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07/04/2002 Archived Entry: "Archery's Cool"

ARCHERY RULES!!! ^_^ It's so fun. If you can't tell by that statement, we finally started... well... arching in my archery class. It's pretty easy really. Although, we learned and took our practice shots from the 15 yard mark. ^_^; At least I know that from that distance, I'm a pretty good shot. At least for this initial day, there were no targets to hit, but I got all my arrows clustered together in a small enough radius to fit them all on a target. Yay! ^_^ I seem to have a knack for shooting things. I rule at shooting games and I'm pretty good at lazer tag. What I've noticed is that I generally have a higher accuracy rating than most. It's about 40% with moving targets. Not bad considering how I really don't spend much time doing either of those things. But I digress... archery's cool! ^_^; I can't wait to do it from a greater distance. Although, I think I may have to switch my bow up when we go further because I can imagine a 25 lbs bow having trouble shooting a fairly straight arrow from something like 50 or 100 yards (although, I really don't think we'll get that far ^_^;).

You know what I found out? Interestingly enough, my dominant eye is my left eye. That's strange, isn't it? I'm right-handed, so you'd think that I'd be right-eye-dominant, but nope. I guess I already knew this, but I never really noticed it. Whenever I shoot, I have a natural tendency to aim with my left eye. Interesting.... You can test your eye-dominancy by looking at an object with both of your eyes, view it through a loop you make with your fingers, and then bringing the loop up to your eyes. The loop should naturally end up at your dominant eye.

After class, my sister (who's taking the class with me) and I went out to eat some Japanese food. Woo! I don't get to eat Japanese too often. My sister got an assortment of sushi, while I got a kitsune udon. Mmm~ udon.... ^_^ Good stuff. I also stole some of my sister's sushi too. ^_^; It was horrible though! They didn't give us enough wasabi! Now that's a crime I tell you! If they don't give you enough to feel a moderate tingling sensation in your nose, then that's not enough! ^_^ I don't know about you, but I think that the most enjoyable part of eating sushi is the unique tingling sensation you get in your nose from wasabi. I love that sensation. ^_^

Been up to watching Initial D again. Good, good series. I've gotten to episode 21, which is right after the race on Usui. Yeah. I can't tell you how much I like this series. By far, my favorite action series. Yes, car racing beats fighting...? Yes, in my opinion. At least how they are in Initial D. The races are so dramatic with plenty of story and human drama thrown into the mix. I suppose the Eurobeat music blasting in the background doesn't hurt either. ^_^ Anyway, Keisuke and his FD are the best! ^_^ Forget about Ryosuke. His FC looks too blocky and it's heavier than an FD. So yes, I like the FD. ^_^ Although, the Sil-Eighty's not bad either.

Real classes, eh? Well, in a sense, English 1A is a "real" class. It's just ludicriously easy for me. I'm taking it because I need to finish it before I can move onto interesting english classes, that's all. As for archery, my dad felt that I needed some kind of exercise, so he told me to take a PE class, and I decided on archery. Come fall, I should be taking harder classes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUNGE CHAIR!!! ^_^ Hey, it's quite the accomplishment to be around for a year. I like the new layout. I expect to see your 2nd birthday soon enough. ^_^

Hm... belvedia.net...? What's going on?

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good ol' archer...
i remember my days... (i wish i could have hit those birds even though they said we couldn't)
hmm anthnoy had some good archer memorries too XD
hmm.. lucky u..

Posted by Cinti @ 07/05/2002 01:51 AM PST

ooo archery.. I had swords=D hee XD

mmm Udon XD~

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/05/2002 12:14 AM PST

Archery is scary... I could never shoot my arrows into the bulls-eyes... I could never shoot the arrows period. :\ I'm a sad, sad duck.

Dominant hand-eye coordination is usually different for most people... when I was in gymnastics I learned that I'm a lefty as opposed to my being a righty when write. :P Someone here as a funky sense of humor. :B

heheh oh that. :D Something bleeeeeeeeh happened, so now I'm off on me own. ^_^ Bleeeeeeh!

Posted by Saka @ 07/04/2002 01:28 PM PST

Yes, archery and shooting ur targets are good excercises. ^^;; Wait that didn't sound. AYE! XD

Posted by Hana @ 07/04/2002 01:24 PM PST

Yaay~ I'm glad you're enjoying your archery classes, they must be really fun, I took the amateur beginners classes last year, I stopped because it was so far away from home, but it was fuun ^^;. Thanks for the plug, yaya~! Happy Birthday to Lounge XDD, it's been one helluva year for us ^^;, thanks again, bye~~

Posted by Gomaki @ 07/04/2002 12:38 PM PST

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