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08/07/2002 Archived Entry: "School Almost Over..."

So what's been going on with me these days? Not much outside from finishing my summer school work and going to Golfland to play SCII. ^_^; Actually, I just finished writing my fourth and last essay, which is also conveniently my final for my english class. Today I had my last day of archery and I'm proud of myself because I arched my single best end ever today. ^_^ Ignore the fact that it was from the 20 yard line. ^_^; Anyway, with school out of the way, I am finally able to enjoy my summer again. Looks like my weekend is going to be busy. All my friends seem to want to do something. Da... I can only do so much.... Oh well... I'll figure something out.

I'm wondering what to do with my time off. I know I have to finish tsuNU and nakoNU to get them up, but what else? I guess I can finish at least Xenogears. Great game. I need to make sure that I complete this year's Xenogears Annual. ^_^ Outside of that, I think I'll try to go to Golfland pretty often. I need to play as much SCII as possible, don'tcha know. ^_^ Looking at my schedule, it looks rather pathetic, don't you think? I don't know what else to do though. I really don't know what I want to do. Bleh... whatever....

My sister and I were talking a while ago. I don't know how we came upon the subject, but we happened upon the subject of what role we play in our group of friends. As far as I am concerned, I believe that I am the worldly observant guy. I'm not trying to make myself sound better or anything, but I always seem to know what's going on and whenever there's a question, I always seem to be able to answer it. It seems that she thinks that she's pretty much in the same position in her group. Interesting... although, it really isn't all that surprising, considering how similar we are. Now you live with someone for eighteen years and try not to be similar to them in some way. ^_^

Which brings me to a subject I've never talked about before on this log: my relationship with my sister. I always hear from people that they just cannot get along with their siblings. They constantly argue for some reason. I don't really understand why because my sister and I get along extremely well. I suppose we've developed something of a mutualistic relationship. By coexist by helping and being nice to each other. We're civil, we talk, and we generally help each other out. It's a nice relationship really. I like it. I just don't see how so many other siblings can't develop a similar relationship. Meh....

La de da... I don't know what else to talk about and I'm lazy to social, so I'll be off. *skips along*

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as of me and my brother~
i only complains when he's on and when anne's on..
and he complains if sakura's on and i'm on ^^;;;
other than that.. lately things be good

Posted by Cinti @ 08/08/2002 08:01 PM PST

no doubt! Mad props to your blog and your page! keep it tiote alright! late

Posted by waken @ 08/08/2002 12:13 PM PST

It's good to know that some people have close relationships with their siblings. My siblings and I no longer argue like we used to when we were younger, but I'm really not close to any of my siblings. And I've got ::counts:: 4?

Posted by Shana-chan @ 08/08/2002 11:57 AM PST

Getting along with your siblings really takes work... Because you're not always handed out people you really get along with, as you were lucky to be.

It's hard to say whether I get along with my brother... because we don't talk as much as most siblings do. :\ And if we do talk, it's about stuff that really ticks me off, like how to bum money of Ma. @_x

Posted by Saka @ 08/08/2002 04:22 AM PST

Wow. Glad u get along with ur sis pretty well. Although, I've only spoke to her for a short time, she's a really nice person. ^__^. Yet, I kinda envy the the strong relationship both of u share.

Although, my sis and me tend to quarrel occassionally, yet I'm glad she considers me her best friend. Strange neh?

Posted by Hana @ 08/08/2002 02:00 AM PST

Aw, it's great to have a great relation with your sibling, they are gonna be your best source of your past and you'll most likely need each other in the future^_^ I'm glad you have a great relation with Jackie=D

I'm the same with my older brother Bernie, We get along great, no fighting or arguments, sure ocassional disagreements, but overall all good=D

I'm glad you have someone like that^_^ We're both really lucky to have a good close bond with our sibs, cause like you said, lots of other sibs relationships are all yelling and tragic like^^''

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/07/2002 09:18 PM PST

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