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07/18/2002 Archived Entry: "I Will Become a Better Driver!"

Aaa~ I feel refreshed. I just showered. Showers are great. I love how they make you feel all nice and cool and refreshed all over. They're cool like that. ^_^

So yah... what to talk about...? Oh yah! Something interesting about yesterday:
I went to the Tapioca Express near De Anza again. Like I said before, I wanted to see if they would be kind enough to make me some level 4, even though they don't have such a level. ^_^ Hey, I like my spiciness, ok? So yah, I went there and I made the request. The cool thing was that they actually did it! Woo! ^_^ I'd say that it was about on par with Milpitas's level 4, which is what I usually eat. After I finished my chicken, I asked them if they would make me some level 5 after I get accustomed to level 4 and they'd say that they would. Woo! I'm a happy camper. ^_^

Onto some car talk. After watching Initial D again, I've so gotten the desire to become a better driver. I'm not willing to settle on being an acceptable driver like most people out on the road. I want to be able to control the car with extreme accuracy and precision. At first, I wanted to do what Takumi's father did for him: put a cup in the cup holder and drive so that the water doesn't spill. Unfortunately, I don't have a cup holder in my car. ^_^; So instead, I've resorted to putting a coin on my dash. It's my goal to drive around without making the coin move at all. At first it was kinda hard, but I'm already getting used to it. I tell you, it takes a fair amount of concious effort to control the weight transfer and centripital force in a turn. I'm getting better though. The coin's rarely moving. Although, I find myself going slightly slower than usual. Eventually, when I get used to it, I'll slowly increase the speed. Right now I'm working with a quarter, but eventually I hope to get down to a penny, and finally a dime. That's my goal. It'll take a while, but I'll do it. I will be a good driver I tell you!

In other driving happens, I got to drive my mom's '97 4Runner today. "What's the significance of that?" you may ask. Well, I'll tell you. It was my first time driving a car with power steering. Oh wow... power steering feels weird. It's so darn easy to turn the wheel and I don't have to turn it as much. I suppose that's a good thing for the casual driver, but I personally don't like it. I just don't feel as in control of the car. Is it just me or does power steering lower precesion in handling? I can make some pretty amazing maneuvers in my car, while I just try to stay in the lane with the 4Runner. -_-; Maybe I haven't driven enough, so I can't make a judgement. Can anyone tell me if power steering can be precise if you're used to it? Heh... I used to complain that my car didn't have power steering. Now I'm mighty glad that it doesn't. I'm happy with my car the way it is. No fancy-smansy electronic systems. It's good o' mechanical goodness. ^_^

A questionaire taken from Gomaki:
1. How many times have you changed your blog/journal/diary URL so far? Any reason for each "moving"?
Two times. Originally tsubasa-net.org/weblg, then tsubasa.nu/weblog, then finally tsubasa.nu/wingin. The first change was obviously a domain change. TsuNU replaced tsubasa-netORG. The second name change came about because I thought a directory named "weblog" was kinda boring.

2. How do you feel when someone left a nasty message in your guestbook/tag-board? What do you usually do to that kind of person?
I would ignore it. If someone has enough time to leave a nasty message, they aren't worth my time or my attention.

3. What is the blog/diary/journal you read most often lately? (URL, please) Why is it so interesting?
Saga's, Riku's, Gomaki's, Mizuki's, Hana's, Sawa's, Danny's, and Saka's. Maybe one or two more. ^_^; Yah, I read a lot daily, ok? Why do I read them? I find that them peoples write interesting and/or amuzing posts. Why else would I read them?

4. Do you really read your past entries/postings often? Why and why not?
I do on occasion. I would like to say that I do it because I want to see how I was back in the day, but my log hasn't really been around all that long, so I haven't really changed much. I just do it for no good reason.

5. What things can make a blog/journal/diary so boring?
Entries that don't draw my attention in any way. I like interesting stories, rants, etc.

6. How important is the layout for a blog/journal/diary? Where or who do you run to when you need some HTML help? (URL, please)
The layout doesn't matter to me. Although, I do admit that a spiffier layout would make me more inclined to start reading someone's posts. HTML help? I don't need HTML help. If I ever need to find out how to do something, I find some site and look at the source. Self-learning is the best way to learn HTML. ^_^

7. What is the latest trend in the blogland/diaryland? Do you always keep up with the dynamic life or the change there?
Personally, I don't care about current trends. I'll make my log the way I want it, not the way others are doing theirs. Although, the latest trend, log crews are something I've joined in on. ^_^;

8. What is more important for you: your privacy or your freedom to write? Explain.
I'd say freedom to write. If I wanted privacy, I wouldn't write in my public log.

