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07/09/2002 Archived Entry: "HOT!!!"

x_x <-- Me dying from heat.

Yep, today was pretty darn hot. I heard on the radio that it got to something like 106 degrees inland. I suppose San Jose's not exactly all that inland, so it wasn't that bad, but it was still pretty bad. I was forced to strip down to just shorts (i.e. no shirt) again. Gwar! I don't like dressing like this! It's way too little. I need a nice shirt and long pants otherwise I don't feel right. Although, in conditions like today, I had to make an exception. Even less dressed it was still darn hot. I was dying I tell you! I went out to buy some KFC for my sister and me and the car was just unbearably hot. I don't see how I actually got into that thing. I suppose the reward of 10 hot wings and 10 honey BBQ wings made me do it. ^_^; As for at home, I was lying on the ground, trying to get as low as I could because hot air rises, don'tcha know. At least I got to eat ice cream. Mmm~ ice cream.... Ice cream good! David like ice cream. ^_^ Just until a little while ago, it was still pretty hot. At least it's gotten a lot cooler now that it's 11. I'm happy. I can sleep in peace and possibly more clothes. ^_^

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Yeah I also stripped down today due to the summer heat. I wonder if my camping proposal is such a good idea at the moment. 6 guys up in the woods trying to start a fire with a bow and a stake of some sort. Also much hiking of the sort. Should we wait until it gets cooler?

One other thing i haven't been thinking about is Sataya. He's in a tropical area right now ne? I wonder how he's fairing with the heat. Not to mention all of the annoying insects crawling and flying about >.<

Posted by Antonio @ 07/10/2002 10:37 PM PST

Oya, that IS hot!
I really feel for you to, because not only has it been hot here, but really humid as well. >_<

Thank goodness my work allows me to stay in an air conditioned enviroment a good deal of the time. ^^

Posted by Vilya @ 07/10/2002 05:47 PM PST

Aya!~! Hot! Hot! Hot!Hot!! XD I had to wear a tanktop that other day. Went to Jamba Juice twice. Cuz I luv dat stuff. Wow, David still knows his chemistry. Lay on the ground, cuz heat arises??::takes notes: Whoa, no shirt again aye?....XD

Posted by Hana @ 07/10/2002 05:33 PM PST

hehe, ^^;; That is like my bro... if it gets too hot down in San Diego (where he is) then he's down to only shorts. It's not that hot over here, ok, wait, if you're not under like a roof, it's ok if I have tank tops and shorts. Up there seems to be definitely hotter. Tsu-kun will survive! Eat lots of ice cream (since you have high metabolism!) and go swimming! Though I'm not thinking the same way as T-Chan. ^^; I'm even going to go sometime, even though it's been 2 years since I last swam. x_x;

Posted by Saga @ 07/09/2002 11:56 PM PST

yaahh today was hot ~_~.. I went down to tank top and shorts. * patpat* stay cool Davey Chu, drink wots of water and go swimming a lot=P ( hint hint)

ooo Shirtless davey chu again XD~~ haha =P

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/09/2002 11:36 PM PST

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