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07/14/2002 Archived Entry: "I'm Cursed!"

Ack! My hands are so shaky right now! I had to cut the grass earlier because my dad makes me do it every few weeks (generally every two). The shakiness is really annoying me right now. It's affecting my trackballing (as a trackball requires a more stable hand than a mouse) and even my typing. Gwar!

Anyway, today's been a generally quiet and calming day. Just slacked off and played some FFX. ^_^ Earlier I was having a chat with my sister about my cousin. Apparently, he came into the clothings store my sister works at to buy some clothes (obviously). While he was there, one of my sister's co-worker friends caught his eye. He harassed my sister to introduce him to her and was generally being rather pathetic. I laughed at that. ^_^ After a little while though, I thought about it and something I never realized before kinda hit me. All the young guys (thirty-somewhat minus) in my family are all pathetic and single, aside from just two or three exceptions. Now I have a pretty big family and quite a few young male cousins and uncles.... It can't all be a coincidence.... I think my family's cursed or something. ^_^; I'm never getting a girl! ;_;

Agh! Must remember to plug Hana's new layout. ^_^; Take a look at it. It features her own artwork. Good stuff. ^_^

Ack! I forgot to congradulate you on your APs! ^_^; I'm a bad nii-chan. =( Well... well... CONGRADULATIONS! Good job there. *pat pat* ^_^

I suppose the Makoto layout's been up for a long time, but you're right... I would kinda be sad to see it gone. *blush* Makoto's so cute! ^_^

tsubasa.nu? Actually, I'm a'crackin' on it and nakoruru.nu too. I'm hoping to get them up by the end of summer. I guess that leaves me about a month and a half, eh? I think I'll have them ready by then....

Major? I'm seriously considering graphic design. It's really the only thing I want to do right now. Hopefully I can do it and my parents will shell out the money so I can go to the Academy of Art in San Francisco. *crosses fingers*

Thai-Chinese restaurant? I don't think I've ever been in one. I've been in plenty of Chinese-Vietnamese restaurants. ^_^; Anyway, the waitresses wear Thai dresses? I don't know what those look like... but sounds good to me. ^_^

You rock too Saga-chan. ^_^

Before I forget, CONGRATS ON THE APs! ^_^ You also deserve a round of patting. *pat pat* ^_^

Oww~ You know... you didn't have to go jumping on my back.... ^_^; You're layout's good too. Don't under mind youself. You're a really good designer. I know I like your layouts.

New computer? Woo! You want an optical mouse though? Tsk tsk, it's all about trackballs. ^_^ And an LCD monitor? Personally, I like CRTs. They generally have smaller dot pitches than LCDs. In other words, a crisper picture. Oh well though... it's your computer and whatever floats your boat....

You're gonna use Photoshop now!? Woo! Welcome to the world of Photoshop. I like it. It's like a second home to me. ^_^ Nah... it's just that I feel most at home/comfortable working in Photoshop as opposed to any other image editing program. It's good stuff. Say... if you ever need any help with anything, feel free to e-mail me. What kind of nii-chan would I be if I didn't help my imouto. ^_^

About the title up there *points up to title bar*, that's what Asuka said at the end of episode 22.

Oh, and you can't stop me from spaming! =P

New layout! Nice. Another Gackt one. ^_^; Nah, that's not bad. Not at all. It's very Gackty... and blue.... ^_^; Good work there.

Oh, and thanks for the plug. ^_^

Rei...? Well, in my book, Asuka ownz Rei! ^_^ I never really cared much for Rei. Asuka's just way more interesting and she's cute to boot. ^_^

Thanks for the compliment. Hope you get all better and non-injured-like soon. ^_^

Thank you for the compliment. Yours isn't bad either. KAORU! ^_^ Although I prefer the weasel-girl myself. ^_^

Hey, thanks for the compliment, plug, and linkage. Much, much appreciated. I'm glad you like my work. I've been admiring your work since the Fatalistic Plastic Machine days. I'm glad that I found you a little while back. I thought that you had died. ^_^;

There! That's enough socialing to make up for yesterday. I'm satisfied now. ^_^

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Spiffy layout! xD No other word in my mind to describe it. It's a change after all that cuteness on other blogs.

