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07/26/2002 Archived Entry: "I'm Not Strong? Pshaw!"

Hmph... my dad decided to join me today for weight lifting. Actually, it really wasn't that bad. We just basically... lifted weights.... What peeved me was that he told me that he felt that I was not strong enough for my age. What's up with that!? I know for a fact that I'm stronger than most people my age. I don't think I'm strong, but I know most people these days are nowhere near as strong as I am. You kinda build up something after taking martial arts for six years or so. I think he thinks this way because back in his day, computers were basically non-existant where he lived, so the kids kinda had to go out an play outside for entertainment. I'm sure the children of those times were much stronger than modern-day children. Also, my dad kinda joined the army at an early age, so he was probably surrounded by a bunch "macho" guys. It just annoys me how he's saying these things without looking at youngin's these days. He's using his outdated standard. Gwar!

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Grrr...don't let the dad get you down Tsubasa! He's just got that macho army guy complex. My stepdad was the same way, and he was a Marine. Trust me, I've been there, and if I can put up with it, of course you can! You're cooler than a lot of guys I know!

Posted by Shelly @ 07/27/2002 03:53 PM PST

Strong enough??? U can stomp on me. XD Ahh!!!!

Posted by Hana @ 07/26/2002 11:46 PM PST

wut fun~ (sarcasm)

Posted by Cinti @ 07/26/2002 10:41 PM PST

bleh... dads ~__~:;;;;

Posted by T-Chan @ 07/26/2002 09:06 PM PST

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