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08/08/2002 Archived Entry: "I Found Good MGLers! o_O"

Aaa~... school's over! Woo! I don't have work anymore! Life's good. *takes a swig of Ramune* Yep, life's good. ^_^

Class today was easy. We basically just turned in stuff and were allowed to go. With the completion of this class, I now officially have about a month of free time. w00t! I'm already baffled with what I'm going to do with it. ^_^;

Considering this is my first day of freedom, I decided to pop by Golfland and try to find some competition at Soul Calibur II. To my surprise, I actually found some! Yes, I was totally surprised. I actually found two people who could beat me handedly. Now that's pretty hard to come by at MGL. ^_^; I'm not saying that I'm good or anything, but I do win quite a bit. Anyway, by playing these two guys, I realized once again my fatal flaws. Although overall I play a fairly well-rounded game, there are several aspects where I am just lacking. Against most people, those flaws aren't so big, but against people who are better than me, they always seem to capitalize on them. Gwar! My main problem is that I read a lot on forums, so I understand a lot about the game, advanced techniques, and fighting theory, but during actual gameplay, I can't really draw upon this theory very well. Yes, it sucks. Oh well... I'm just going to play more and more. I need to get better. That's my main desire right now. The only way I can see myself doing this is by playing a lot more. Besides, I need to learn all the new moves, strings, and hit properties. The only conceivable way for me to learn all this is by playing a lot. I guess with a month of free time now, I'll pretty much become a MGL regular. Hmph... I never thought I'd see the day. ^_^;

After Golfland, my mommy made me get a haircut. I didn't exactly protest. My hair was getting kinda long and long hair kinda retains more heat. It wouldn't be bad to have less hair, considering how it's summer. So I got a nice chunk of my hair chopped off. It always feels weird after getting a haircut. When I do my hair, I put gel through it and pretty much fix it to go down straight. Generally I wait for my hair to grow to about eye-level or below before getting it cut. After it's cut, it's generally above eye-level somewhere, so it just feels different. Oh whatever. I got shorter hair now.

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Lol everybody got a haircut these days. First Saga, then Vi, then you!

Hey congratz for successfully completing yet another year of hell! *a slap on the back*

Posted by Sawa @ 08/10/2002 06:01 PM PST

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