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07/08/2002 Archived Entry: "Public Service Announcement: Clean Your Keyboards"

I just cleaned out my keyboard. Eww~ Where the heck does all that crap come from? You'd be amazed at all the stuff down under them keys. I know I was. I recommend that everyone clean out their keyboards. It'll make your keyboard happier and surprise you on so many levels....

I was just wondering today, what the heck are those call boxes along the freeway like? Are they like, real phones? Or are they phones that only call 911? Can you call long distance on them? If not, can you use phone cards? As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the great mysteries of life. I want to find out! I'm pulling over on the freeway one of these days I tell you....

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I really should clean out my keyboards...I remember sataya-kun had a neat freezing spray for it. I wasn't so much interested with the cleaning part. But it was neat freezing stuff even tho he yelled at me.

Posted by Antonio @ 07/10/2002 10:32 PM PST

*twitches at keyboard*... I promise I'll be neater around you ;_;

Nyahahaha, I never used those call-boxes, I've wondered what they're like too.. hmn, maybe I'll stop off and use one myself XD

Posted by Gomaki @ 07/09/2002 02:50 PM PST

Wai, thanks for the hug and welcome back! ^_^

funny, I just cleaned out my keyboard today as a part of cleaning around my computer and my desk. *nods and agrees with Tsu-kun* quite... surprising... with what I found. ^^;

Tsu-kun's curiousity hits the call boxes along the freeway now. Actually I don't know what they're like. Never used them... but apparently T-chan knows.

As for me, I've been putting all the stuff I unpacked away. Took such a long time, but at least everything's neat now! My dad saw the amount of stuff I bought and said "aiya!" first thing. hehe Gotta say though, even though Thailand had a lot of pollution and mosquitos that weren't nice to me, a lot of stuff is cheap there. ^^; I wouldn't mind going there for a few days to buy more stuff!

Posted by Saga @ 07/08/2002 11:50 PM PST

yaaah i cleane dmy keyboard recently too. not good >_<

Call boxes.. I used those once.. those were cool=D got us a toll truck.. woo

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/08/2002 10:17 PM PST

*lol* thanks for the offer. i'll email you tomorrow morning since i'm headed off to bed anyway after i leave a little sumpin in your comment thing. ^_~

anyway, glad to see you're dad's not nagging you much lately. ^^ my dad's still getting on my case about spending too much time at the computer... but i've seriously tried cutting it down to less than 2 hours. xD i'm such a dork. hahaha... and omigoodness! be glad you have time to vegetate! >b i'm gone tutoring for, like, 6 hours a day... and then the other time i spend working and cramming. *sigh* it's times like these i wish i already graduated.

wahaha... and those keyboards? i get that too... it's better now though cuz my brother and i don't share computers anymore. he used to drop the weirdest stuff onto my keyboard. O___o;; and those call boxes? beats me... all i know is, if you're car breaks down, free phone call. muAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! xD

and um... you have aim? .-. let's chat! hahaha... more chances to scare you away. >)

Posted by riku @ 07/08/2002 10:11 PM PST

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