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08/13/2002 Archived Entry: "I Spoke Too Soon..."

Well... I think I spoke too soon yesterday. -_-; I now experience pain. I was fine last night, but as soon as I woke up BANG! Pain. It's just like being sore. You don't feel it til the next day. -_-; Well... honestly, it isn't all that bad. I can put up with it. As I always like to say: pain builds character. Unless it's horrendous pain, I just endure it. My mom doesn't even know that I'm experiencing any pain. I'm hiding it from her. It'll go away soon enough.

Even though I happened to use ice packs all day yesterday, today I woke up to find that my cheeks were swelling. Gwar! Granted, it's not that bad. They only look ever so slightly puffier than usual, so it's not much of a difference. It's just annoying though.

Been spending my time playing more MGS2. Woo! Good game. I'm desensitized by now. I'm not paranoid anymore. Yay.

Heh... Happy Lesson has engrossed my life. I've already watched it in its entirety twice and yet I still have the desire to watch it again. Looking at it objectively, there is nothing that makes this series stand out from other anime series, but regardless, I just can't get enough of it. I've just fallen in love with this series of a young man and his five young mothers. It's really amuzing and touching. Anyway, I think I'll be off to watch it a third time.... ^_^;;

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happy lesson.. must watch=D

Posted by T-Chan @ 08/14/2002 10:27 PM PST

Hehe, that's exactly how I feel about Angelic Layer. It's not an incredible anime, but I can't get enough of it. =)

Hope you feel better soon. No need to suffer in silence. ^^;; If it really hurts, let your mom know.

Posted by Juri @ 08/14/2002 05:45 PM PST

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