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07/28/2002 Archived Entry: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAGA!!!"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Woo! You'll be getting a present of some sort sometime. ^_^

Hehehehe... look at the sidebar under cliques. ^_^ MUHUHAHA!!!

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Wah! Tsu-kun, you're supporting the fanclub?!? lol! ...^^;;; Oe, people are actually using them? o_o

And heehee, Tsu-kun's also kind. =D You know, you're not like obligated to give me a present either.

I didn't know Tsu-kun had a female character in RO! I wonder how many guys signed up for a female character...> heehee Maybe you'll meet Meia in RO too ^^

And, Thankies for the birthday wishes!

Posted by Saga @ 07/28/2002 08:34 AM PST

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