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07/13/2002 Archived Entry: "Pool Party @ James's #3!"

Things kinda picked up yesterday. Went over to James's for a pool party. Yes, another. I think that was the... third one this summer...? ^_^; That's alright with me though because them pool parties are actually rather fun and I get some nice exercise. Swimming works out the entire body, don'tcha know. ^_^ Anyway, I got to spend time with spiffy peoples, swim, and most importantly, eat good food! ^_^ James, you grill mighty well, although grilling isn't exactly one of the hardest cooking techiniques.... ^_^;

This whole pool party thing made me think about something: why don't more girls wear one-piece swimming suits? Personally, I think that one-piece suits look best on a girl. Call it a personal preference. I hear that they're kinda hard to take off when you want to, but really now, how many times do you have to take off your suit after getting into the water? Maybe one or two restroom breaks, but that's about it.

Onto another subject:
Dang, I really, really want a new car. =( I just finished rewatching Initial D first through third stage. Wow... that series is good.... Although, I get envious because all them cars are so darn cool and mine... isn't.... ^_^; I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I want a darn RX-7 FD3S! *grumble grumble*

Hey, you got Color Walk? That's great! I got it a while ago and it's great isn't it? I'm eagerly anticipating Color Walk 2. ^_^

I need to check out that Hellsing you've been talking so much about....

Hey, thanks for the concern Saga.... It's much appreciated. *hug hug*

Heh heh... you're gonna use "nyeh" now? ^_^ My words always seem to get around. I guess they're just so cool. ^_^

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Whoo! Pool party again? Well, its nice to go out especially in this type of season. I swear once I go to Vegas next month I gotta try out those spas they have at Mandalay Bay. A reason why I saved my bath salts.::sniffs jar:: Ahh Hawaiin Ginger.... XD

Posted by Hana @ 07/13/2002 11:50 AM PST

hey hey=D glad ya had fun at the pool party. I should throw another one.. Ill see=P

oh yah huh.. girls are starting to wear two pieces nowsdays to give more explosure^^;; if it makes you feel better I sitll waer one pieces=P

new car.. me want new car too^^:;

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/13/2002 11:41 AM PST

ooh, Pool Party!! ^^ heehee, interesting preference you have. Most guys I know prefer girls to wear two-piece -_-;; I...don't like two-piece. So, all my suits are one! ^^;; With like different back styles. Anyways, glad things are picking up! I like adopting cool words from people. Well, off to San Diego for some splashing fun (and...to visit my bro, but that's a side-excuse ^_~) I'll hear from you later!

Posted by Saga @ 07/13/2002 10:33 AM PST

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