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06/26/2002 Archived Entry: "New Video Card! ^_^"

I got a new video card! ^_^ I got a Verto GeForce4 MX 420. I know it's not GeForce4 Ti caliber, but it's a GeForce4 none-the-less and it's tons better than the TNT2 I had in my system. I'm really happy. ^_^ Now everything looks so much better! I really should have done this sooner. I was meaning to, but I never got around to it until now. I wanted something good, but not top of the line (I don't have the money for any really good ones). I'm not doing gaming on this system (outside of the occasional RO), so all I need a card for is designing and watching anime. I got to say, this card fits that bill just fine. Only set me back $100 too. Not bad at all. Now all I need is some more RAM and then this setup of mine won't be that bad at all. I already got a Pentium 4 at 1.5 in this thing, so couple that with my new video card, and add in some more RAM (currently 256) and I'll have a mighty decent system.

I got my video card at Fry's Electronics. I tell you, that place is like Toys R Us was for me back when I was a kid or, if I may use an old expression, it's like a candy store and I'm like a kid. ^_^ I tell you, a big, warehouse-sized store filled with electronics, computer equipment, video games, and DVDs is a virtual playground for techies such as myself. ^_^ I was just happily running all over the place. First I looked at the input devices, then the monitors, then the video cards, then the video games, then the video cards again, and finally the DVDs. It was tons of fun. ^_^ I want to live in that store. ^_^ Well... not quite... but it's really great spending time in there. ^_^

Um... yah... you can wait til you're 17 1/2 to get a permit without driving school. Thus is mandated by the state of California. Sorry you didn't know sooner....

NO! I command you not to worship me! I'm not worship worthy. So there! =P I'll compliment you and you'll take it and like it! ^_^

Yay! Riku's taking it over! ^_^ Good luck. I'll root you on! ^_^

Hey, so I'm like your onii-chan, eh? Hey, then you want to be my little sister? In other words, want to be log siblings? You need a brother. Log sisters aren't sufficient! ^_^

I can't believe I forgot this! Nice new layout! ^_^ Gackt, eh...? I've been seeing him featured in many layouts recently. So it's your first non-anime layout? Hm... maybe I should do something non-anime sometime.... Anyway, I like the whole C++ thing. Makes it so much more spiffier. ^_^ So yes, I like it.

Nah... the parents never mentioned anything about a medical major. Now an engineering major or comp sci major, that they have mentioned. ^_^; Like there aren't already enough of those now, eh?

Welcome back! Sounds like you had fun on your trip. Nice gambling skills you have there. ^_^;

Hey, I wished you a happy birthday too....

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heee Davey Chu is sooo adorable XD so cute cute * pet pet hug hug*

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/27/2002 08:05 PM PST

Like a widdle kid in a candy store neh? Than why don't u live in there he he. It's a perfect utopia for u. =D

Posted by Hananikko @ 06/27/2002 12:36 PM PST

Ooooh Frys XD

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/27/2002 11:53 AM PST

and this is the kid k-now as david...
isn't he a happy lil one?

Posted by Cinti @ 06/27/2002 10:49 AM PST

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