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08/12/2002 Archived Entry: "I'm Fine Now"

Hey folks! Yep, I'm back already. Amazing, eh? I really didn't expect to be back this soon, but whatever. I'm fine and fully functional now, so making this entry is nothing.

As you can probably assume, the surgery went smoothly. It's great how they put you to sleep, so you really don't have to know what they're doing or how long they're doing it. Granted, it was only a one hour operation, but it would have felt like forever if I was awake. Anyway, after waking up from the surgery, I was delightfully surprised to find out that I wasn't completely out of it. Actually, I was somewhat aware of my surroundings. Unfortunately, my body wasn't exactly functioning too well. I walked wobbly and otherwise had trouble controlling my limbs and such. My parents took me home, where I went to sleep for about two hours. When I woke up, I was feeling pretty good. By then I was pretty normal again, aside from some residual numbness and bleeding of the mouth. So yah... of course by now I'm just fine. I'm not bleeding anymore and the pain is minute. I'm glad things turned out the way they did. Being drugged for a few days wasn't exactly one of the things on my to do list. Unfortunately, although my mouth's pretty good to go, my mom's telling me that I won't be able to eat normally for a few days. Gwar! I want some real food. She's been feeding me porridge throughout the day, which honestly isn't all that bad, but isn't exactly a nice slab of meat either. ^_^ Oh well... I'll tough it out for a while. Besides, I can always sneak something behind my mom's back every once in a while. ^_^

Oh, interesting fact: this is my first surgery. Yes, believe it or not, I've never had surgery before. There was this one time when I was really little when I hit my nose on the edge of a table and had to get stitches, but never a real surgery. What do I have to say about them? I just hope any other surgery I have goes as smooth as this one. I was knocked out for the entire operation, so I didn't have to see or know anything. Now that's how a surgery should be. Oh, and one other thing about me never having surgery before: I don't know my blood type. I've asked my doctor to test my blood type before, but he said that he wouldn't do it. He said that that's only done before surgery, so that they know what blood type to use. It sucks though. I want to know! I'm pretty sure that I'm type A, but I can not be completely sure. I am so~ an A-type person I tell you.

So you know how I just mentioned that I got a e-mail with the Klez virus (thanks again Norton Antivirus)? Well I think I just got another today. I didn't open the attachment to check, but I think it was a pretty safe assumption. It was one of those wrong address e-mails. You know, the kind that get sent back to you when you e-mail to a non-existant address? Yah, one of those. It was something about a new game I supposedly created. Well, for one thing, I don't program outside of HTML. I used to program for TI calculators too, but that's getting off the topic. ^_^; Anyway, it was 125k, which just screams "virus" to me. Come on, like any game is 125k these days. Even those little puny games are at least a meg or more. I did the right thing in deleting it. Oh, as for yesterday's e-mail, I would gladly give you peoples the subject of the e-mail, but I can't seem to remember. It was attached with an e-mail with an image of a shoreline though, so yah....

Hey folks, I'm looking for a good arcade stick for the PSX/PS2 right now. I already know which one I want, but it seems that it's pretty hard to find, considering how it's been out of production for a while. Can anyone help me find it? I'm looking for the old Namco Tekken Stick. You wouldn't believe how hard these are to find. And to think, I've heard stories of huge stacks of them at Walmart back in the day for $15. *sigh* So if anyone can help me here, I would really appreciate it. I need to get it before SCII's released. ^_^

Darn you. You don't have to go through with an operation, eh? Well I guess that's just your luck. Oh, thanks for the "good luck." I'm fine. ^_^

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Hmm...You and I are like the same. Our wisdom teeth surgeries were our first. Hopefully, there won't be any more in the future, ne? ^_~ *looks up to the latest post* Don't hurt too much...and stop snacking behind your mom's back. =P

Posted by June @ 08/14/2002 11:09 AM PST

woo go david=D glad you are doing alright^_^. I'm getting mine pulled out pretty soon, around septemberish, wish me luck =X

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/13/2002 03:41 PM PST

Whooo! Senpai made it! ^^ Which, reminds me I need have my wisdom tooth removed as well.::shivers::

Posted by Hana @ 08/13/2002 02:41 PM PST

Aiyaaaa I had my wisdom teeth pulled a year or two ago. Yeah I know it's very early for my age. But gwar... I was awake durring the whole darn thing. They just kept giving me shots to numb my gums. Then they would hack away at my gums. Once they go deep enough I would feel the pain again and raise my hand. Which was the signal to drug me up some more. I had sooo many shots that day...meh. But by far the most shots I ever got in a row is 13. Some sort of test for my asitma. They were like those normal sized big siringe type shots too. KOWAI!

Posted by SLM @ 08/13/2002 01:37 PM PST

Ack, gomen ne, for not leaving a response for a while. But anyways, ^^ Good thing the removal went well! And that's the aftermath of having anesthesia =)

lol @ the blood type. Yeah, usually they don't tell you your blood type. My parents thought everyone was an O-type but when I had that surgery the doctors found out I was a B-type, which made my parents surprised. ^^;;

That Klez virus is getting around A LOT. =_= I get viruses sent to me so much, like practically everyday. It's so annoying, but luckily I have Norton Anti-Virus like you. XD It's a good thing I updated my subscription as well. *sigh*

Lastly! XD Before I forget to say this: Tsu-kun looks very nice!! ^^ You remind me a lot of someone I know... *thinks*... Similar personalities... but anyway. I did tell you I had short hair for a girl. Really short hair, enough to pass for a guy if I wear loose clothes and a baseball cap (...tried it before. It worked lol). =) Funny, both the pics we traded were studio pics... ^_~ Look forward to the next one!

Posted by Saga @ 08/13/2002 11:58 AM PST

Eeeeps...glad the surgery went smoothly! Gah don't jinx yourself! Hopefully there won't be anymore surgeries in the future for you!

I got those Klez virus emails all the time...once each day to be exact. Wonder how they spread...

Posted by Sawa @ 08/13/2002 06:07 AM PST


Posted by Cinti @ 08/12/2002 11:36 PM PST

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