Posted by Ruka @ 07/16/2002 06:25 AM PST

Oh my fucking god, Tsubasa... Your layout is such a kick arse!! Fufufuf xD
Don't worry... You'll get a girl! ^_^

Posted by Mizuki @ 07/15/2002 04:21 PM PST

I just remembered^^:; aha sorry

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/15/2002 11:06 AM PST

u jsut remembered that you been using alot of red=D GO RED XD

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/15/2002 11:06 AM PST

OK yeah you can't edit these darn things so when i said, "I think I can do it" i meant cure it but you know that!

Posted by SLM @ 07/15/2002 06:59 AM PST

David you are so never gonna get a girl at this rate. I've looked at all my scientifical type books regarding the matter and hand. Undoubtly it is the family curse. I think I may know of a way to do it too ^_- I just need some grave yard dirt, a single black rose, a rubics cube (yes i know EVIL) and last but not least gendo. What girl bane spell breaker would be complete without him tho. You just gotta have him for breaking it and the after partry. He cures all what ales ya!

Posted by SLM @ 07/15/2002 06:57 AM PST

awwww thanks, its sweet of you to be concerned.

Posted by Steph @ 07/15/2002 03:31 AM PST

ok... never mind... *points over at her own blog* i'm making you do work. >D SPAM SPAM SPAAAAAAAAM!!!

Posted by riku @ 07/14/2002 10:46 PM PST

hehe they are both cool=D I love reis mysteriousnes and I loev asukas Firey like personality thingy. its kinda of a combo of me.. sorta.. yah sorta.. ^^;;

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/14/2002 10:14 PM PST

heehee, thankies! ^^ Ah... the Academy of Art. I know this person from my school who went there and she said she loved it! =D Hopefully Tsu-kun will get to go, and the major definitely fits. As much as I love Photoshop, I don't think I'll be as good as you ^^;;

Anyways, I asked about the Thai-Chinese restaurant because my cousin married a Thai person and opened a restaurant in San Jose. XD It'd be kinda cool yet freaky if you went there before! I went to San Jose when I was in second grade, so I don't really remember much. What I do remember: the Golden Gate bridge at San Francisco! *sweatdrop*

a month and a half to work on your domains... Ah, Tsu-kun's great so I know he'd finish by then. Unless you get sidetracked like your imouto-chan here ^^;

Oee... interesting notice of your family. O_o;; I'm sure Tsu-kun will "get" a girl... Sorry, that sounded weird because you made us girls sound like objects *sweatdrop*. Let me rephrase that for you: Tsu-kun WON'T be single and pathetic unless he intends to be! Maybe it is just a big coincidence. ^^;; Like in my family, it just happened to be a coincidence that everyone was born in the month that begins with a J, or, how like everyone in my family is really smart. [wah, they leave such huge footsteps for me to follow in!!] I guess in my belief whether someone becomes involved in a relationship depends on his or her karma (?). Not really destiny, but... sorta like it... waaah I'm getting my own self confused now. Anyways!!! I'm pretty sure Tsu-kun won't be partner-less in the future. Being this great, how can someone resist? ^_~

Ack, I realized I die from my blog too much. *sweatdrops and goes to blog* i'll be back later!!

Posted by Saga @ 07/14/2002 10:14 PM PST

SPAM SPAM SPAAAAAAAAM!!!! >DD i'll reply to your blog again later, ne? ^_~ *runs back to hers*

Posted by riku @ 07/14/2002 10:14 PM PST

Geez Tsubasa-kun, I just got that layout up less than five or ten minutes ago and you've seen it already? Hehehe, don't think that you'll never get a girl! That's just terrible, there's someone out there for you! You're family isn't cursed, try harder, good luck!! ^_~ I'll see you around!

Posted by Gomaki @ 07/14/2002 09:05 PM PST

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