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06/25/2002 Archived Entry: "Stupid Dad..."

FREAKIN' STUPID KIDS!!! Today my mom was out just driving around doing some errands, when some punk kids thought it would be fun to shoot BBs at her car. Now that is just stupid and horribly messed up! Where the heck do these kids get off shooting innocent motorists!? They happened to hit my mom's car twice, making two ugly, destinctive BB indentations. Agh! It's a nice car too! It's a '97 4Runner Limited with all options in forest green! Not exacty my kind of car, but you really can't deny that it's a pretty nice car. I'm freakin' pissed. Kids these days are inconsiderate, moronic... things. For crying out loud. That destroys any possible faith I might have in the younger generation. My hopes that these youngin's might possibly turn out to be decent individuals was dispelled long ago when I heard how they spoke and saw what they were wearing. Now though... now, I really question if the country will be in good hands with these brats. I just hope they prove me wrong. I'm still darn pissed with what happened to the car though! Gwar!

I need to gripe about something else too.... You folks might remember when I mentioned that my parents were rather accepting of me majoring in graphic design and all. Well yah... I found out just what my parents or at least my dad thinks today. He thinks that graphic design is not exactly a bad career choice, but not exactly a wise one either. He says that he doubts that there'll be a lot of job opportunities for graphic designers. I see he hasn't looked at magazine ads or product packaging lately. There's always some demand for graphic designers (as with any other profession). I've looked into it and jobs don't seem excessively hard to land (at least not compared to any other profession). Wages might not be fabulous, but there are jobs out there. He also thinks that the study of grapic design is "easy." It's something that doesn't require a whole lot of schooling. Che. He doesn't know anything about art. All the drawing, designing, color, art history, drafting and similar courses that are involved with art majors. It's a lot harder and time consuming than many people believe. I guess he just doesn't realize that. Bah! I still think he'll let me do it, but it would be nice if he actually respected my choice of major. He doesn't seem to respect or even approve of anything about me: my lifestyle, my hobbies, and even my friends. At least he could respect this decision. I've done lots of research, put lots of thought into this, and most importantly, it's something I really want to do. Geez... I just wish that he was more caring and supportive....

Eh... give you a couple of inches...? If I could hack off a couple and tack them onto you, then I would really do it, but it seems that I can't do that. Sorry...? ^_^;

Agh! Driving school? You've confirmed what I heard from many different people already: driving school's a boring waste of time. I'm just glad that I didn't have to go through all that. I got my permit at seventeen and a half, so I didn't need driving school. ^_^; But you're taking it, eh? I wish you luck cause it sounds horrible. Hang in there, ok?

Happy Anniversary! ^_^ Even if you don't really know when the definate date it. ^_^; It's been a pleasure reading your log and gawking at the spiffy layouts. ^_^ Keep up the good work for a long time to come, ok?

Well... I suppose you do have a valid reason not to take it over, with the whole no score choice thing.... I just think that you can do better if you try again. If I were you, I'd just take it over again. However, I'm not you, so you have to make your own decision. Either way, retake or no retake, I'm with you. Your own decision is the best decision because you're the one making it.

Heh, sounds like you have an interesting situation of your own. Yah... I've been there before. Only with the genders all switched around and all. ^_^; I can't tell you how many times I've been accused of liking someone just because we were being friendly. It gets even more annoying when it's with someone I would never consider in such a manner. Gwar!

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pah... damn kids with their bbguns... T___T you should chase them down with your car and squish them! muaHAHA! >)

hahaha... *pulls out her saw* i shall help you remove those inches! lol... j'p j'p. i guess i'm ok with being short just cuz it gives me an excuse for getting into stuff for like... half price. and d00d... i coulda waited till i was 17 1/2 and just got my permit??? O__O;; you've gotta be kidding me... i woulda just waited another half a year instead of take the stupid class. -.-;; i mean, i only have one more day, but i've wasted a whole week of summer! and and and... it's booooring... x_x

ne... thanks! i don't think i really deserve your compliments though. honest to goodness there are SO many more praiseworthy blogs out there. *sigh* i'm just... tagging along. ^_~ and and and... i should think i should be worshipping your blog! i mean, you blog a helluva lot more regularly than i do and your layouts are improving so fast! when i was on my first couple layouts i SUCKED! xD nyehehe... and thanks for the encouragement too. i think i WILL take it over. i'm just gonna have to cram real hard this summer. kukuku... sucks, ne? x_x my only consolation is that i'll still be able to blog... ^^

and and and... waiii... *pat pat* i guess you can understand what i'm going through, ne? yah... it bites. especially when people don't understand cuz they haven't gone through what we've gone through and they haven't had the same kinda relationships with the opposite gender as we've had. you know... you sound kinda like my onii-chan. <-- fake brother, that is. he's good about understanding me too... maybe that's why we get along so well. ^___^

