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07/08/2002 Archived Entry: "Archery's Harder..."

I'm sure you peoples have been missing my wonderful entries, eh? ^_^ Honestly, I don't see how I kept doing a daily entry for 15+ days myself. Is my life really that interesting? Well... anyway, I didn't post cause I'm sure you folks wouldn't appreciate entries that read: "well... I played 5 hours of Grandia II today....." ^_^ Anyway, I actually have stuff to talk about today. So... yah....

Archery's getting harder. Today we finally started moving back further. We practiced on the 20 yard line today. At that distance, my shots were going slightly off. I generally consider myself a pretty good shot, so this is was really annoying me. So I spent most of the class trying to figure out how to aim better. Fortunately, by the end of class, my arrows didn't really go too far from where I aimed, so that was nice. After class I chatted with the teacher and I figured out why my arrows are slightly off now. I arch right-handed. Now when you arch right-handed, the bow is lined up right along your right eye and that is the eye that should be doing most of the aiming. Unfortunately, I have a dominant left eye. ^_^; This causes a paralax problem. My left eye is the eye that is doing most of the aiming and it's not the one lined up with the bow. So while I try to aim, I'm aiming slightly to the right of my mark. At the 10 and 15 yard lines this really didn't happen, but now that we're back further, it's starting to be a problem. Gwar. My teacher says that my brain will make the necessary adjustments by itself, but I find that I have to do some concious compensating and aiming too. *Sigh* Well... I'll get it sometime. I will be a better shot I tell you!

I'm happy because the maler parental figure hasn't been getting on my nerves recently. Woo! Sure, he's been nagging me about things here and there and has been trying to get me to lift weights out back, but nothing I can't deal with. *Sigh of relief* Life is good. ^_^ I just stay in the computer room all day, listen to music, watch anime, and play video games. I reininterate: life is good. ^_^

So yes... I've been spending much of my time just playing video games and watching anime. I've been playing a little FFX and quite a bit of Grandia II recently. Good game that Grandia II. I love the battle system. Very very fun. The characters are pretty interesting too. I've developed a slight liking for Elena. She's pretty cute. Very righteous and nave. ^_^ As for anime, I finished rewatching Initial D a little while ago and now I'm rewatching Onegai Teacher. After this, what the watch next...? I think I might rewatch Kare Kano. ^_^

Yay! Saga's back! ^_^ I'm glad you had fun on your vacation. Vacations should be fun. So yah... once again, welcome back. *hug hug*

Everyone, Riku's temporarily logging here.

Yay! Riku's not dead! ^_^ So it was ShippouNET that died, eh? Well... good luck getting your log back up. Remember, if you need hosting, I'm here. ^_^

I see Gomaki's happy. I wonder why that might be.... ^_^ Hey, that's great that he actually replied. I'm happy for you. I need to e-mail Ayu and maybe BoA.... ^_^

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Heh heh...onegai teacher? Sound to me like a hentai ^_^''

Posted by Anotnio @ 07/10/2002 10:29 PM PST

yay ! go for Anime XD

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/08/2002 10:16 PM PST

YOUR life is boring?? Heh, u get more comments than me. =T I admit it kinda makes me feel lonely though. Oh yah, I added a guestbook in my gallery finally. Should've took Neko's word for it, in the beginning. XS

Posted by Hana @ 07/08/2002 08:31 PM PST

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