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06/20/2002 Archived Entry: "Job Hunting"

Job hunting today.

I went to the Great Mall to get some applications. Going with me were Cinti, Sano, and Antonio. We basically went around and just took applications from a whole bunch of stores. Something that really annoyed me was how I went up to them and asked "are you hiring?" Essentially I got the same reply everywhere: "we're accepting applications." Gwar! That tells me nothing! Do you have a freakin' opening or are you just making me waste my time by filling out your application!?

Hopefully I get a job somewhere. I want a nice stable income. From there, I can get a nice credit card and buy tons of things behind my parents' backs. ^_^ Well... I can kind of do that right now with my sister's card, but it'll just be easier with my own. I can also finally get an eBay account. Yay! Do you know how many times I've wanted to bid before?

Sano's been giving me some crap about my purchasing. Well... maybe not crap crap, but he's telling me that I'm buying or want things that are "unnecessary." Things like the PS2 DVD remote. I don't know about you, but I find that thing a necessity if you intend to watch DVDs on the PS2 at all. The controller's horrible, period. Today I was gawking at some Monster Cable for PS2 and he told me that it was "unnessary." Bah! It's Monster Cable! Danggonnit! It's just about the best AV cable you can buy and he says it's "unnecessary?" He just doesn't understand! Bah!

I'm in one of my somber moods again. Eh... I don't feel like doing anything or thinking of anything. I think I'll end this entry now, as I don't really care to go on.

I don't feel like doing really involved social logging today. I'll leave that for tomorrow.

Ooo~ I want to see your new stuff! Love Hina and X? Sounds good.... ^_^

Thanks Saka. Them lyrics are really great. Now I know what the song's about! ^_^ Good luck finishing the site. Looks like a big project....

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Job hunting? I need a job too, good luck! Don't feel depressed, don't worry about that stuff, I'll pray for you ^^, hope to see you soon! Bye!

Posted by Gomaki @ 06/21/2002 08:14 PM PST

ahh i owe u a dollar.. it's in my room right now.. *looks at dollar*
anyway... don't let jeff get to you.. you are both naturly at oposite ends of almost everything.. so yeah...
... as i look at the aplicaitons... i dunno how long i want to work or when i should work and stuff like that.. oh well i'll dwell on this stuff for a while and hoepfully i'll finish befor u come back

Posted by Cinti @ 06/21/2002 08:46 AM PST

first off... i enjoy lookin at the "unnessicary" "crap" that is out there... speaking of which... want a combo S-Video-AV Cable for the Cube... i accidentally ordered one online and then went and bought one at EB when i picked up the 007 game... silly me... need a bigger memory card ;-) thats all... i agree... monster cable is good.. but you can make your own cables for much cheaper.. can also get the digital to pipe into an S-Video line too !^_^!

Posted by moo @ 06/20/2002 11:56 PM PST

Oi! Just wanted to drop by. Man, seriously u have to cheer up neh. U don't need to argue about what's necessary and unecessary, that's just what Sano thinks.

Posted by Hananikko @ 06/20/2002 11:32 PM PST

Ah Job hunting.. sounds like fun^__^ I should get one too.. but .. Ebay is already techinically a " job"^_^'' but meh I'll see

Yup Yup more stuff, woo, they just keep coming in, I'm running out of room in my closet XP. Come over and steal stuff=D

oh oh I saw this really nice Nako cel ^_^ out of randomness=P I was searching around the net looking at cels, cause they're pretty=D and i found a section for samurai shodown. she looks really cute^_^ you can go lookie: http://www.animanga.com/cels/gallery/yann/index.html+0+samourai

eep long comment^^'' Cheer Up okei=D* special tichan hug*

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/20/2002 11:21 PM PST

aw... *pat pat* cheer up, ne? xD

Posted by riku @ 06/20/2002 10:57 PM PST

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