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06/27/2002 Archived Entry: "I'm Too Honest"

Today I headed out to De Anza. You see, I enrolled for the summer quarter, but there was a problem. I did it online and when I got a statement of fees, I saw that I wasn't charged for my classes. That could only mean one thing: they recognized me as a high school student. High school students don't have to pay for their classes if they're going to the school, only things like material fees and such. Yep, honest mistake. I only enrolled as a high school graduate. ^_^; Their mistake was understandable.... *cough* So yes... anyway, I went there and waited a hecka long time in line to change my status to a high school graduate and then I waited in another line to get charged for my classes. ^_^; Yah, I'm honest like that. Many would call me too honest. Like for example, if I were in a store and the cashier undercharged me for an item, I'd be one of those people who would actually correct their mistake. Sometimes I think I'm a bit too honest. Like for example, when them military recruitment guys call to try to get me to join the marines or army or something, they always talk to you like they're a good friend or something. They act all nice and ask you what you plan to do after high school, what school you're going to, and what you plan to major in. You know, that kind of stuff. My mom tells me not to tell them anything because I'm not interested in the military and they don't need to know all that stuff. Unfortunately, being the honest person I am, I always give them some info. I can't bring myself to just say "I'm not interested in the freakin' military!" They do act so friendly and all....

Yesterday and today, I've been watching Sister Princess again. It's such a sweet series! It makes me feel good all over. ^_^ I love series like that. Especially To Heart. Now that's the king of "make you feel good" series. Gotta love episodes 10 & 11 with Multi. ^_^ But I digress... back to Sispre! Good series that Sister Princess.... All the girls are so cute! ^_^ Rinrin and Yotsuba are great. Although, none of the other girls quite measure up to Mamoru. ^_^ Dang, I feel like a pedophile... not that that's a bad thing. Although, I know plenty of people who will argue otherwise. I don't see what's the big deal though. Just because an older person likes a substantially younger person, there really shouldn't be a problem, should there? It just seems that when older men like young females, they're branded some kind of sick and twisted person. I personally don't understand why. Age shouldn't make a difference, should it?

Heh... I downloaded the Quake III demo to try out my video card. I know it's not really a great way to test my card, considering how it's not really considered graphics intensive by today's standards, but I did it anyway. I turned all the graphic detail to maximum and ran it at 1024x768. It plays beautifully. ^_^ Wow... it's been a long time since I've played a FPS.... I did play Quake II back in the day, but not much. I really sucked. ^_^; Well... I've been playing a little and I've noticed that I'm better than I ever was. Woo! I think it's because of the Expert Mouse. It's tons better than the Intellimouse I used to play Quake II with. I've got a long way to go if I ever want to get any good though. Oh well... not like I play FPSs anyway. Personally, I'm a fighting and life-sim/dating sim gamer.

Stolen from Mizuki:

I am

i was so poor, and made my way to prosperous life through my jeet kun-do. as i succeed to open my dojo and have many students, i also managed to open chinese restaurants (even though i won't hesitate to 'do something' about pesky customers)

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I need to take up Tekken. But it's so strange! I'm too used to Soul Calibur! ^_^;

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I need to read more Chobits.... =(

From Tichan:

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Heh heh... thumb....

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i forgot to say

Posted by Cinti @ 07/01/2002 12:00 PM PST

thumb =)

Posted by Cinti @ 07/01/2002 11:59 AM PST

hehe, tsubasa. may I be excused..But you don't see nothing wrong with beeing pedophile. Don't you think is a wee bit wrong for a 40-year old man, to like a 10-year old girl...=_= And what about that kid doctor who doped them to sexual abuse them..kids of 6, 7 years old..don't you see anything wrong about that..*sighs*

Posted by Shinobu @ 06/29/2002 05:37 AM PST


you were at De Anza? O_o I was there too.. where were You? O_O * pokes*

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/28/2002 07:30 PM PST

A thumb!......XD

Posted by Hana @ 06/28/2002 12:18 PM PST

(see my blog!) xD

Posted by riku @ 06/28/2002 11:11 AM PST

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