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06/24/2002 Archived Entry: "Survey #2"

Nothing extraordinary to talk about, so I toss a survey--stolen from Shana--at you! =P

Personal info
01: Name: David/Tsubasa
02: d.o.b: April 11, 1984
03: location: San Jose, CA
04: religion: Athiest
05: sex: Rather male
06: occupation: Unemployed. I would say college student, but I haven't started yet.

01: Hair: Black
02: Eyes: Dark Brown
03: Height: 6'01" or for you smart people who use the metric system, 186cm/1.86m
04: weight: 147 lbs or 67 kg
05: figure: Tall and lanky. No buldging muscles, but fairly good build. I got a slight six-pack....

01: clothing: Generally, white T-shirt with button up shirt over it, unbuttoned. As for pants, long, slightly baggy kackies, not necessarily kacky colored.
02: Music: J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop, anime, classical, occasionally alternative and rock
03: makeup?: Um... no...
04: Body Art: None

01: wearing: White t-shirt and pajama pants. I'm gonna sleep in this. ^_^
02: listening to: "Gentle Twilight" by SeeSaw (.hack ending)
03: Thinking of: Answers to jot down
04: feeling: Indifferent, as I usually am

01: bought: Gas
02: talked to: My mommy
03: ate and drank: I ate some rice with some meat and drank some lemonade
04: read: A bunch of stuff on the internet
05: watched on TV: I honestly don't remember. It's been so long since I've last watched TV....

01: club or houseparty: Houseparty
02: tea or coffee: Tea, I don't like coffee
03: high achiever or slacker: I'm a high-achieving slacker ^_^
04: beer or cider: Cider all the way! ^_^
05: drinks or shots: Don't drink.
06: cats or dogs: Cats
07: single or taken: Rather single
08: pen or pencil: I have more of a fondness for pencils
09: gloves or mittens: Either is fine
10: food or candy: Eh... candy is food....
11: cassette or cd: Cassette!? AAHAHAHAHA!!! ^_^
12: coke or pepsi: Pepsi
13: hard or mild alcohol: No alcohol
14: matches or a lighter: Both are fun, but I think I tend to lean towards the lighter. FIRE!!! ^_^
15: sunset beach of the bold and the beautiful: ... ... ...
16: ricki lake or opra winfrey: Like I watch TV... or for that matter, care....

01: Kill: No one really
02: Shag: No one
03: slap: No one
04: hear from: Anyone who'll talk to me...?
05: get really wasted with: Considering how I don't drink, no one
06: tickle: no one
07: look like: No one. I'm comfortable looking the way I do.
08: be like: No one. Why would I want to be like anyone else? I'm fine with the way I am now.
09: avoid: Um... no one really (notice a pattern by now? ^_^;)

01: food: Ice cream.
02: drink: It's all about lemonade. ^_^
03: color: Green.
04: album: None in particular.
05: shoes: My spiffy--and comfy I might add--green Vans. ^_^
06: site: I don't know... I visit many sites.... Seventh Heaven possibly?
07: dance: None in particular
08: Song: Not sure... how about "Give a Reason" by Megumi Hayashibara and "As If" by Ayumi Hamasaki, just to name something
09: vegetable: Broccoli...? I'm not sure....
10: fruit: Pineapple.
11: berry: Blue berry...? Not sure.

01: touched: My sister. I put my hand on her shoulder.
02: talked to: My mom
03: instant messaged: Heh... it's been a while.... Cinti...?
04: had a crush on: Eh... I honestly can't remember.

01: Eat: Wherever I'm given food?
02: dance: I don't dance. At least, not well....
03: cry: Wherever I feel sad?
04: Are you alone: In a sense, yes. In another sense, no.
05: Do you hear voices in your head: Only when I think to myself.
06: Do people stare at you?: On occasion.
07: Do they talk about you?: How should I know? I'm not there to hear anything, am I?
08: Do you somehow think that you can sense and feel certain things?: Occasionally.
09: Do you believe in the word normal?: Nope. There is no point of reference to define as "normal," thus, it cannot exist.

