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07/27/2002 Archived Entry: "Sticks Rule!"

Despite all the crap my dad throws at me, he still knows a few things that I'd actually like to learn from him. Case in point, today he taught me how to drive a stick. Oo~ boy. I didn't expect it to be at all easy and I was right. With all the shifting, managing the clutch, etc. Gah! It took a lot of concious effort it did. Even with all that effort, I stalled the heck out of the car. ^_^; It's alright though. I just started learning today and I only really did it for thirty/fourty-five minutes. All things considered, I didn't do too bad. Sometime he'll take me out again so I can practice some more. Practice makes perfect. ^_^ I'll need that practice if I intend to get a manual car and I do indeed intend to get one. ^_^

One quick social:
Yes, I signed up as a girl. I wanted a female acolyte cause they're cuter. ^_^

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Woo driving stick is neat david. I never really understood that quote. "Practice makes perfect." I mean there's also that quote, "Nobodies perfect" so like if nobodies perfect why practice?? Haha well to get better of course ^_^ But like i like the contradictory of the two quotes wee ^_^

Posted by SLM @ 07/28/2002 08:09 PM PST

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