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06/22/2002 Archived Entry: "First Freeway Experience"

Learned how to rotate my tires today. Yep, my dad dragged me away from the computer this morning and to the garage. There, he made me rotate the tires on my car. It wasn't exactly the most delightful way to spend my time. It was actually kinda tiring work, with all the tightining and untightening of the bolt thingies. So yes, it was my first official maintenance work on my car. Not all that exciting, but necessary.

After that, my dad took me out for my first excursion on the freeway. I drove all the way to De Anza, which is where I'll be driving most weekdays starting July 1 for summer school. It wasn't bad. I didn't think it would be and it wasn't. I just wish that my car was a bit better. I can only push that thing so hard. I can't be going 80+ because I'm afraid of breaking that 20 year old engine. ^_^; Gwar... I want a better car....

My Expert Mouse is great! ^_^ Now that I've had some more time to play with it, I just like it more. I can't help it, it's a great trackball. Long live trackballs! ^_^ I recommend one for anyone who wants to compute with increased precision, accuracy, and speed.

Oh, I went to Cambridge today to "follow up" on my application. You know what? I got nothing. When I came in and asked about it, the manager said that he hadn't even looked at the applications, as a new manager will be coming in on Monday. He'll look at the applications. Alright... I suppose I understand, but why the heck did that guy yesterday tell me that I could come in today? Idiotic employees.... I thought I had a chance too.... I guess I just have to wait around and see if any place calls me....

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm "cute and sweet," eh? Big help that does me.... I've been hearing that from various girls for a while now and look at me now: still single. Why is it that nice guys never get any girls? *sigh*

It's not an owl! That's Mamahaha and she's a hawk. ^_^;

I'll get tsubasa.nu up someday.... Don't worry....

Poor thing.... *pat pat* Well... I'm sure it's not that bad now, is it? Can't you just take it over again? I'm sure you have time. You can surely do better a second time....

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freeway exp!!!! with out the P XD
woo... im to tired and hungry to be excited... *yawns*
i want breakfast...

Posted by Cinti @ 06/23/2002 12:28 PM PST

*lol* i suppose i CAN take it over... but the stupid college board is taking away score choice so any tests taken from now on count. kukuku... *falls over* that means if i do poorly next time i can't hide it from colleges. xD

and don't worry about the getting a gf thing. ^_^ sometimes it seems like the more you want one, the less of a chance you'll get one. i mean... nonono!!! i didn't mean that in, like, a discouraging way or anything. -.-;; ok... that so didn't come out right. lemme start over... when you find her, you'll know. ^^ it's not that the nice guys don't get the girls, it's just... i dunno... why need a girlfriend when you have... many... girl... friends? .-. GAHHH!!! i suck @ this... lol! xDDD i was never here. hahaha!

Posted by riku @ 06/23/2002 11:56 AM PST

that's an owl?O_O * bonks head* aiyah, i'm soo blind, I gotta get me eyes checked or something. dack, Dandan's ditzyness is rubbing off on mee XP

"It's better to await for something great" =D and sorry if i happened to hurt your feelings in anyway =_=

dack too much shitajiki.. * plans to give you some *

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/23/2002 02:35 AM PST

Maybe I should give trackballs a try someday. Yah, I used em before, but not really alot. BTW, whatever happened to your old trackball?

Posted by Hananikko @ 06/23/2002 01:31 AM PST

I agree... long live trackballs. I went with an intelli-point infra-red mouse at one point, but you can't compare it to a good ol' trackball.

Posted by Steph @ 06/23/2002 01:11 AM PST

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