1 minute ago: I was filling out this survey
1 day ago: I was at my cousin's picnic, feeling bored and left out
1 week ago: I went out somewhere
5 minutes ago: Filling out this survey
5 days ago: Probably out somewhere
5 weeks ago: Going to school
5 months ago: Going to school
5 years ago: Wow... that was back when I was a puny junior higher. I was really quiet (but when haven't I been?) and had very few friends.
i hurt: I don't think I hurt anybody....
i love: Nakoruru. ^_^
i hate: Lots o' things: idiotic people, PS2 hardware, people who insist that they're right when their wrong, guys who make girls cry... the list goes on and on....
i fear: Nothing I can readily think of....
i hope: I can go to the Academy of the Arts.
i break: Breakable things...?
i listen: To many things. My hearing's too good. I hear way too much. Because of that, I've got acting stupid down to an art. ^_^;
i hide: Way too much about me. Call me introverted.
i breath: Air...?
i play: Video games...?
i miss: My friend Karen. =(
i learn: Many things from many sources.
i feel: Indifferent.
i know: Many things. ^_^
i say: Gwar, nyah, atchaa~, eh...?, na~
i dream: Interestingly, I'm one of those peoples who never remembers their dreams....
i want: A girl. =(
i fell: When I tripped...?
i wait: For the day when I meet my true love.
i need: To get up TsuNU and NakoNU sometime. ^_^;

-last movie you saw: Episode II. Yes, I need to watch more movies....
-last movie you saw on the big screen: Episode II.
-last phone number you called: Cinti's...?
-last show you watched on TV: I honestly don't remember.
-last song you heard: "Friend" by Ayumi Hamasaki
-last thing you had to drink: Lemonade. Mmm~
-last thing you ate: Rice with MEAT! ^_^
-last time you showered: An hour or two ago.
-last time you cried: When I was watching Princess Nine. That was a couple of days ago.
-last time you smiled: Earlier today.
-last time you laughed: Sometime earlier today.
-last person you hugged: Don't remember.
-last thing you said: "I don't remember who I last hugged.... I'll take the easy route out... 'don't remember.'" ^_^;
-last person you talked to online: Probably Cinti.
-last thing you smelled: The air...?

Do you...
-smoke: Nope.
-do drugs: No bad ones, but I do like to take some Advil occasionally. That coating on the outside tastes good! It's kinda sweet. ^_^
-drink: Only non-alcoholic beverages. I like my lemonade, thank you very much.
-have sex: Nope.
-sleep with stuffed animals: On occasion.
-have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.
-have a dream that keeps coming back: I don't even remember my dreams, so how should I remember?
-play an instrument: I used to play the piano, but I never got any good and I don't play anymore. ^_^;
-believe there is life on other planets: Sure. They probably aren't carbon-based, such as us, but they're out there.
-Read the newspaper: Next to never.
-have any gay or lesbian friends: Yah, actually I do.
-believe it's possible to reamin faithful forever: Yep. There goes that hopeless romantic in me....
-consider yourself tolerant of others: Yes. Maybe a bit too tolerant....
-consider police a friend or foe: Friend. I even met this cool policeman once who helped cheer up my friend who was feeling down. Go uncle Tod! We called him that even though he didn't want us to. ^_^
-like the taste of alcohol: Never tasted it and never will.
-have a favorite stooge: Um... no....
-believe in astrology: To a degree.
-believe in magic: Actually, I do.
-go to church: What church? The athiest church? ^_^;
-have any secrets: Probably too many.
-have any pets: Two turtles.
-go to or plan to go to college: I'm kinda already enrolled....
-have a degree: Not quite yet....
-talk to strangers who instant message you: Back in the day when I used to go online....
-wear hats: Nope. I never wear hats.
-pray: Nope.
-have any piercings: Nope.
-have any tattoos: Nope.
-have a "hot spot": Deh... probably not.
-wish on stars: I have once or twice....
-like your handwriting: Sure, why not?
-have any bad habits: I shouldn't crack my neck so often.
-believe in witches: Yah.
-believe in Satan: I don't not believe in him....
-believe in ghosts: Yep
-believe in Santa: Nope.
-believe in the Easter Bunny: Nope.
-believe in the tooth fairy: Nope.
-have a second family: I don't know.
-trust others easily: Yes. Maybe a bit too easily....
-like sarcasm: heck yeah. ^_^
-take walks in the rain: Nope, but I wouldn't mind doing so.
-sing in the shower: Rarely.

Replies: 4 comments

this is david...
david this is...
all in all...
still a kid...

Posted by Cinti @ 06/25/2002 10:44 AM PST

Ummmm.......may I borrow that survey ^^;....

Posted by Hananikko @ 06/25/2002 12:35 AM PST

whoa long survey.. must steal XP

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/24/2002 10:56 PM PST

nyuu... you're... 6'01''??? @@ sugoeee... gimme a couple inches!!! xD

Posted by riku @ 06/24/2002 10:31 PM PST

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