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07/13/2002 Archived Entry: "Version 9"

Just Wingin' It version 9: "My World is Ending"

I thought it was time for a new layout. Version 8 was up for nearly a month. Wow... that's way too long for one layout, don't you think? ^_^ So yes, I present to you readers version 9: "My World is Ending." Last layout was sorta dark and forboding. This layout is kinda angsty. ^_^; It not like I really set out to make it look angsty. I just wanted to make a layout with Asuka. Granted, I wasn't exactly planning to make it jovial or anything. It just... well... came out this way. ^_^; This layout isn't bad I suppose. I used a lot of spiffy textures in this one. I kinda went overboard a little, so the text is a tad hard to read on the top of the sidebar, but oh well. Highlight it if you want to read it. I'll make you work to read! ^_^ So yes, I hope you peoples like it.

Note to self: make sure the rest of the layout below the top is more interesting in the next layout. ^_^;

New layout! Sweet! ^_^ It's really pretty. I hope you can get Blogger to cooperate with you. Oh, and good luck getting the comments back up. I want to spam your comments. I mean... give you a couple of comments.... ^_^

Woo! Saga likes one-piece suits! Another reason to say you're cool. ^_^

Another one-piece (not the manga ^_^;) fan! Woo! You're cool too Tichan. ^_^

Eh... I was expecting to do more socialing, but it seems that there isn't anything else I want to say. ^_^; Give me stuff to social about folks! ^_^

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*Meep* I like this layout! It's so so really pretty! You did a good job here. xD I've seen this place several times. And each layout is really good! =D

Posted by Yash @ 07/14/2002 06:15 PM PST

Hey David your new layout reminds me a rollerblading punk otaku gang's garfiti hideout! good job *patpat*

Posted by SLM @ 07/14/2002 05:23 PM PST

*looks at the layout and becomes wide-eyed* Waaah... Tsu-kun's too good!!! ^_~ Really love it. I should try using textures on my layout... sometime.

You said that a layout up for nearly one month is long? lol!! Then that means I need to change too >_x; Actually I do. Just... can't think up of anything at the moment... so I leave it... heheh. I'm actually working on my other sites right now, so, my blog is put on hold. Now when school starts the only thing that keeps updating a lot is my blog *sweatdrop* Anyways! Makoto is perfect for summer, and it reminds me of Tsu-kun. Wouldn't you be sad to see it go?

Need socializing topics? MM.... I start to wonder if Tsu-kun will get to working on tsubasa.nu xD well, if you're too lazy you can always just make it your blog/site. ^_^;;; Oh yeah! something to really talk about. What does Tsu-kun plan to major in in college? Like what field are you heading to? computers and digital technology? *just curious and happened to be filling out a form about academic emphases*

I just remembered... my cousins live in San Jose ^^;; Ne, even though it's a weird question, but have you like ever entered a Thai-Chinese restaurant where the waitresses wear Thai dresses? Now I forgot what it was called. XD I'll tell you the reason why I asked later. lol

Oek, I think I'm making this really long. Oh well, something for you to read!! =D ...even if it's like random nonsense. hehe Though now, as much as I'd like to continue my mom's kinda making me go eat. I think I eat less in summer than the school year... hmm... well, hear from you later!! XD And even if Riku hates you (jp) I don't! Tsu-kun rocks. Tsu-oniichama... (sorta long to type always though)

Posted by Saga @ 07/14/2002 11:43 AM PST

*Is in awe* I love your layout! Excellente, my friend. Good work.

Posted by Kari @ 07/14/2002 11:37 AM PST

Kudos on the new layout, very nice effects used... it looks like fire, just perfect for Asuka's firey personality. ^_^

Posted by Steph @ 07/14/2002 03:07 AM PST

WOW i have to admit this is your BEST ONE yet...
but not my fav =b

Posted by Cinti @ 07/14/2002 12:59 AM PST

Heh heh, so u joined in the migration too?? I knew it! XD Anywho, really abstract layout! Even if its red again. ^^ My photoshop skillz are a little jiggly at the momment, so yes must bug u somemore about tips someday senpai. XD Huh?? T-chan? One Piece fan?? Ho ho, U got the madness too T-chan!::points and giggles::j/k

Posted by Hana @ 07/13/2002 10:46 PM PST

hehe yay=D one pieces are coolXD i feel less naked=P.

yaaay I like the new layout, Asuka! XD altho I like Rei too equally=P very very nice.. who do you hate...s it me O_O jk well its a great layoput=D* huggles* dang it I want ur photoshop abilities..* drags you to my house*

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/13/2002 10:35 PM PST

GAH!!! TSU-KUN!!! YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN!!! *jumps on your back* hahaha... d00d... i come back with a new layout and what do you do? you go and make one that's TEN TIMES BETTER! guess that's what i get for being the younger sib. ^___~

thanks for the comments on my layout... although... like i said, i truly like yours better. ^^;; hum... i still can't quite figure out how to get the comments box to work again... but as soon as i get it up, you may spam all you want. xD

btw... interesting thing at the top... *points* "i hate you i hate you"? ^^;;

Posted by riku @ 07/13/2002 08:49 PM PST

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