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06/28/2002 Archived Entry: ""Team Member," eh...?"

Agh! You know what really annoys me? I suppose you wouldn't... so... I'll tell you! ^_^; Today I went out to Sano's house to help fold paper for a big pinapple thingy that he, Cinti, Nanona, Sansan, Kiki, and I are making. Anyway, I told my parents that I'd be home at about 6 ish before I left. It turns out that I stayed out til about 7:30 ish. ^_^; When I got home, my dad was all like "what time did you tell your mom you were getting home?" I answered 6:00. Then, "what time is it now?" Obviously I replied 7:30 before running upstairs. Now I don't know about you, but that just annoys the heck out of me. I know I'm late, so why do you need to ask these stupid questions we both know the answer to? Why doesn't he just tell me I'm late? Why does he feel the need to ask me stupid questions!? Gwar!

Earlier in the day, I went out to apply at Target. Hey, it may not be the most appealing of jobs, but it'll be a job none-the-less. They have this cool application kiosk where you fill out all the information electronically. Cool... at least it's more interesting than the paper applications I've been getting everywhere else. Anyway, what I find interesting is that it says that if you're hired, you'll be a Target "team member." Ha! You know that's just a bunch of crap they just say. I'm sure it's like every other job. You can tell they're just trying to make it sound like you're part of something bigger, some kind of "team effort." Ha!

Gwar! I'm really, really annoyed in FFX. I'm at that one boss battle on the snow mountain thing, you know, after the whole Ronso thing? Yah... that hecka annoying battle. I died so many times already. =( Anyone got tips for me?

Firstly, Congradulations on passing your permit test! Good girl.... *pat pat* ^_^ Now only six months til you get your license. You're getting there. ^_^

You guys have cyber cafes!? Geez... them things were basically non-existant around this area until just a little while ago. And then, I've only heard of one around here. I guess it's because everyone already has their own computer sitting at home. It is Silicon Valley after all....

Gwar! You joined that Fruits Basket crew? I want Tohru! =( If not, then Kyo or Yuki... but they're all taken! =( I guess I just won't join it then....

I like that whole bf idea.... ^_^ Nah... j/k. ^_^ Seriously now.... woo! Riku's my little sister now! ^_^

Hey! You want someone to contact when you visit Stanford and Berkley? Well... I'm kinda around them parts.... ^_^

Hey, thanks again for the invite to It's a Kind of Magic. Sounds like a good idea to me. ^_^

Alright, alright, I recognize your mad gambling skillz. ^_^

Ahem! ^_^;

I went to the administrations building to get to admissions and fees. After that whole ordeal, I didn't feel like staying around, so I left. I was there at maybe 12:00 ish. So yah....

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parents are weird

Posted by Cinti @ 07/01/2002 12:00 PM PST

oOo... i saw those kewL electronic application thingies when i went to target with my friend so she could apply! xD and it sounds like your dad's being as much a pain as my dad is. hum... i think i'm gonna start writing replies to your blog in mine when i can... muaHAHA!!! >D

Posted by riku @ 06/29/2002 03:59 PM PST

oh okei. I was there swarming around the campas, wahaha. I didn't stay too long either, I dunno what time it was either.

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/29/2002 11:32 AM PST

I hate it when my dad does that too. Kinda like when I was at Fanimecon and I said I would call at 9 but I didn't call till like 11 o clock ^_^ My dad got really pissed.

Posted by Shana-chan @ 06/28/2002 11:09 PM PST

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