graffitti 2 shitajiki, Love Hina bandana (featuring Naru, Mitsumi, and Sara), and a metal bookmark of Spike Speigel. Woo! Yay! Nice haul. ^_^ I'll get you some nice stuff from Nikaku sometime, alright Tichan?

Something that was really fun to play was all the Chinese swords in her house. I like Chinese swords.... ^_^

I finally came home at about 8ish. Now when I got home, I was so expecting a lecture coming from my dad or at least some scolding by my mom about the whole "I was going to drive" thing. To my surprise, they didn't say anything. It's like it never, ever happened. Woo! Now that was relieving. I'm happy now. ^_^ I'll be even happier in a little while. I borrowed the second Kenshin OVA from Tichan, so I'm off to watch that now. Woo! ^_^

Wow! Thanks for the little image thingy. ^_^ I used to know what them things were called, but I can't remember now. ^_^; Anyway, I really don't deserve it, but since you already made it and gave it to me and all, I really have to say thanks. You're cool. ^_^

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no! you deserve that in all God's will! you deserve it for being such a sweet, supportive person! other than that, it seems like you had a great day! I would've found it hilarious to see a boat being held on top of a car o_O, well, jaa ne!

Posted by Gomaki @ 06/19/2002 08:13 PM PST

[replying to the post from the day before xD] ne ne... thanks! took my chemistry final yesterday, and it was pretty much hell cuz our teacher used another teacher's test and our teacher SUCKS compared to the other teacher. -.-;; oh well, i'm over it. i got my english finals tomorrow and those are more important anyway. gahhhh... *dies* thanks for the encouragement tho. ^^;;

and d00d... seriously... my layouts are... icky. hahaha! or, quoting my friend, "they're cheesy." >_o ouch. hahaha... oh well, i don't mind, i guess we all have spaces for improvement... mine just happen to be BIG WIDE GAPS, but s'all good. ^_~

Posted by riku @ 06/19/2002 07:15 PM PST

Gah. Its good that your not in trouble at least ^^.

Posted by Hananikko @ 06/19/2002 09:55 AM PST

i'm am SO gald u not in trubble..
but.. me can't go out today...
daddy got mad at me for waking up mom >_<
so yeah... today be a lay low day... umm 2marrow job hunting right?
ok then... have fun today.. i think allan is still going to come over your house

Posted by Cinti @ 06/19/2002 09:28 AM PST

Yay, it was fun^__^ Glad you like the stuff, I had to get rid of them one way or another ( too lazy to sell^_^'')

OOH if you do wanna do a trade thingy than sure=D hmm I ougtha check out Nikaku, I wanna see XD~~

Glad you parents weren't mad, and didn't give you a lecture=D whew.. I was kinda worried there^_^' Glad it went out okay=D

Enjoy the stuff and the Kenshin OAVs^_^ and we should do that again soon=D it was loads of fun XD

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/19/2002 09:25 AM PST

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