Posted by r @ 06/26/2002 10:31 PM PST

yes... paintballin kid punks sounds like fun moo XD
yes... i dunno why kids get kicks of doing things like that... (then again.. i can relate ^^;;;)
hmm... parents and freaking not agreeing about what we want to do w/ our lives...
i just hope i'm not going to be like that.. but most parents either want their kids to grow up like them... or grow up to do the thigns they couldn't do... (it's a normal part of human nature...) and when the kids grow up to be their own thing.. parents just don't understand... but they will eventully give in to what u want to be.. cuzz they will remember how the felt when they were your age... ^^;;; unless they had a hard knock life...
well if it helps.. my parents are so happy that i'm going undelcared and might end up going to college for 5-6 years instead of their ideal 4 >_< but i just plain like too many things that i'm bad at, and hate to many thing that i'm good at ^^;;; it's not my fault i can't pick what i want to do... Be something that i want to be but suck at it.. or be something i dont' want to be.. earn lots more money.. but hate my work ^^;;;
either way.. if i end up doing a double major i'll be happy...
ehh... where am i going w/ the comment?... oh yeah!!!

Posted by Cinti @ 06/26/2002 12:26 PM PST

Sorry to hear about what happened to yer mommy. X_x; Damn them kids, damn them to celibacy!!

And about those jobs... yeah, you would think that, wouldn't ya? ^_^a The demand for jobs may seem high, but you can't be for sure unless you're really out there. Remember when everybody was going around trying to be doctors? Nowadays nobody's really hiring them anymore; the demand is shot (tell that to yer parents; considering they're Vietnamese I'm sure that's what they really want you to be :PPP). Hmm... I wanna be a shrink! :B

Posted by Saka @ 06/26/2002 06:30 AM PST

:sighs: I've been thinking the same lately. My parents has some issues about what career I want and they keep telling me to study harder to go to a nice school. But the stoopid part is are they worried about how nice the school is or my happiness? =( No wonder I'm so fucking confused on what I want to be someday. Parents don't understand me to well either, ><:I think graphic designing life isn't a bad choice,but if u focus hard enough you'll be alright I guess. ^_^ As long as ur well commited to doing what u love. However I need to add in that graphic designing isn't a very easy job too. I won't go into the details, cuz I dunno squat about graphic designing in the beginning. Anyway, u need a special hug from Hana,^_^

Posted by Hana @ 06/26/2002 01:46 AM PST

Doy.. stupid kids >_< I know what you mean by ur faith of future generations.. my gawd when i went to TAYL camp, the little kids were such lil jerks that made me want to stranggle them >< they were putting others down by taunting and everything when they couldn't even do the damn thing right>< my gawd I wanted to punch the heck out of them sooo much><

ack.. I hope you're mom's car will be alright..

Ah.. it;s good ur parents are accepting your choice of career, even tho they don't totally like it. My dad is so anal about my carrer choices, he's always telling me to be an engineer or something.. and that's one of the last things I wanna do >_< and then we have countless fights.. bleh.. anywayz, always go for your choice in life Davey Chu=D don't let parents control ur choices, which you ain't , and me very proud of you for that=D * hug hug* good Davey- Chu, You deserve some shitajiki =P I shall give at party.

whee long comment=P

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/26/2002 12:02 AM PST

my dad is/was the same way about the CCA.... its so freaking annoying when parents do things like that... and on the kids subject... your right, they are pretty effed up right now... they show no respect and you know.. if i shot a car and my dad found out about it... i wouldnt be here... thats just not cool and definately not done in my world! lets go hunt those morons down and shoot them with paint balls... see if they think thats cool or funny....... okay malicious feelings subsiding... anyway... sorry dude.. that really sucks.. hope it works out...

Posted by moo @ 06/25/2002 11:16 PM PST

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