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07/16/2002 Archived Entry: "Urk! "College" English!"

Urk! My english class is getting so annoying. Whenever there's some kind of discussion about the works we read, I get so peeved because no one's talking or making good points! Back in high school, I was always in the honors english classes. I love those classes. Everyone's fairly bright and they actually talk! Most of the time, I wouldn't have to speak because everyone else would talk and someone would make the exact same points that I wanted to make. It was great. Now I'm taking English 1A and it's so~ not like that. It feels like my english classes from junior high! It feels like a normal english class! I'm dying here! No one's talking and they're making inferences that would never pop into my head! Aaa~! I find myself talking more because it annoys the heck outta me. I don't want to talk! I generally like to be the guy who knows everything, but stays quiet. I love playing that role, but my english class isn't letting me. -_-

After class, I headed to Nikaku because I wasn't able to go yesterday. Because I get out of classes at 9:30 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays (no archery), I got there at around 10:00 AM: opening time. ^_^; So yah... I looked around, said good morning to the lady, chatted a bit, bought a manga, and warned her that I might be coming back at opening time again occasionally. I have a feeling that that "occasionally" will be at least once a week. ^_^

I picked up the second volume of Chobits. Now personally, the first tankouban didn't really strike me. It was pretty interesting, but it didn't draw me in. I was hoping for the best when I bought volume 2 without looking through it. I wasn't disappointed. Chobits really takes off when you get to chapter 13. I want volume 3 now! The story's getting a whole lot more interesting and I want more Yumi. ^_^

Oh, while I'm talking about TokyoPop manga, did you peoples hear about what they're doing to Initial D starting with volume 2? Apparently, because Initial D is TokyoPop's most mainstream title and because they're trying to get it aired on American television, they decided to "Americanize" it a little and change the names. -_- So today, I picked up volume 2 and looked at the back to survey the damage. Now get this: Takumi is now "Tak." What's up with that!? What kind of name is "Tak!?" Then there's Keisuke... my single favorite character. Takahashi Keisuke is now "K.T." AAA~~~!!! Now that's just wrong. No matter how bad "Tak" is, "K.T." is by far worse. He just doesn't sound cool anymore! Keisuke was a great name. K.T is a wimpy name. Gwar! Unfortunately for me, I think I'll have to pick up the TokyoPop manga if I want to see the races that the anime didn't cover. =( I have to read that trash? Pity me folks. =(

Woo~! I got to hear Saga-chan sing! ^_^ Hey, don't put yourself down. You're a pretty good singer! I know plenty of people far worse. For example, me. ^_^; So yah... hey, I liked your performance. I'd like to hear more if you have any. You have a nice voice. ^_^

So it's like that down there too... eh...? Does anyone know why Japanese stores are always closed on Mondays?

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you should read Angelic Layer in german.
Icchan is translated as Onkel-chen
and Misakichi is translated as Misakili.
But its still top notch stuff.
Tokyo Pop sucks, after they took on Bakuretsu Hunters and royally raped many other manga I lost respect for them and cancled my subscription and got animerica extra instead.
I Like your layout Tsubasa sama. Hopefully my next layout will be almost as good as this one ^^

Posted by Arina @ 07/17/2002 12:56 AM PST

^^;;; Thankies?? *blush* Oe, I only have tracks with the large groups, so lots of voices.

*thinks about why Japanese stores are closed Mondays* I can't think of a good reason... Maybe someone will answer that question sometime!

English... ^^;; I hate english classes... -_- Though I don't get it, why I sorta do well when it comes to national tests. x_X I can't even speak it properly *lol, if you ever heard me... you'd be surprised how many errors I have*. Sad thing: I've been living here since... I was born... XD Unless you count speaking in multiple languages at home an excuse, which I do. Being in a room where people don't speak... now that IS annoying. o_O I guess that means Tsu-kun gets the stage nearly the whole time, though I myself wouldn't want that. >_>

Chobits, I still need to continue that... but about the Americanized Initial D... *chokes* That's just not right! the names! X_x *glares at the names* I want to know how the Angelic Layer manga in english will turn out. =\ Hopefully not too bad? I also heard somewhere that it might show as dubbed. Now that... I also want to check out.

Posted by Saga @ 07/17/2002 12:29 AM PST

grr i hated english^^;; although it was fun and all, just.. its me=P

wow.. honors and everything=O me envy in a good way=P

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/17/2002 12:20 AM PST

SPAAAAAAM!!! KAPOWEEE!!! *tackle glomps* left you a message in my blog nyo~!

Posted by riku @ 07/16/2002 10:13 PM PST

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