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08/15/2002 Archived Entry: "Things are Peachy *thumbs up*"

Ah... more days pass... and I'm feeling... a lot better.

Today I went back to the wisdom teeth doctor guy for a post surgery visit thing. He basically looked to see if everything was alright and give me a plastic syringe-thing to squirt water at the back of my mouth to clean it better. Pretty boring and uneventful, but at least I got to drive there. I haven't been out on the roads since... what was it...? Saturday? So yah... I kinda missed being behind the wheel. As for the visit itself, he told me that everything is in order and there's nothing wrong. Woo.

I finished Metal Gear Solid 2! Wow... now that's a good story. Once you go towards the end, you're hit with so much stuff. I kinda found it hard to digest it all considering how quickly they give it to you. It's not even like it's a definative truth either! You have one character tell you the "truth," only to have another character tell you the "real truth" over and over. It's hard keeping track of just what each person knows. Well... anyway... it's a good game. ^_^

Finished watching Happy Lesson for the third time. ^_^ Now I think I'll take a break from it for a while as I watch To Heart over again. I think a nice warm and sweet series is what I need right now. And you can't get much more warm and sweet than To Heart. ^_^ MULTI!!! ^_^

I'm eating more! ^_^ I was kinda worrying myself these last two, three months because I haven't been eating as much as I used to. It was strange. There was no good reason why either. Oh well... at least now I'm getting back an appetite. That makes me feel better. Not that I was in danger of malnutrition or anything... it just feels right when I eat more. ^_^

Heh... I don't know why, but I'm feeling a lot less indifferent right about now. I didn't think it would happen, but I'm actually feeling slightly jolly. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's the Happy Lesson. Maybe it's the food. Maybe it's a combination of all the anime, games, and food. I seriously don't know. Heh... I noticed just how often I say "I don't know...." Heh heh.... ^_^

Wow... the co-director of FanimeCon Live Programming Division e-mailed me. Wow... I didn't expect that one. Apparently they found me through Danny's. Anyway, he contacted me about pre-reg for Fanime 03. I already kinda knew that they were doing pre-reg, but it's nice that someone actually found me and told me about it personally. ^_^ I'm definately pre-regging. Of course, I'm waiting til September 30 because I've made it a tradition to pre-reg on the last day of $30 pre-reg. ^_^ I've been doing it for two years and I'm not about to stop now. It's just kinda fun going out there to the post office to get it postmarked the final day. ^_^

Yo, new layouts? Slick. ^_^ The PB one isn't bad, but I gotta hand it to you for the SephNET one. You're right, it is different. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who won't like it, but I think it's fabulous. Such innovation. I give you a hand my man. ^_^

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