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08/18/2002 Archived Entry: "Love Hina Mugendai!"

Today I was bored out of my mind at home, so I went out to MGL for a while.

It's been eight days since I've last been to MGL, so I had to get back into the SCII groove. ^_^ Played some Talim again, just so I don't get all rusty, then I spent quite some time with Cassie. Now that I'm getting to learn her better, I'm actually really liking her. Although I like Sophie better as a character, I think I kinda like Cassie's fighting style better. She's more of a rushdown character. A lot more close-range fighting, which I'm really getting to like. I used to playing a kinda ranged Xiang and Sophie because they can both be played that way, but now that I'm playing Talim and Cassie in SCII, I have to do a lot of close-range combat. I finally tried out the broken move, her 44A. The one that causes a stun of 37 frames, but impacts in 33, so you can do it endlessly without consequence or retaliation. I suppose it's alright, but I don't like it much. And--maybe I haven't found it yet--I don't like how she doesn't have any quick moves out of 8WR outside of maybe 66K. Oh whatever. She's still fun to play. ^_^ The controls are horrible though. =( Them sticks are optical! OPTICAL! Not to mention the sticks have soft springs. Now that has to be the worst combination for a SC cabinet. I can't register neutral at all I tell you! I haven't tried it yet, but how am I gonna do some advanced angel step setups (the things that look like long distance numbers ^_^) when I'm struggling with doing angel steps themselves? At least I can still RCC flawlessly....

On the way home, I stopped by Tapioca Express because I've been deprived of their chicken for too long. ^_^ Level 5 of course. ^_^ The chicken was a bit dry today.... Not an extremely plesant surprise for my return to Ioca Chicken....

Popped by the San Jose Kinokuniya today. After hearing about the Love Hina Mugendai book, I just had to get it. It's a new special edition book, like Love Hina 0 (mugendai=infinity). Anyway, this thing is freakin' thick! The binding's like 2.5 cm wide! As for contents, there are things like story information, timeline of the series, character rankings, profile pages, color art pages, stickers, an interview with Akamatsu Ken, and some other good stuff. It's a great book. I'm glad I finally have some accurate character statistics. I was kinda thrown off with the conflicting measurements from the Love Hina 0 book and the anime measurements. At least now I have some definative information about that and other things from Akamatsu himself. Hey... Kanako's birthday is August 1, 1983? I heard somewhere it was April 8, 1984.... The character rankings are interesting.... Last I heard, the top three went something like: Naru, Shinobu, Kanako. Apparently by the end of the series, it went more like: Naru, Motoko, Shinobu. Kanako was bumped down to 4. Still good though. ^_^ Kanako's just too lovable not to be up there, eh? ^_^

Because I got the Love Hina Mugendai book, I've been reading Love Hina again. Agh.... Don't get me wrong, I love the series. I can definately say that it's my favorite manga. It's just that... it's making me feel all sappy. True, I do claim to be a romantic, but most of the time I probably seem more cynic than hopeful about love. I stopped being all sappy romantic somewhere around this year probably because last year I had really hectic times with girls. Lets just say that I had seven admirers and, no, it wasn't all that great. It was really stressful and frustrating; especially since nothing worked out. So yah... I don't get sappy romantic much anymore. It takes something like Love Hina to get me like this. The story's so sweet and touching. And unlike many other manga, the pacing doesn't feel rushed, so I just get completely engrossed in it. Darnit... Naru's so cute.... Many of you know that I like Kanako, but Naru was my first Love Hina girl and she's probably still the girl I prefer. Sure, Kanako's better towards the end, but Naru's probably my overall favorite. Darnit... I want Naru. I want a girl.... Freakin'....

Random thing:
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Posted by Kitty Kat @ 08/21/2002 05:58 PM PST

Hi Dave, its been a while since we've talked hasn't it?


You did my quiz? I love you! We have a brand new kinokuniya in Sydney and its the BEST! I bought my Kazuya Minekura illustrations collection 'Backgammon'..
I have my eye on a "Ground works of Spirited away" artbook but it was too expensive... :( Anyway, great to hear you got a LH book.

Posted by Steph @ 08/21/2002 01:03 AM PST

i need a girl to ride ride ride
i need a girl to make wife
i need a girl who's mine oh mine
i need a girl in my life~

Posted by Cinti @ 08/20/2002 06:34 PM PST

What's Kinokuniya? oo;;...

Posted by Mizuki @ 08/19/2002 10:47 PM PST

woo you got Love Hina Mugendai! * thumbs up* you rock=D color pictures.. woo


Posted by T-Chan @ 08/19/2002 04:40 PM PST

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