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07/22/2002 Archived Entry: "Girls Shouldn't Cry!"

Aaa~ that was an interesting weekend.

Saturday, I went to Serra Park in Cupertino with the guys. We had planned a picnic with X.O.X and a few others. Anyway, there was plenty of fun to be had. We played in some water-squirting thingies, played on the swings, ate sandwiches (MEAT!!! ^_^), and hung out with Hubert (sorry, inside joke). ^_^ Anyway, I had a good time. Why don't people have picnics anymore? And when we do have picnics, why don't we do it the old-fashioned way? You know... sitting on a spread on the grass, under the sun.... Daggonnit!

Unfortunately, at the picnic, there was some drama. Bah... teenagers can't just seem to escape that kind of stuff now, can they? I won't name names, but one of my female friends was rather down. Considering how I haven't really been around a depressed person in a while, I forgot what it was like. It sucks. You see, for the majority of my life, I've been very... how shall I say... drama-less. That includes both me and the people around me. Because of this, I really don't know what to do when someone I know feels all depressed. I'm just kinda there... unable to do anything. I can't bring myself to say anything because I don't know what to say. I also can't bring myself to do anything. Girls always seem to be able to hug each other when they're sad. I can't bring myself to do anything like that. I feel helpless and that's the worse feeling in the world. I want to help people. I like to help people. It tears me up inside when I just can't seem to do anything. Bah....

I was also reminded of something else: just how much I hate the sight of a girl crying. Agh! Do you know how much I detest the sight of a girls crying!? As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the most awful sights to witness. I don't want to see them sad and especially not crying! Girls are much better suited to smiling than crying.

Onto a lighter subject, yesterday I went to Media Play for their special "Replay V.I.P. Night" event. I'm a member of their Replay Club, which is a club where you earn points for each dollar spent and eventually you'll get certificates worth money on future purchases. Anyway, the Replay Night was an event where you get triple points on all purchases! Yay! So obviously I went. Besides, there are plenty of fun things at Media Play to buy. ^_^ I picked up Princess Nine #5 and Tekken Tag. Yes, I'm finally gonna try to pick up Tekken Tag. Do you know how hard it is to learn this thing after playing Soul Calibur for what...? Three, four years? Agh! The system feels so restricting! At least I'm starting to get used to it.... Hwoarang is pretty cool. I like all the kicks. Julia's not bad. Jun seems pretty good. I think I'll get to like playing her. And lastly, Xiaoyu's great. She's my favorite. You can't beat a cute girl in sailor fuku (her alternate outfit)! ^_^ Yes, I have a sailor fuku fetish, ok? They just look so~ cute! ^_^

Just for your information and to clear up any possible confusion, I'm using this definition for "fetish":
"an obsessive or unhealthy preoccupation or attachment." Don't get any weird thoughts now. o_O

Riku's back on ShippouNET! That's great... I suppose.... j/k ^_^ At least you're on a reliable server now. But are you sure you want to let people from school read your log? I thought that the separate logs was a good idea. Actually, I'm really considering doing that now. ^_^;

Hey, that sucks about what happened with your new computer. Oh well... at least you got another one. ^_^ The new one doesn't look bad at all. 2.4 gHz!? That's some pretty hardcore clockspeed there. ^_^ Just out of curiousity though, what is it? P4? Athlon? If it's an Athlon, then.... *drool* Hm... but the monitor's giving you problems? Dang... I wish I could come over there right now and configure that for you.... To fix that, you'll probably need to play around with the monitor settings. You know... the settings you can access by hitting the little buttons on the monitor? Yah... those.... You can do it by yourself, but if you don't really know how, you should find someone who does or you could just do a whole bunch of trial and error.

Aww~ Riku got offered a jacket by a guy? ^_^ But seriously now, that was the first time? Really? Guys these days suck! All guys should offer girls their jackets if it's cold! That's just the right thing to do! That's what I always do. Guys can take a little cold to ensure that girls don't have to be uncomfortable! Bah....

