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07/15/2002 Archived Entry: "I'm Like Jing-mei"

Hey, you know what I found out today? Apparently near De Anza, there's a brand new Tapioca Express! Woo! I get to buy spicy chicken often! Mmm~ that stuff is good.... ^_^ I went there today and tried it out. Apparently they only have three levels of spiciness, in comparison to Milpitas's 5 and San Jose's 10. Alright... I thought that maybe the level 3 was the equivilant of Milpitas's level 5. Wrong. It's the equivant of their level 3. -_-; Weak! I guess it's great to have the ability to buy the stuff often, but what good is it if you can only get level 3!? Daggonnit! I'm gonna ask them to make some level 4 for me next time. Lets see if they'll do it. ^_^

I popped by Japantown today, hoping to buy something from Nikaku. I forgot that Japantown is dead on Mondays. Almost all the stores are closed. That includes Nikaku. ;_;

Heh, I had to read an excerpt from The Joy Luck Club for my english class today. Wow... it's been three years since I last read that book for my english class. I forgot how good it was. But I digress... the excerpt was from Jing-mei's story. It was the one detailing her childhood and the whole piano ordeal. Just to go over it quickly, when she was little, Jing-mei's mom wanted her to be some kind of prodigy. She would try to find something, anything that her daughter could excel in, so that she could be rich and famous. Eventually, she forced Jing-mei to play the piano. Jing-mei "learned" how to, but never got any good, went to a recital, and made a fool of herself. Eventually little Jing-mei burst out, complaining about how she was never able to be herself; to be an individual. Her mother was always trying to mold her into something else: this child prodigy. After reading this excerpt, I was really thinking. This story really hits close to home. This seems just like the situation I'm in with my dad. He's always trying to make me do things that he thinks will mold me into a better person. He tells me to go out back to lift weights, to stop watching anime because it's "for kids," to stop playing video games, to stop being on the computer so much, and to learn skills other than computer skills. The cream on the cake though is that he's telling me that my goal in college is a comp sci major. Like he has any say in what my goal is. So yah... I so feel like Jing-mei right now. My dad's trying to force me to be someone I'm not. I just want to be myself for crying out loud! I know, like Jing-mei's mother, my dad is only doing this because he wants me to be a better person and I respect that, but he doesn't have to be so incessant. I'm the one living my life and I'm the one that will make decisions for myself. I have my own values and my own standards and I'd just like him to stop trying to thrust his on me. Of course, unlike Jing-mei, I'm not about to burst out at my dad. He's the kind of dad that just wouldn't understand. He'd just dismiss anything I'd have to say and give me a really long lecture. *Sigh* So yah... I'm probably never going to be able to tell him what I want and how I feel. It's a shame really, but what can I really do?

my cowboy bebop theme song is blue

what's your cowboy bebop theme song?

So you have a cousin living in San Jose, eh...? Why don't you just... "visit your cousin" sometime...? ^_^

Yes, tsuNU and nakoNU will be up! (probably) ^_^

Eh... I didn't mean it to sound all possessive-like... you know that.... -_-; Thanks for the vote of confidence. Hopefully my karma's good. ^_^

HAHAHA! Good luck finding a nice Gackt-caliber guy. You'll kinda need it.... ^_^;

AIM... eh...? To tell you the truth, I kinda gave up on AIM a while back. I don't know... it's just that whenever I went online, there really wasn't much keeping me online. There were two reasons why I kinda despised going online: chatting with people was kinda boring at times and mostly because I would get IMed by people I didn't particuarily feel like talking to. These days though, I have been considering making a new, secret SN so that I could chat with people I kinda feel like chatting with. People like you and my other imouto Saga-chan. ^_^ Hm... maybe I'll make it sometime. I'll e-mail you if I do. That goes for you too Saga-chan. ^_^

Hm... you want an optical mouse? Why don't you pick up a Microsoft Intillimouse Explorer 3 or a Logitech MouseMan Dual-Optical? Those are pretty much the only mice you should consider if you want optical. They are mighty accurate and they track extremely well... that is... unless you want to do some really slow movements.... All in all though, the best optical mice on the market.

Yes, LCDs are weird. I'd take a good o' CRT anyday. At least until something markedly better's available.

Gendo~... ^_^

Heh... thanks for the compliment. ^_^

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heehee... one of these days... well, when I either know how to drive, or if I can fly there, trip to San Jose!! =D

Which reminds me... special link for Tsu-kun! What you wanted to hear... ^^;;


Umm... yeah. *sweatdrop* No comments, just that I was really nervous at the time. And if you have no clue what I'm talking about... ^^;; once you unzip and listen, you'll know.

OOh... Secret Sn? That'd be cool to chat with you!! I'm online a lot, but I also walk away from my computer a lot ^^;; But if I know you're on, I won't walk away so much! And I understand about the AIM thing, how people you don't really want to talk to... talks to you. For me, that happens but I still talk ... and then I end up not regretting it. Well, if I get really annoyed then I ... leave.

I think jtown stores being closed on mondays is like a common thing... like stores here are also closed on mondays (Japanese ones). Well, think that's it for now, cuz Saga is sleepy. ^^; Nitey!

Posted by Saga @ 07/15/2002 11:47 PM PST

ohh you didnt know about tapioca express=D its the best XD

oh! i just realized sometinhg, Im taking SAT class Near and or At De Anza.. we may have chances to meet and visit=D

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/15/2002 09:46 PM PST

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