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08/18/2002 Archived Entry: "Jen's B-day Party"

Aaa~ I had a good time yesterday.

It was my friend Jen's birthday party. Woo! The thing is though, it was in Vallejo. ^_^; That is just kinda a ways from San Jose. About an hour drive or so. So yah... I had a heck of a time trying to find a ride. I got one though, so I made it and had lots o' fun.


On the way there, we stopped by Oakland for a while because someone had to do something there. While we--the people who weren't doing anything--were waiting, we decided to go to the asian shopping district of the city. Now I don't know about you, but I really don't especially enjoy going to asian shopping districts. There are only three things that come to mind when I think of "asian shopping district": food, cell phones, and cheap merchandise. Really now, there's nothing else! Sure, I can find some anime stuff sometimes, but most of the time it's cheap Chinese knock-offs. -_- Although, maybe they are worth visiting for the food. That's generally pretty good....

At the party I got reaquainted with real food. Aaa~ since Monday, I haven't been able to eat real food. But yesterday I was feeling a lot better, so I got to eat anything I wanted. ^_^ And that was some good food. Yup, yup. ^_^

I learned how to play Mah Jong! Oh my... I didn't expect it to be that fun! It looked kinda hard at first, but when you actually start playing it, it's not hard at all. Reminds me of hanafuda, with all the flowers. ^_^ Anyway, I really want a set now! I'm gonna ask the parents. Hopefully they'll buy me one. How much do them things cost anyway? I... want... more... Mah Jong....

Onto other things...
I want a theme song! Darnit! I just think that'd be so cool. I want to be able to enter a room and have heroic music playing in the background. ^_^ HAHAHAHA Why can't real life be more like video games? You don't know what I'd give for a camera that'd focus in on important objects when I enter a room. ^_^ Anyway, back to the theme song thing... if I were to pick one existing song to be my theme song, I think I'd like "Tatakae! Otaking!" (Otaku no Video opening). ^_^ So yah... along with my official drink (Ramune), I proclaim "Tatakae! Otaking" as my theme song. ^_^

New layouts:
PLUG: Hana's
PLUG: Ti-chan's (although I kinda made this one ^_^;)
PLUG: Mizuki's (although this is a hiatus one ^_^;)

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Gwar, Tsubasa! Now I hafta get my wisdom teeth extracted! It's gonna huuuuuuuuurt! And I refuse to live on food that I have to suck through a straw! It ain't food! Hehehehe, gomen ne, but I've gotta rant somewhere....

Posted by Shelly @ 08/18/2002 10:37 PM PST

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