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08/11/2002 Archived Entry: "What a Scary Day!"

Oh my gosh. I got two really big scares today. *sigh*

First, this morning I was looking through my e-mail when I saw an interesting one from someone I didn't know. You see, my e-mail has not really gotten around to all those spammers quite yet, so I usually only get things from my friends. With this assumption, I opened the e-mail to find that there was an attachment. Alright... so I opened it. Then all of a sudden, Norton Antivirus pops up and tells me that the file's infected with the Klez virus! I'd been hearing that it's getting around, but I never thought that it'd reach me. Thankfully, I have an up-to-date Antivirus so it ceased the open function right there. *sigh of relief* That was a close one. I honestly didn't think that that'd happen. I don't get viruses. I've been computing for years and not once have I gotten a virus. Whenever there's a new virus going around, it never seems to reach me. I guess there's a first time for everything, eh? Oh well... Yuuhi's fine. I'm happy.

Later, I was heading out to Golfland because I just happened to go out to buy my lunch and I wanted to pop by for a while. On the way there, I was just driving peacefully when I saw two squirels on the side of the road. One of them ran right in front of my car! I was going about fourty and by that time, I had no time to even swerve out of the way. I just hoped for the best. Luckly I went by and I didn't feel any bumps. When I looked back, I didn't see a dead squirel in the road. *sigh of relief* Geez... I never want to kill any animal unless it's for the purposes of eating or survival. They deserve to live just as much as we humans do. Besides, being roadkill isn't exactly a dignified way to die. Oh yah... about the whole Golfland thing... it kinda wasn't open at the time. (11 something) It opens at 12. No SCII for me today. =( This marks the first day since Monday that I haven't gone to MGL. ^_^;

It doesn't help that I just started Metal Gear Solid 2. Dang... it's a good game, but I forgot what exactly the first game did to me. Whenever I play MGS, I'm constantly on edge. I can't help it. I'm paranoid. I always have the feeling that I'm going to be spotted or something. I get pretty tense sometimes. It takes a lot out of me. I was just playing a while ago and now I just stopped playing to make an entry. I think I might not play anymore for the rest of the night. *sigh*

My uncle just got back from a trip to Vietnam, Taiwan, and Singapore. As a souvenier, he got me some spiffy earphones. They're the "clips-onto-the-ear" type, but you know what's so special about them? The cord! The cords that are leading to the earphones don't look like wires. They aren't covered by rubber insulation. Rather, they look like cord. There are fabric fibers surrounding the wires. It's so cool! Why don't they make these for the American market?

Hm... well this entry seems rather normal thus far. I hope I'm getting back into the logging mood. Remember when I said that I didn't really feel like writing? I honestly think that I never really recovered from that nyehness. You could probably tell by reading my entries from the past week or two, but I haven't really been into it. I've been told that my entries have sounded kinda depressive. I can assure you though, I haven't been depressed. Rather, I've been in a state of non-feeling. Usually I have more emotions running through me than I've had this last week. The only strong and constant emotion I've had is the desire to get better at SCII. Outside of that, I've had moments of belation, but that's about it. Oh, don't worry about me. I'm fine. What I find interesting is that most people I know seem to think of me being a fairly cheerful person. To tell you the truth, I'm not always cheerful. I'm probably cheerful for half of the time. The other half of the time is spent being indifferent. The reason why people think I'm always cheerful is because I always seem to be cheerful around other people. Well... that is true. I always seem to be happier around people, around my friends. They always make things a bit more fun and interesting than usual. Because of that, I seem to be a really cheery person. But whenever I'm by myself, I usually not quite as jovial. I enter a state of indifferentness. I'm existing, but feeling nothing. I suppose that might sound bad, but I don't really think so. I'm just there. It's no big deal. Well... I've babbled enough. ^_^;

Tomorrow I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled. Because of that, I might not be able to write for a little while. I hear that I can be kinda out of it for three days or so. I don't think that I'll be that out of it, but I might not be up to making an entry for a day or two. So yah...

Oh, I've been meaning to bring this up again, but I really haven't really been up to doing any kind of socialing or such for the last week. Anyway, I was assembling a crew earlier. You know, for All Aboard? Anyway, apparently things have been worked out and I now have a final crew I can work with. As it stands, here are the positions:

Captain: me
First Mate: Riku
Navigator: Shana
Cook: Gomaki
Sharpshooter: Ryoko
Lookout: Juri
Doctor: Hana

Looks like a nice crew I have here. ^_^ All we need now is a name then I can get aworkin' on a banner. Suggestions, crew? I'm still having trouble thinking of something. ^_^;

Eh... I haven't really been keeping up to date on my dailies recently, so I'll need some time to read up. If I have anything to say, I'll make a comment. If you don't have commments, I'll social sometime. Just not now. ^_^;

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Replies: 4 comments

No worries sensei, u'll be fine about the abstraction thingy. ^^ MGS2<<> BTW, ur not the only one who feels rather lonely, but I can be provided as a example, as well.::sighs::

Posted by Hana @ 08/12/2002 03:51 AM PST

err.. what was the subject on the e-mail u got? i think i'd benifit your blog readers if u tell =b

Posted by Cinti @ 08/11/2002 11:39 PM PST

Stay cool David^_^ no worries about the tetthness, i knwo you can do it^___^

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/11/2002 10:37 PM PST

I know what you mean by the whole cheery thingie. I'm always happy and hyper and energetic around my friends but at home I'm just...existing. I'm just alone. I don't even say much of anything, 'cept "hi" to greet family members or answer them if they talk to me or ask me something, but that's all.

Posted by Shana-chan @ 08/11/2002 10:11 PM PST

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