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07/27/2002 Archived Entry: "Soul Calibur 2!!! ^_^"

I just played Soul Calibur 2!!! ^_^ Yay! Finally! It's so~ cool! I really, really like Talim and Raphael. I tried them both and they're darn fun to play. Cassie's cool too, but I didn't get to figure out any moves because I was playing against people. She's a lot different from Sophie. Xianghua's basically the same and I suppose that's kinda good, considering how she was already a good character, but she should have gained more. What really annoyed me though is that I had to play using an American setup. =( I'm used to a Japanese setup, so it was torture controlling it. They don't feel right, but I suppose I can overlook the buttons, but the stick was horrible. Japanese clicky-good sticks just feel better, period. Oh well... whatever... Soul Calibur 2 is great! ^_^ I gotta make it a point to pop by MGL (Milpitas Golf Land) more often....

A quiz:
Why didn't I put up the male version? Simple. I actually play a female acolyte. ^_^

What Ragnarok Character Should You Be?
Quiz by Angelhalo

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O___O;; how is it possible that you play a female character??!! or is it.. when you signed up, you checked that you were female..? xP

Posted by meia @ 07/27/2002 07:56 PM PST

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