How much you depend on writing your blog daily?
I write entries almost everyday. I like to use my log to get out my daily thoughts. There are things to talk about each and every day and if I don't talk about them, then I forget about it and I don't write about it at all.

Do you miss something if you couldn't write for quite some times?
Yah, I miss things more frequently than I'd like.

Do you think you will write forever, or you will only write until you're "delivered" from the current situation (confusion, sadness, depression) you are facing right now, or if your "searching" is over?
I think I'll be here to stay for a while. I've really opened up a lot more after getting up this log. I could never say much of the stuff I write here. I can write it just fine, but when it comes to vocalizing it, I just can't bring myself to do it. So yah... I think this log is heathy for me. I won't bottle everything up inside like I did for seventeen, eighteen years.

Aa~... thanks for the encouragement. It's so nice of you to care. ^_^

I hope you have luck finding better friends. Anyone who would call you a friend, but leave you out of everything is a friggin' moron. There are people like yourself out there. You'll find them eventually.

Hey, thanks for the kind words. You care for me too, eh? I feel special. ^_^

Yah, I agree with you. We may not be IRL friends, but we're friends none the less. *hug hug*

Aa... that post. I read it already and I was going to respond today, but I don't remember what you wrote and your log's still down. ^_^; I'll respond when I can read it over again, ok?

I'll be waiting for that e-mail. ^_^

Gwar! No more Saga singing. =(

The Angelic Layer manga should be fine. TokyoPop does some good work. They're translations are rather good, they leave the manga unflipped, they don't edit out the background words, and they do this all really quickly. They're releasing manga like there's no tomorrow I tell you! Anyway, I suggest you pick up Angelic Layer. I intend to soon.

Yo, sweet new layouts. ^_^ Congradulations on finally getting up Pirate-KingORG. Geez... I've been waiting for that since Fanime, when you kinda showed everyone your layout. I'm not sure just how many people noticed the words "Pirate-king dot org," but I did. Anyway, it's finally up. Great work. It's all done with Photoshop too? I see that CD I gave you came in handy. ^_^ Yah, Photoshop's great. I love it. Eventually you will too. You'll become one of us.... ^_^

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Nice bloggie you have there! XD

This is the webmistress of Heartmark, BTW, I think Heartmark is closing down soon, especially because the host has been down for a month or so. X_x;; So ...

Posted by Chihiro @ 07/22/2002 03:10 AM PST

hey, coins on dashboard... that's my idea... hehe you know.. working doing to a dime doesn't really work... what you need to do is put another quarter on top of the quarter you have now. and make the stack higher and higher. that way, you'll be a heck of a driver! =P

Posted by Julie @ 07/19/2002 10:19 PM PST

hum... sent the email last night... so go check your box!

omigoodness... it's so hot right now... i'm meeeeeeeelting!!! xx

um... oh yes... and i was wondering if maybe i could still take on that offer you gave me a while back about hosting my blog? ^^;; inchdrop is down... *sigh* the gods hate me...

Posted by riku @ 07/19/2002 04:25 PM PST

err i mean

Posted by Cinti @ 07/19/2002 03:18 PM PST

Gomen ne... ^^;; No more solos that I've done. That was actually the first solo I did by myself and not a duet with another soloist in high school. But, if I ever get any more solos at my new school, I'll let you know! =)

Hmm.. ^^ I'll considering picking it up, or at least borrowing it from someone even though I have the japanese manga. I just noticed that all my manga are in japanese or chinese. Never really bought the english versions, but I have read them. If you get to it before me, let me know how it is and what you think of it (like how they translated it and stuff)!

Interesting... driving with trying to move the quarter as little as possible. It's good Tsu-kun wants to be a really good driver! But, even when you're driving don't concentrate too much on the coin. Of course, I know Tsu-kun's smarter than that... unlike my irl brother, he gets easily distracted and I'm usually scared to ride in the car if he's driving. *sweatdrop* Then again, in a week and a half I get to go for the permit test. e_e;; Creepy... But first, must study for my placement tests. *sigh* Back to cars: I never really liked those SUV's (um, a 4runner is that type right? waaah I'm so clueless on cars >_< and I'm about to take a permit test?!?) But anyways... big cars in general I guess I wouldn't be comfy driving them, but what am I to say when I never even sat behind the wheel? ^^;; I think I'll stick to the sedans and other compact size cars... preferably the latter, becuase my parents said it's easier to drive in them, particularly for someone like me. *sweatdrop*

Posted by Saga @ 07/19/2002 12:24 PM PST

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