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06/29/2002 Archived Entry: "More Daddy Gwarness"

I'm sad. =( You know why? Because I had to stop eating some nice cheddar and sour cream Ruffles to write this entry. ^_^; Hey! That's something worth being sad about, isn't it? Anyway, lets get through this thing so I can continue eating....

I'm starting to think that this log is degrading to nothing but complaints about my dad. Yep, more griping. Hang with me folks. Today he took me out to drive to De Anza and back again. Now that wouldn't be such a bad thing really, but it was with my dad. Whenever he's in the car with me, he likes to nitpick at my driving. I'm far from being a bad driver, but apparently I'm not good enough for him. Bah! He also felt the need to attack me as a person, in addition to my driving. He went off about how he thinks that I have poor decision-making abilities, how he thinks I don't think a lot. Che. I'm sure he doesn't realize that I think too much. Yes, one of my bigger flaws. It leads to longer thinking times and indecision. Although, I'm not about to tell him this because I'm sure he's not going to listen to me. *sigh* Then after that, he decides to attack my major choice again, as if he hasn't done that enough. ^_^; He says that I should "aim higher" than a graphic design major; I should go after a comp sci major. He makes it seem like graphic design is such an easy major, it pisses me off. Of course, I'm not about to do what he wants me to do because I've already considered a comp sci major and it just doesn't appeal to me as much.

By then, I was pretty darn pissed, so I just had to get out of the house. So I ran... eh... drove... to Hana's house. In my pissy rage, I got out of there so quickly I didn't get to eat my lunch. A non-fed David is not a happy David. =( I also forgot to bring my SNES and Tetris Attack for our inevitable duel. ^_^; All things considered though, I had a good time. We played around in Photoshop and I showed her a few spiffy things. Use that knowledge well my disciple. ^_^ We also played with her doggies. I like Kyo. He's so darn cute! ^_^ He likes me too. ^_^ Eventually, we got around to reading Shaman King. Good series that Shaman King. Go Horo Horo! ^_^

That nice visit really de-pissed me, so thanks Hana! ^_^

Things are fine now. I'm safely in front of my computer, away from my dad, so I'm just peachy now. ^_^

I suppose Shigure's not bad... alright! I'll apply for Shigure. If it pleases my imouto. ^_^

Sounds good! ^_^ You e-mail me when you find out what you can do, alright? Then I'll give you my phone number and we'll figure something out, ok? So... when should I expect you to be up here?

Ack! Your dad sounds pretty bad too. I guess we're in the same boat, eh? Sounds pretty bad. Although, I suppose your situation is slightly different, you being a girl and all. Your dad's being protective, while my dad's being critical. Either way, the situation's not very pleasant, is it? =(

Ah... let me explain a bit. I see nothing wrong with pedophilism. I see nothing wrong with a 40-year-old man liking a 10-year-old girl. Nothing at all. It's his personal preference and I respect that. Now to sexually abuse a little child without consent, now that's bad. No one should be sexually abused, regardless of age. But I see nothing wrong with an old person having an unusual affection for a very young person. Whatever floats your boat, as I like to say.

Poor poor Gomaki.... *pat pat* You're grounded? That sucks big time. I hope things get better for you. You need to have fun during the summer. It's not right to keep you locked up! Gwar! *shakes fist* I'm hoping the parental figures lighten up on you. You need fun, summery goodness just like the rest of us.

Now that I'm done with this entry, I can get back to my Ruffles. I'm happy now. ^_^ I think I'll watch some more Sispre too....

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mmmm chips =O~~~
well i'm glad day turned out good =)

Posted by Cinti @ 07/01/2002 12:03 PM PST

oy, dads..~_~ I had a daddy problem too today^_^'' and it's okay.. dad's are a pain in the butts sometimes, you jsut gotta blgoabout em, let it out, and be peachy=P

I need a punching bag..

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/29/2002 10:14 PM PST

Pleasure senpai. ^^

Posted by Hana @ 06/29/2002 09:34 PM PST

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