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08/05/2002 Archived Entry: "RAMUNE!!!"

Two cool things happened today.

First, I went to an asian supermarket near De Anza. I went through it once before, but today I had some more money, so I wanted to buy some food. There were so many nice-looking things in there! ^_^ As I was walking around... I was all like, "woo!" because they were selling Ramune! Yay~! I've wanted to drink the stuff since I heard of the anime NG Knight Ramune & 40. And I wanted to try it out even more after watching To Heart. I thought it was so cool how you actually push something in the bottle to actually be able to drink anything. So yah... I picked up a nice six-pack of the stuff. ^_^ When I got out to the car, I was all ripping the cardboard to get to the bottles. I read the instructions and commensed in opening a bottle. For anyone who's not familiar with the stuff, you have this little plunger thingy that you use to pop a glass marble-thingy into the bottle. The glass marble is what's keeping the vacuum seal intact, so when you push it down, it fizzles (it's carbonated) and you can get at the drink. So anyway, I tasted the stuff and it was good! I don't know what flavoring it has, but I like it. Mmm~... I think I have a new favorite drink to put right up there with lemonade.... ^_^

Second, I passed by Golf Land on my way home. ^_^ It was around 1:30 on a Monday, so there was no one at the SCII machine, which is a plus because I get to play arcade and figure out new moves and generally get a better feel for each character's flow. I really didn't stay all that long, but I did go through once with Talim and Cassandra. I can't say that I'm getting used to Cassie quite yet, but I'm doing quite well with Talim. Figured out some new stuff and generally got a better feel for her. Woo. I plan to make these kinds of trips pretty frequently. I want to pop by as often as I can, even if I only have enough time to play one match or something. I need to play SCII. Call it a sickness or something. I played SC pretty often over the course of the last three, four years. Now that SCII is out, I need to play that. ^_^

I'm sorry if I'm a bit late on some of this social. ^_^;;;

Yay! Another nature lover! ^_^ We just keep on finding things that we have in common, don't we? Anyway, yah, killing innocent plants is wrong. So is killing innocent animals. The way I see it, all living things are categorized into one group: living things. To take a living thing's life away needlessly is wrong. If it is for something like food or survival, then that is alright. I am disgusted when life is taken away for any other reason.

Yay. You get to reading on those books you haven't read yet, ok? Just tell me when you're done with those and I'll try to spew out a few more for you. ^_^

Yes, you hacked off your hair! ^_^ Heh heh... anyway, really!? I can see a picture of Saga!? Woo! Alright, I promise to stalk you... *cough* I mean... not stalk you... yah... that's it.... ^_^ Anyway, e-mail me if you'd care to share. I'll be glad to e-mail you a picture of myself in reply. Currently, my hair's kinda a bit longer than I usually have it, but oh well. It can go down below my eyes. ^_^

Ooo~ I hope your IRL friends get all less busy-like. You need people to play with. ^_^

Yay! You're getting better at driving? Yah, it's really not all that hard when you're used to it. I'm used to it by now, so I'm pretty darn comfortable behind the wheel. You get to a point where it's actually pretty fun. Especially when you're trying to drive with a quarter on the dash. ^_^

Driving games not good driving simulators? What are you talking about? Everyone knows that by learning how to drift and power slide in a racing game, you'll become infinitly better at driving on city streets. ^_^

Hey, you just change your layout and now yet another new one? ^_^; Well... I suppose that's alright. This one's nice. I like the colorfulness. ^_^ I know you say it's just a bunch of blending, but that blending's actually rather nice. Good work there. *pat pat*

You went to Nikaku!? You should have told me beforehand! I could have met you there! Oh well... I guess it's a bit too late now, eh? Well... the store's great, isn't it? I know I love it. I know the lady there and she knows me. I suppose that makes sense though, considering how many times I've actually gone there.... ^_^;

Hiatus? Well... I suppose you really feel like calling it quits for a while, eh? Well, I respect that. Don't be away for too long though, ok? ^_^

Now that this entry's over, I think I'll go into a state of SCII withdrawl. =(

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I wanna play SC2 sometime! >< It sounds cool.

I also believe that killing off nature or animals is bad unless it's for survival purposes. I read this book called Bless me Ultima and Ultima would tell the plants what she was going to do with them before she did anything with them.

Posted by Shana-chan @ 08/06/2002 02:47 AM PST

... lately.. i honestly can say.. i don't have a fell for any1... =/ which is really bumming me out... while people are exceling.. i'm staying about da same lvl... i have to find my person... it really pisses me of cuzz i'm not used to the new moves and recovery timez, and what not... and i swear.. they need to get those joy sticks and bottons fixed.. =( oh well.. good luck... Xiang is actully a lot cool now XD.. i think talim has a lot of good moves.. but she's so weak... i might drop out from using her.. and casadra kicks butt =b... later

Posted by Cinti @ 08/06/2002 12:43 AM PST

ooh! you mean Marina foods XD~ heee that place is cool, me and my mommy go there a lot.

They have pocky there=D pocky David.. poocckkyyyyyyyy

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/05/2002 09:53 PM PST

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