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07/10/2002 Archived Entry: "Mystery of the Universe #1: Solved"

Seems that today was supposed to be hotter than yesterday, but it sure didn't seem like it. I suppose it's because yesterday there was a hot wind going around, while today, there was little to no wind at all. At least in my house, it seemed cooler than yesterday. Unfortunately, my dad felt the need to make me go downstairs, away from the computer because it was "too hot." Bah! So yah... I was stuck downstairs for a good portion of the day without anything to do. Eventually I got around to getting some manga to read. I reread the first two tankouban of Video Girl Ai. Man, I love that series. Yota's the man! ^_^ I gotta say, if I were to choose just one anime/manga guy that's most like me, I would have to say it's Yota (runner up: Urashima Keitaro). You don't know how many times Yota did something and I was all like, "wow! That's so what I would have did!" So yah.... The best thing though is that Ai's so darn cute! ^_^ Geez... why can't I find a girl like her?

Oh! I finally found out what it's like in a call box! One great mystery of the universe down. ^_^ It just so happens that I was passing through a parking lot in De Anza and there, I spotted a call box. It was just right in the middle of the lot. So I made my way over there and peeked inside, and you know what I found? There was a phone and a big red button. Reading the instructions, apparently that button directs you to an operator. Now that I think about it, that makes a lot of sense, but I never thought of it. ^_^; So yes, now you know and knowing's half the battle. G.I. Joe! ^_^

I'll social tomorrow or something. Lazy. ^_^

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WOoooo yes video girl ai is a cute girl and I bet you would like it if you found a girl like her. Keep in mind David she was suppose to be a pronstar eh eh? Have fun enjoying my video girl ai manga

Posted by Antonio @ 07/11/2002 09:53 PM PST

Alright, that was scary...I could just see you checking out a call box. Have anymore spare time on your hands? I need some. ;-;

Posted by Than @ 07/11/2002 07:00 PM PST

Now I know too..what that big red button is for. ^_^ Thanks for telling us all.

Posted by June @ 07/11/2002 04:07 PM PST

hehe Davey Chu so silly XD

I LOVE VIDEO GIRL AI XD it was sucha touching series.

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/11/2002 01:10 AM PST

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