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08/04/2002 Archived Entry: "Weekend with the Cousin from Pasadena"

The weekend is coming to an end.... I've been spending my time with my cousin from Pasadena because he came to San Jose to visit our grandfather. We had a good time. We spent time on the computer, played Tekken Tag, and generally slacked off. Woo.

My other cousin from Utah came too. Yes, Utah. Out in the middle of nowhere. ^_^; He converted to Mormonism (is there even such a word? ^_^;;), moved to Utah, and got married out there. The lucky lady is cauccasion. Now that wouldn't be all that unusual, but this is an asian family I'm in. It's kinda unusual for anyone in an asian family to marry anyone that's not asian. My family is Vietnamese. About the most exotic marriage we've had until then was to a Chinese person. ^_^; Yep, I guess it's the old asian ideals and stereotypes at work here. It's pretty much prevailing thought amongst the older asians that marriage should only be to other asians. Interestingly enough, when my cousin married this white girl, no one really said anything. My family's probably special like that. Considering how it kinda happened, I suppose they'll approve of such marriages. I don't know how thrilled my parents would be though. My dad says he really doesn't care, but my mom's at least encouraging me to go out and bring home a nice Viet girl sometime. -_- I'm not saying that that's horrible or anything, but I don't like my options to be that limited. Oh well... whatever.... I'm siding with my dad here. I'm just gonna find the right girl for me and that's all there is to it.

The cousin had a child with his wife. He's a cute little bugger. ^_^ His name's Skylar. Considering how he's of mixed parentage, he looks awful white. Not that there's anything wrong with that or anything. Just trying to be non-offensive here. I know people can get touchy when it comes to the issue of race. Anyway, he's not talking yet, but he's already walking. Hehe... I like petting his head. ^_^ Although, if you know me, I like patting everyone, not just little babies. I wonder how he's gonna turn out living all the way over there in Utah. I'm used to interacting with Californians. To put it lightly, they are generally more eccentric than citizens of any other portion of the US. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I really wonder what he's gonna turn out like....

Because my aunts from Southern California came too, the adults took the chance to take a look at old photos. Now there wouldn't be a problem with that, had not they joked around about my grandma being sexy and my grandpa being handsome. -_- No offense to them. I'm sure they were attractive back in their youth, but it's just kinda strange hearing that about your grandparents, isn't it?

The definate highlight of the weekend was my trip to Milpitas Golf Land on Saturday. My cousin and I were at a loss to think of something to do, so we decided to go out. He wanted to play DDR, while I wanted to play some Soul Calibur II. I got some nice quality time with the machine. Woo! ^_^ I've developed a really big liking to Talim. I'm finally figuring out some stuff and I'm liking her more and more. She's hecka fun to play, but it sure does take a lot of skill to play her. You have to chip like heck to win with her. It's kinda discouraging to land a good 10 hits on Nightmare, only to have him deal about the same amount of damage in a single hit. -_- Oh well though, I'm up to the challenge. I don't choose characters in fighting games for power or practicality. It's all about fun. *coughandifthey'reacutegirlcough*

*yawn* I'm kinda tired for some reason. I got sufficient sleep recently.... I don't know. I think that's all I'm gonna write for today. I'll social and crap later. Besides, I have to do some reading to catch up on all my dailies. I really didn't have too much time to this weekend. Oh yah, one more thing:

Hope you survive in China, imouto. You're off tomorrow? Well... good luck on the market analysis. Try to have fun, ok? I'll miss you.

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love to chat... but gotta run... flight's in less than 5 hours. *glomps* i'll try to have fun... and um... yah... that's it! miss ya already. ^_~

Posted by riku @ 08/05/2002 06:19 PM PST

wow.. intersting family there ^___^
you should see mines...
ehh.. in second though.. maybe not =b
anyway SCII!!!
she's pinay... *THUMBS UP*
i can't blame you ^_-
i really should learn her.. but.. i get stuck using voldo... oh wellz
later ^_^

Posted by Cinti @ 08/05/2002 02:57 PM PST

I agree with you on the whole marrying out of your race thing. My sister once said that there's usually so much trouble with that so most people who get together with someone/marry out of their race don't keep their relationship. I think it's really sad. If you truly love someone that's all that sould matter and you should be able to be with that person, regardless of what race they are or what other people say.

Posted by Shana-chan @ 08/05/2002 11:00 AM PST

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