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06/23/2002 Archived Entry: "Academy of the Arts!?"

Atchaa~! My dad made me do more auto work today. =( Yesterday was fine, but two days in a row? Gwar! Today he had me working on the sister's car. He made me rotate the tires and change the oil plus oil filter. Rotating the tires hurt my hand. =( Turning them bolts with your hands gets pretty hard on them. He didn't let me step on the wrench thingy because he feared that I would break the bolts. ^_^; Actually, I don't blame him, but because of that, my hands really hurt afterwards. =( The oil changing wasn't nearly as bad. Kinda icky with all the oil, but not bad at all. At least I know how to do it now. ^_^ He says that I'll have to do it by myself on my car next time though. =(

Heh... today my cousin invited a couple of my cousins and me to a BBQ picnic + volleyball thingy. Now I don't know about you, but I'm not very good at volleyball. I know I got the height for it and all, but I never really got good at it (yeah, just like every other sport). So yah... I went with two other cousins: one my age and one a year younger. We got there and sat around. None of us really wanted to play any volleyball. We waited around for a while for the meat to cook and had some. ^_^ There was only chicken at the time, but it wasn't bad stuff. We ate. ^_^ After that, we three had to leave because my other two cousins couldn't stay long and I was going with them, so I had to come along. Not that I was protesting or anything. I was feeling really out of place amongst my cousin's friends. So yah... we left after only eating. ^_^; Well... we showed up for it, didn't we? ^_^;

Heh heh... earlier at dinner I had a discussion with my parents. They were inquiring about my future and what major I wanted to go into. I told them that I want to be a graphic designer. Now I really thought that they wouldn't accept me doing such a thing because well... it's an art major and well... art majors are not generally perceived as one of the wiser career choices (although, if you know anything, it's actually not a bad choice at all). You know what? They seem rather accepting! Yay! And you know what? There's even a possiblity that I can go to the Academy of the Arts sometime! Woo! ^_^ Possibly for graduate study or maybe even after my two years at De Anza. Wow. I never thought that they would let me. That school's freakin' expensive. At least I now know that I have a chance. Things are looking good for me. ^_^

Thanks Sawa for telling me about the whole Nunames thing! ^_^ I found that e-mail (I really should check that e-mail more often...) and I registered my free niue domain. I am now the official owner of nakoruru.nu. ^_^ I bet you saw that one coming, didn't you? ^_^ I'm hoping that I can turn it into a really nice Samurai Spirits collective or something. I haven't gotten hosting for it yet, but the domain's mine. I'll tack on some hosting sometime soon enough and hopefully I can get it up along with tsubasa.nu by the end of summer. *crosses fingers* So yes... expect TsuNU and NakoNU sometime in the future.

Thanks for the encouragement. Actually, being a hopeless romantic and all, I also believe that there's one true love for each person or I at least like to think there is. ^_^;

Oh yah! You know the Expert Mouse ownz! ^_^

Wow, you're a trackballer too!? What kind do you use?

My Marble Mouse is sitting around on the other desk, next to the old computer. I don't know what's going to happen to it. Cinti expressed an interest in it, but my sister might want it too....

Feelings aren't hurt at all, don't worry about it. ^_^

Too many shitajiki!? You can't have too many shitajiki! ^_^ Well... if they are a bother, I'll do you a favor and take some off your hands.... ^_^

Well, I'm sure that if you take it again, then you'll do a lot better. You better. Take it again and do better! I command you! ^_^

Heh heh, thanks for the cheering up attempt. Really now, it was a good attempt. ^_^

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erm... yes... just go read my blog. *lol* ja~!

Posted by riku @ 06/24/2002 10:27 PM PST

I wanna drive a car ;__;

ah glad no feelings hurt.. sorry again either ways tho ^_^'

Alrighty, You are getting more love hina shitajiki=D i have like 12 copies of the same one XP

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/24/2002 11:26 AM PST

woot to track balls and tablets...
woot to carness stuff u don't like to do but it's good to know...
woot at u going to AA...
woot at u at least having some sorta knowing of what your goals are...
woot at the fact u have some talent...
me? i ain't got talent to be a graphic designer nor an artist... gwar..

Posted by Cinti @ 06/24/2002 07:30 AM PST

I think I just confused myself... my trackball thing is built into my laptop... o_O its not like your fancy one... hehe... durf... I'm so out of it. Don't mind mee...

Posted by Steph @ 06/24/2002 06:31 AM PST

Wooo david can you show me how to do neat car stuff sometime ^_^

Posted by Antonio @ 06/24/2002 01:12 AM PST

:sighs::Just hearing the name Academy of Arts kinda depresses me,,,,Its been every artists' dream to enroll there, but somewhat I feel I'm not worthy of attending,..To make it worse its fucking expensive,::sighs::Anyway, hopefully I'm going to enter that scholarship contest in my senior year...- -....

Posted by HanaNikko @ 06/24/2002 12:50 AM PST

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