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06/19/2002 Archived Entry: "Rikku's cute ^_^"

Been playing FFX. I finally got Rikku! ^_^ I like Rikku. She's so cute. ^_^ To tell you the truth, when the game wasn't even released yet and all everyone had to look at were early screenshots and some character CG, I saw Rikku's CG and that was when I actually kinda wanted to play the game. Yes, call me superficial and all that other junk. Anyway, she's so weak when you get her! I need to work on her sphere grid a bit....

I'm listening to "Last Regrets" right now. You know... the opening to Kanon by Ayana from I'VE? Yah... that song. I haven't listened to it in a while, so I decided to listen to it. Dang... I love this song. I think it's really beautiful. I'm sure it's really sad too, considering it's from Kanon and all. Can anyone direct me to lyrics? That'd be really helpful.

Oh yah! Bringing up Kanon reminds me that I really want to play some bishoujo games. Only one thing I want to ask: does anyone know if there are translations for any bishoujo games? It doesn't really matter if there are or not, considering that I'm planning to play them even though I can't read Japanese, but it'd be nice to have translations if they're available, right?

I've been watching some anime. I watched the 2nd Kenshin OVA yesterday. I can't say that I care much for the art style or how they changed some of the story and characters, but it was pretty good. Really powerful stuff there. I suppose it was a rather fitting ending to the series. I've also been watching more Full Metal Panic. I watched episodes 15-19 today. Not a bad series at all. It's not going to be one of my favorites, but it's pretty entertaining. I'm just about to watch the first episode of .hack in a little while. I hear it's good....

New layout! ^_^ Good job there. *pat pat*

Hey, happy birthday! Twenty-one, eh? Now you can legally drink booze! Not like you haven't been doing so already.... Anyway, have fun in Vegas, alright? You go win tons of money... to buy more booze. ^_^

Go go! You do well on your english finals now. I'm rooting for you. ^_^

Hey, I don't find your layouts "cheesy." I guess beauty is just in the eye of the beholder and all that crap. ^_^;


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Rikku IS very pretty. =D

Posted by June @ 06/20/2002 09:21 AM PST

Well, I'm working on a crapload of I'VE lyrics already, and I already have gotten around to Last regrets. ^.^ Site's way not done, but you can get it here:


Posted by Saka chan @ 06/20/2002 12:12 AM PST

ahaha, I happen to got more stuff today^_^''' So if they came yesterday or something, you coulda stole more stuff^^'' I got lots of Love Hina stuff that you might of liked, or Clamp X^_^''

Kenshin OAV was cool, Enishi was freaky.. he had all thsoe vains around him and everything.. eep. THe music was nice^_^

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/19/2002 08:55 PM PST

sorry agian for not comming over >_<
at least u sounded entertain
eep back to work

Posted by Cinti @ 06/19/2002 08:28 PM PST

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