Of course I know better than to concentrate too hard on the coin. I'm smert! I mean... smart.... ^_^;

So you're going to take the permit test soon? That's great! You get to join me in the exciting world of the "motorist." ^_^ So hey, good luck with that. I'm gonna root for you, like I always do. ^_^

Yes, the 4Runner is a SUV. ^_^; So you're gonna drive a smaller car, eh? What kind? I'm interested....

New PuraNET layout! Nicely done! Very pretty. *thumbs up* ^_^

You can't recognize your house in another color? Heh heh... sorry... I just find that kinda funny.... ^_^

New layout! Very~ nice~! I like! It's my favorite one. Good job. *pat pat* Although, the web designer in me is acting up again. The text area's really small and you're using java scrollers for a whole bunch of text. Technically, those are no-nos, but I like the design, so I'll look them over, ok? ^_^

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*nods* I'm exactly the same way. I made a post awhile ago with the same frustrations. Whenever I see someone crying, I feel absolutely horrible, and absolutely helpless. Even though I'm a girl, I'd feel strange hugging them, even if they're someone I know. But since I don't hug them, I feel like I'm supposed to say something reassuring, but I have no clue what to say and end up spurting out meaningless cliches. I like helping people too, but it just kills me when I don't know how to help them and they're right in front of me.

You don't like to see girls crying? =) That's really gentlemanly of you. It's sad how many guys out there seem to enjoy it when a girl cries.

Posted by Juri @ 07/24/2002 01:10 AM PST

oOo... picnics are fun! although me and my friends have had one of those in the longest time. >.> now it's more like... we all go to someone's house or starbuck's to hang out. you're right... why DON'T we have those anymore, ne? ah well... i guess i'm ok with my mocha frappacino... x3'

ne ne... you can't stand girls crying? i actually can't either... but it's in a different way. most of the girls that i see cry only cry because they're trying to get attention. (like i said... a lot of the people at school are pricks. xb) but then again... i always see the same girl crying... so who am i to judge? you don't see crying as a weakness, do you? .-. i haven't cried since... who knows WHEN just cuz i can't bring myself to doing it for no really good reason at all (i didn't even cry at my grandma's funeral... i'm a bastard >_o)... but i dunno... i think crying's a good way to let out one's emotions.

ano... fetish? O_o;; lol... i just leave it at that, ne? ^_~

yah.. i was considering having separate logs cuz honest to goodness if people started reading mine, i'd be in trouble. (luckily i don't archive xD) but anyway, i thought through it and the only thing that stopped me from having another log was that i was just too lazy to make it. i wanted to call it 'incandescent polarity' and i was thinking about having it as a group log... but... yah... laziness kicked in. ^^;; i'm gonna consider it though since a couple of people from school have started bugging me. >.>

my new computer's a P4... and i played around with the monitor after blogging yesterday and got it fixed. i found out i have to use 1280 x 1024 screen resolution or else everything turns out all blurry. i looked at the new res. and i was like, "omigoodness... how... big. OO;;" it's like the big screen of computer monitors. *_* *swoons* hahaha... only probelm is, the monitor still glows so i can't see those pattern details in layouts anymore unless they're REALLY obvious. *sigh* this is gonna affect my designing again... *dies*

*lol* nono... guys these days don't suck... they're just, out of it. hahaha... and yah, twas the first time i got offered. ^^;; the guys that asked me out never did that (one guy got me flowers though ^^; the guys that ask me aren't romantic at all... not that i'm complaining xD i'm not that into bfs anywho) ... and here a guy i just met *that night* and didn't even know the last name of offered. i guess you could say i was a bit impressed and embarassed at the same time. ^^;

alrighty, nuff blabbing. i'm out. *stares at the long shiz above* O_x;;;

Posted by riku @ 07/23/2002 08:45 AM PST

umm random stuff:
tapioca =O~~~

Posted by Cinti @ 07/23/2002 12:39 AM PST

hey^_^ I'm sorry for that scene I caused and the mood i caused for you and Anthony>_<. But.. thank you very much for being there for me. Your presence/company and concern is more than enough Davey Chu^_^ Thanks a Bunch* huggles*

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/22/2002 10:03 PM PST

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